Latest Tesla Easter Egg: Rainbow Charge Port For Model S And X

MAY 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 23

Next in a long list of “Easter Eggs” hidden by CEO Elon Musk, and recently found on Tesla electric vehicles, is this “rainbow charge port” trick.

"Rainbow Charger" Easter Egg Found! (via YT/Kevin Schreiber)

“Rainbow Charger” Easter Egg Found! (via YT/Kevin Schreiber)

Demonstrated in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kevin Schreiber (via a TeslaMotorsClub thread by Lon 12) is a demonstration of how to enable the multi-colored illuminated charge point.

Says Kevin on the find:

“While car is locked and charging, press button on charge handle 10 times in quick succession. Works on Model S and X.

Do not attempt with a gasoline vehicle ;)”

Lon12 on TMC notes he had some additionally finagling to do to activate the charge port dance:

“To get this to work I had to stop the charging. Put a scheduled time in so you see the blue light before you press it ten times”

This find piggy-backs the recent discover of the “rainbow road/cowbell” display mod Easter Egg find from April.

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They’re just getting goofy with the Easter Eggs now…

It is all in fun, but clearly you are too grown-up to appreciate it.

I personally think it is nice to have a car manufacturer that has a sense of humor, unlike the old horses.

You’re telling me you’re more into Easter Eggs than interested in useful Features or enhanced functionality. And you hate old people.


And just what do you consider old???

The body may old…….But the mind only gets old if you allow it too.

You make absolutely ZERO sense.

That Elon Is a mischievious little devial isn’t He! lol ……

It must never stop!

I love Tesla’s whimsical nature.


Gotta love the spirt of this company. Work hard, but play hard as well. Love it.


Where is the Easter egg where driver profiles are mapped to individual key fobs, or the hidden feature that allows me to play music from my iPhone over USB, or browse playlists from the center console?

Yeah, is Tesla mocking their owners with this nonsense now?


Or the Easter egg to stop FUD dropping stock shorts from adding drivel to every Inside EVs post? 🙂

I guess this is the difference between the engineer that I am who wrote a software program to run a SERIOUS business…and the gamers of the follow-on generation. Twenty years ago I realized I had to constantly try to outguess the STUPIDEST thing people could do to my program and try and prevent it with an error handling routine. By TRYING to find these ‘easter eggs’, people are going to truly create the ultimate nightmare scenario for those of us who write software for serious endeavors. I am looking forward to production of my Model X within the next couple of weeks, but if error handling routines are being written for the lunacy of doing the same pointless thing over and over again, I have to wonder if these programmers don’t have better things to do with their time.
‘Nothing is foolproof for a sufficiently talented fool’

Would this be the same Kevin Schreiber that works for Tesla at the Devon/Kop location? Very helpful guy that was very patient with my wife and I while test driving the Model S. We didn’t buy yet but i was second in line at the Devon service center on March 31st for the Model 3. Waited outside all night but it was worth it.

I can’t wait to try this with my $107,000 2016 Tesla MS 90D.. this IS entertainment without a doubt!! I use the supermario AP feature for hours… whoooopie!! And now I can do a kaleidoscope routine with my charger to have fun as well… hell… this almost beats doing zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds!! More cowbell please!!..I got a fever…and the ONLY cure… is MORE cowbell baby!! Click my name a few times to get my web site on Nj gas prices .com.. the mobile site loads first..

Ps…hah! I got my T MS @ Devon, Pa.. didn’t meet Kevin.. but I met Natalie, Bryan, Austin, Chris, Ryan, Michelle, Woody, and Catlyn.

“Next in a long list of “Easter Eggs” hidden by CEO Elon Musk…”

I highly doubt it was hidden by the CEO.

Why not? He does their Model X Quality Assurance from a sleeping bag at the end of the production line after all… 😉


Thanks now I have that picture in my mind of Mr musk waking up in the middle of the night, asking himself if after all that CEO stuff he forgot how to code… Walking half sleeping to the next X coding… Cool it still works… Still sleeping… What’s that line? Seems useless… //Good night… Rainbow…

Fun aside, I like that they still have fun!


Tesla should hide the Easter eggs better. Like VW did. Although the make-my-car-pollute-more-Easter-egg is really easy to activate (just drive…) it took people quite a while to find it. This is the kind of programming time a SERIOUS business needs! Without cheating Tesla will never be profitable!

Oh snap!

Elon Musk has 5 kids…he is making Tesla’s fun for future generations. Give him a break.

I really enjoy reading about these Easter Eggs. They seem like so much fun. Looking forward to the year I have my Tesla.