Las Vegas’ Project 100 Goes Bust – Project’s Tesla Model S EVs Sold Off


Project 100 Banner

Project 100 Banner

Initially, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding Las Vegas’ Project 100.

On the plug-in electric car side, the goal was to get 100 Tesla Model S EVs onto the roads as shared cars.

The grander idea followed this motto:

“The ultimate in collaborative consumption: 100+ on-demand drivers, 100+ shared cars, 100+ shared bikes, and 100+ shared shuttle bus stops — all under one single monthly membership.”

The press release from 2 years ago stated that this would be the single largest Tesla Model S order in US history.

So, how is Project 100 doing today?

Well, it went bust.

According to Shift CEO Zach Ware (Shift was the company that placed the Model S order and would facilitate the car share side of Project 100) the company received its first batch of 10 to 20 Tesla in June of 2014.  It never did take delivery of the full 100, as the company closed its doors prior to fulfillment of the order.

“As our strategy evolved and ultimately led to the wind down of the company … we canceled the remaining vehicles on our [Tesla] order.”

Those 10 to 20 Teslas were eventually sold off to a variety of buyers, says Ware.

For more details on the failure of Shift and Project 100, click here.

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Oh shift

Where are the fire sale teslas?

Yeah, I will GLADLY give them $5,000 for one of those worthless assets that they need to quickly dispose of to close the company. In fact, I will gladly pay them $5,00 each for all 20. Just trying to do my part to help them out of their situation.

Keep some change for the TSLA longs! They will need it next year.

Perhaps Shift 100 should have considered a Uber style ride service for downtown Vegas vs. the car sharing service.

FYI: Most visitors to the strip prefer to be driven between the party locations, vs risking taking the wheel in hand themselves.

Thinking there is a great opportunity for a Ubre-ride service in Vegas using the Model X. The image of arriving at a light up Casino, Falcon-doors opening and stepping out has a red-carpet image that could be a memorable experience many would like to experience.

Anything UBER-like in Vegas would be instantly killed by the Taxi drivers that run the town with an iron fist.

It is too bad we’re hearing about this well after the fact, I’d have been happy to fly out to Vegas and drive back in a nicely discounted barely used Tesla!

I wonder what the specifics of the sales were, if anybody any great deals…

Wasn’t there also a fleet buy from Zappos?