Las Vegas (aka Sin City) Tesla Supercharger Under Construction (UPDATE)


Las Vegas Supercharger

Las Vegas Supercharger – Image Copyright InsideEVs

Las Vegas, Nevada is set to get a Tesla Supercharger soon.

As these images we snapped last week show, the Supercharger in Las Vegas is “under construction,” but looks to be nearly ready to come online. *UPDATE: Las Vegas Supercharger now online.

This specific Supercharger is located at:

  • 701 Bridger Avenue – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 6 Charging Stalls

Soon, Sin City will be a little less sinful with free EV juice for Model S owners.

Tesla’s current Supercharger count in the US stands at 75, but 8 more are “under construction” right now, so that number will certainly move upwards soon.

Las Vegas Supercharger - Image Copyright InsideEVs

Las Vegas Supercharger – Image Copyright InsideEVs

Las Vegas Supercharger - Image Copyright InsideEVs

Las Vegas Supercharger – Image Copyright InsideEVs


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18 responses to "Las Vegas (aka Sin City) Tesla Supercharger Under Construction (UPDATE)"
  1. David Murray says:

    So since there will be a supercharger right there in the city, I wonder how many people will just leech off of it? I am guessing anyone who can afford a Tesla probably can afford the electricity, though.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      In other news, no casinos where hurt in the taking of these pictures.

      Our gruelling schedule of checking out EVSEs at some of the most heinous places in the world continues (like Disneyland a few weeks ago). We can only hope no new major infrastructure gets installed in the Cayman Islands or close to the Pearl Beach Resort & Spa in Bora Bora. /shutter

      1. Ocean Railroader says:

        In this case I don’t think to many local people might not use it in that if you have to plug in and can do it at home. It would save more time to plug it in at home then drive 20 to 30 miles to go plug it at this thing. The only way I could see locals using it is if someone had a Tesla and commuted down the road that this charger is on and stopped there to go shopping or something.

  2. CherylG says:

    I wouldn’t call it “free” juice, it’s more like “prepaid” juice since owners pay a cost upfront for the ability to SuperCharge.

    1. Anon says:

      Obviously. But there isn’t an economic advantage for fossil fuel vehicles to be sold in the same way– i.e, prepaid, unlimited fuel for as long as you own your vehicle. And interestingly, no other automaker of EVs has yet fully embraced this economic model / sales tactic.

      You clearly undervalue what a huge paradigm shift this represents to the motoring world.

    2. Mikael says:

      Few things in life are actually free. But it sure feels nice to not having to pay when you actually need something.

    3. kdawg says:

      And it’s not “juice”. OMG, you are going to confuse everyone! They will think they have to put some kind of liquid in their EV. You really blew it on this one Inside EVs. SMH.

  3. Bill Howland says:

    Is the 150 kva pad transformer in the ‘copyrighted image’ installed for the superchargers? You would think if so, the unit will get a tad bit warm with 6 cars charging.

    1. Jesse Gurr says:

      I can’t tell if they are 150 kVA or not from the pictures. But it does look like there are 2 of them at least. So that should help out.

  4. Anthony says:

    By putting this SC downtown (instead of at Town Square on the south side of town, where I originally thought it would go), it serves both I-15 and US-95/Future I-11 (from Phoenix to LV, eventually on to Reno, NV and Oregon –

  5. kdawg says:

    Is this a parking garage that requires you to pay for parking?

    1. vdiv says:

      With your blood and dignity, yeah, it does. 😉

  6. vdiv says:

    Can you really claim a copyright on an image of something trademarked and patented? 😉

    1. Jay Cole says:

      We can try, (=

      If Edmunds can do it, we can too, hehe

      Just our way of telling some of the ‘other’ publications to ease up with the lifting of pictures and content uncredited. Generally we just watermark them now…but I neglected to do that when I uploaded them this time (it was late).

  7. kalle says:

    any noumbers (or locations) for under construction in Europe?

    1. kdawg says:

      Go here. (but looks like the site it temporarily down)

  8. EV says:

    Is this even near the strip? What hotels is it located by? cant find anything on google

    1. Anthony says:

      Its in downtown Las Vegas, a couple of blocks east of Fremont Street. This area used to be a dank pit, but Tony Hseih (Zappos) is working on cleaning it up through his Downtown Project company that is redeveloping downtown LV. So now its slightly less of a dank pit. 😉

      There are some really good places to eat around this area though, on Fremont East, as well as the new Container Park.