Could Buick Soon Be In Line For Its Own Plug-In RWD Sedan?

APR 20 2015 BY JAY COLE 20

Buick Avenir Concept Hits The Stage In Detroit Earlier This Year

Buick Avenir Concept Hits The Stage In Detroit Earlier This Year

Gone are the days when Cadillac keeps full unique design platforms for themselves.  Vehicles that once rode on the Sigma platform like the SRX, CTS and SRS are now sharing more parts and platforms with other GM vehicles.

The Cadillac CT6 PHEV And CT6 Prestige Sedan Debuted This Weekend In China

The Cadillac CT6 PHEV And CT6 Prestige Sedan Debuted This Weekend In China

The Cadillac SRX is now akin to the Chevrolet Equinox, the XTS links up with Chevrolet Impala, the CTS/ATS with the next generation Chevrolet Camaro, the Escalade with the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, and of course the ELR is line-mates with the Chevrolet Volt.

So what of GM’s new “Omega” platform that underpins the Cadillac CT6, and its plug-in option – which just debuted in China and is expected to get 37 miles of range?  One thing we know is the Omega won’t stay unique to the big Caddy.

Enter GM product Chief Mark Reuss speaking to Automotive News on the Omega platform being the basis for Buick’s future flagship vehicle.

“Not yet. We’re working on that.”

Buick Avenir Concept In Detroit In January

Buick Avenir Concept In Detroit In January

Inside The Buick Avenir Concept

Inside The Buick Avenir Concept

Since knowledge of a new large RWD platform for Cadillac first surfaced, it had been anticipated that Buick would also benefit from its development at some point.

But when the Buick Avenir concept sedan showed up in Detroit this year for the NAIAS, it pretty much seemed like a done deal.  Especially because Buick outsells Cadillac by more than 12 to 1 in China, and 5 to 3 in the US.

Mr. Reuss was quick to point out to Auto News that the Buick version of the CT6 would unlikely be just a re-badging, especially for China, noting that the Buick “might not use the exact same underpinnings as the CT6, which is an amalgamation of aluminum, carbon fiber, high-strength steel and other materials.

“Whether it would be an identical version of that platform or not is a different conversation. But generally speaking, that’s right. We’re looking at it.”

Obviously, if the Cadillac CT6 is indeed being re-engineered for other GM brands such as Buick, the plug-in option would be an obvious choice to follow along too.

See you in 2017 Buick Avenir PHEV?

Tell Us This Rear Seating Doesn't Scream "Hey China, Look At Me!"

Tell Us This Rear Seating Doesn’t Scream “Hey China, Look At Me!”

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Voltec SUV please.

x infinity

+infinity. A Voltec SUV is what I’m interested in.

Indeed. A Voltec SUV would be a HUGE winner.

I still think my conspiracy theory may be correct . . . GM has been reluctant to do that because their ICE SUVs are hugely profitable and a Voltec SUV would not be very profitable.

I have heard strong hints that there’s one under development — a compact SUV on the new Volt architecture. As I heard it, they call it “Crossvolt” internally, not sure if that’s what the production version will be called. I bet we see it within a year.

They’d be crazy not to do it… done right, it would have big potential in China and Europe as well as the US.

x infinity indeed. A Voltec SUV has got to be the biggest no brainer

A Buick Voltec is essential in the US market. I still know people who like the Volt technology, but wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chevrolet. It’s simply not appropriate for their socio-economic group.

I worry about the Buick brand being much better. But it is probably better than old stodgy Cadillac brand and better than their low level Chevy brand.

I’d take an electric version of the 2013 Buick Riviera concept. Maybe call it the Electra instead.

Ohh… That would be nice. And a good use of a venerable name.

I really hope to see something more interesting than 4 door sedan appliances. A nice looking 2 door electric coupe would be great for boomers that have the money to buy upscale electric, but don’t haul kids anymore. The i8 comes close, but too pricey to be a daily driver.

The rear of that thing screams “Hey 18.3kwh, right here”. The car was stunning, in NYC.

GM won’t do it, but it would be nice if instead of a 2.0V4 under such a long bonnet (ala Fisker), they took the T-Volt battery and went full BEV, with a bigger I-shaped battery. Think of all the “frunk” space.

I’d prefer a skateboard battery like Tesla and a big frunk like Tesla.

Basically, that Buick Avenir looks a LOT like a Model S.

Not up-close it doesn’t, except to the extent that the Model S looks like a Maserati which looks like an Aston etc. But to my eye the Avenir mostly looks like an updated riff on a big 1970-ish Buick. It’s BIG.

If GM needs to sell more plug-ins in China, then obviously Buick is a better brand than Cadillac just because of the numbers.

Obviously if Voltec can jump from Chevy to Cadillac then it’s not unreasonable to see it jump from Cadillac to Buick. However, I think as a practical matter a FWD car makes more sense. Costs less and drives better in poor conditions. In this case Voltec could just jump from Chevy to Buick. I suspect the problem is that the FWD platforms aren’t large enough to accommodate the 18.4 kWh battery pack.

Yeah, by what I understand, Buick is hugely popular and respected brand in China. Well GM, don’t screw it up. Make sure you Chinese Buicks continue to be great.

Anyone want to guess what GM’s first plug-in product under the GMC badge will be? A pickup would seem to make the most sense. GM will want to eventually have plug-in options for each of its brands, right?

Wow. Get rid of that gaudy useless grille, fill it with batteries, and there could be GM’s sleek new EV brand with that Buick Avenir.

OK, it probably needs a bit of work because it probably seriously lacks inside space like the Fisker Karma.

Actually, it’s huge inside. (And outside.)

I’d also be interested in a plug-in convertible Buick Cascada. Reminds of the Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible. I almost bought one of those.

That would be nice, but not really possible since the Cascada is built on an older platform.

Should be part of a next gen Volt plan though…

Build it just like it is make it 100% electric BEV with minimum 200+ mile range , name it Buick “Electra” price it well below Model S and watch them sell !!