LAPD’s Fleet Also Includes BMW i8, As Well As The i3 & Tesla Model S


Among the 288 plug-in electric vehicles that are being added to the Los Angeles municipal fleet – the largest city fleet in the US (full details) was the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S P85D.

It turns out we missed one – the BMW i8.

LA NDEW attendee Phil Tipper states:

“LAPD not only has an i3, but there’s an i8 here at the LA NDEW event. AND an LAPD Tesla!”

We’d like to see the LAPD try to shove some criminals in the back of the i8.  All three of this week’s “special edition” LAPD cars have been loaned to LA by their manufacturers.

It’s a bit difficult to see the Tesla in the background, so here’s another image of it from the day the electric fleet announcement was made:



There were other plug-in cars on display at the Los Angeles NDEW event, including the Chevrolet Bolt concept, 2016 Volt and 2016 Nissan LEAF making its global debut.

Lead image via Phil Tipper!

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What will they do with a slow car that can only take two?

What slow car that seats only two? Is the LAPD also testing a Smart EV?

Smart EV isn’t slow

this is a car that will most certainly be limited to “administrative use”. i’m sure that it will be used for a lot of doughnut runs…

Isn’t it great what governments can do with your hard-earned money? We’ve seen Lamborghini police cars in Italy and Corvette police cars in Texas. At least the Lambos and Porsche cop cars in Europe can have some believable justification due to catching law-breakers on the AutoStrada or no-limit zones on the Autobahn… Yes, some police agencies justify their police drag demo car or sports car with light bars as some kind of PR tool to show the civilan youth that they are “cool” and “hip-happenin'” and not a bunch of “squares” – which to me, is questionable at best…But, most of these cars are repossessed or vehicles that have been apprehended from drug cartels and criminals… When you think of your tax money getting tossed around for any expensive car that is by no means built to police car standards, and in no way can do more than write a parking ticket – it’s a big waste. Why shouldn’t the sheriff deserve a $130,000 BMW to take home?, Right? We have an anti-drug campaign in Washington State called “D.A.R.E.” < Dare To Keep Kids Off Drugs – their motto. They visit public schools and give speeches on how to be… Read more »

From the original story 4 days ago:

As for the shiny new Tesla Model S P85D on display at the event – before anyone gets too concerned about the “taxpayer’s money”, the high performance all-electric sedan, and also the BMW i3 present at the ceremony were both provided/loaned to the city by the automakers for “testing and research by LAPD technical experts“.

Forgot to add, all the other BEV’s are leased.

But what’s the point of this exercise? It will be a grand waste of tax payer money to use these super expensive cars as police cars.

Okay Tard:

1. To test the viability of EV’s for use in Law Enforcement by leasing test vehicles for a wide range of duties.

2. To transition to newer, cleaner technologies that can aid Law Enforcement.

3. To keep up with and apprehend other high performance EV’s already on the roads, breaking traffic laws (Ludicrous Speed, Teslas, etc.)

Do you want me to draw you a map, too??? God, you’re so predictably limited in cognition and imagination…

It is See Through you’re talking about. Don’t expect any brain cells from him.

LAPD has no need for a car that cost $120,000.00 you are a idiot

Don’t quite grasp your rambling rant, but I would rather they spend it on EV’s, than ICE vehicles.

They’ll have to at some point, anyways.

Yeah, these are just loans. And very smart loans too.

Loan your fancy EV to a police department, get hundreds of thousands of dollars in free press (like this article and local TV news), and get the car back. Lease/sell the CPO car to someone else then. Get hundreds of thousands in free press for a few thousand in depreciation.


some of those sports cars that you see being operated by texASS law enforcement are probably cars that were stolen under the rubric of enforcement of asset forfeiture laws. asset forfeiture laws were intended to penalize big time drug dealers by confiscating their assets. the problem is that corrupt law enforcement agencies confiscate property (generally from people of color) by making allegations of drug involvement where the law enforcement agents don’t even have to provide any proof of the allegations. this puts the person whose property is confiscated in the position of having to undertake a lengthy, and expensive, process to get their assets back where the cost is typically greater than the value of the stolen assets.

yet more evidence of corrupt law enforcement agents at work…

And this has what, exactly, to do with EV makers giving or loaning single units of their cars to the LAPD for public relations and/or research purposes?

Not saying you’re wrong, but your rant about Texas law enforcement is rather out of place in an article about three EVs donated or on loan to the Los Angeles Police Department.

sometimes the stuff you write is so stupid, i hesitate to reply. did you even bother to read the comment to which i replied?

Pushmi is a self-admitted, non EV owner ( possibly non car owner, who loves to come here and correct everyone. It’s OK – I’m used to him. My sister is one of those “has to have the last word” types also.

Just remember, he is always right. 🙂

Yeah, sure, let’s just forget the fact it has no tailpipe emissions, and for a public service vehicle it’ll sure get a lot of mileage. What better vehicle to go electric for, if not one that is often on the road?

The i3 is fine, it can be use to drive around looking for fparking violations.

And I beleive the Tesla was donated to the LAPD by Tesla itself.

Do we have a breakdown of all the models? I couldn’t find it in the original article either.

An i3 but no Volt? Boooooo

there would have been some logic in it if there were only Tesla Model S’ and BMW i3’s (BEVs), the the BMW i8 is not a BEV, in which case, it does seem questionable that they didn’t include any Chevrolet Volt’s.

when you a benzo PHEV s-class painted in LAPD colors, then you’ll know that the LAPD has jumped the shark.

No one wants the old Volt. New second gen Volt not available at this time.

Maybe later… When GM actually delivers it.

Older Volts are too slow. Can barely chase down a Prius.

The new Volt 2.0 are fast enough (on par with i3) but aren’t available yet.

these are cars that are primarily going to be used for “administrative” purposes. what is this fixation with speed?

Perhaps you didn’t pay any attention to the previous, and very recent, InsideEVs article on the same subject, which explained:

“As for the shiny new Tesla Model S P85D on display at the event – before anyone gets too concerned about the ‘taxpayer’s money’, the high performance all-electric sedan, and also the BMW i3 present at the ceremony were both provided/loaned to the city by the automakers for ‘testing and research by LAPD technical experts’.”

Tesla could produce a Police Edition MS. That could make sense financialy over the lifetime of the car, but i have no idea how much average driving a cop car does.
What would be the minimum range required?

it amazes me few people here apparently even bothered to read the article on these police cars to see how they are actually going to be used by the LAPD. maybe if it were just one or two posters, i would write it off as a joke. instead, it seems people saw “police car” and imagined Tesla Model S’ executing high speed chases in ludicrous mode.

It would help if you had read the article in question yourself. If you had, you wouldn’t have asked why acceleration performance would be important in a car used for testing by a police department.

Here’s a link:

…and if you had actually read the article instead of merely posting the link, you would realize that the “sustainable city plan” is concerned with *light* duty vehicles. so i very much doubt that this “testing” is going to be primarily concerned with measuring 0-60 times and more concerned with assessing how practical it would be to convert the light duty vehicles operated by the city to electric vehicles.

Pretty desperate, “no comment”. The phrase “light duty” suggests these cars won’t be used for daily patrols, but that description is certainly compatible with testing purposes. It’s hard to believe that any police department would not test a car like the Model S or the BMW i8 for its suitability as a highway pursuit vehicle. “I feel the need… for speed!” 🙂

I can imagine a “stripped” Tesla Model S equipped with software made specifically for law enforcement. The 17-inch touchscreen would display an entirely different set of functions.

The ‘core’ software of the model S is required as the brains of the car; it won’t work without the basic firmware, security and vital controls. I see no reason why the rest of the touchscreen – or at least a significant portion of it – cannot be modified to incorporate or run the LAPD’s proprietary software.

This touchscreen could be really useful for the police; it’ll allow them to directly access HQ’s database in a level of detail previously impossible or difficult on the smaller displays found in conventional vehicle.s

While it would certainly be possible, in theory, to rewrite whatever software the LAPD uses for use in police cruisers, it seems extremely unlikely that either Tesla or the LAPD would go to the trouble and expense of paying for software development just for police department testing purposes. It also seems unlikely that the LAPD would want to retrain its officers in how to use the computer interface merely so they could use one single test car.

I would say that Insideevs has been infected with a couple of Shills with hidden anti-ev agendas…I will let you speculate whomever that might be 🙂

I don’t think there is anything at all hidden about their anti-Tesla agenda.

LAPD is a criminal origination so I guess it is alright for them to buy expensive toys. I need to get out of this ******* corrupt state.

why don’t you move to texASS?