The Next Lane Change Assist Could Be Coming From Energica


Energica is joining the race for the ultimate bike safety system.

Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica is best known for its sexy e-sportsbike designs and its domination as the provider of saddles in the all-new MotoE spec series. The word “technology” has no secret for the manufacturer and it’s about to take things a step further. Like other, bigger companies before, Energica is now looking into safety matters and is teaming up with a German university to help make things happen.

Motorcycles have long taken the backseat in terms of safety features. Partly because technology can be tricky to adapt to the reality of traveling on two wheels, partly because there is a bit of a purist approach riders tend to take with motorcycles. This hasn’t kept some companies from pushing the boundaries and work on adapting modern features found on other vehicles for bikes. Blind spot detection, rearview cameras, lane change assists: these are all terms that are becoming increasingly popular in the motorcycle industry.

Energica has not plan of being left behind when the tech trend hits and is working on its own lane change assist system. The project is called E2R and is being developed in partnership with the German University of Applied Sciences, “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes”.

The technology will use a camera system that will scan the motorcycle’s blind spot, monitor distances from vehicles at the front and at the back and “assist” the rider in his decision-making (though Energica hasn’t revealed yet what shape and form the warnings and assistance will take).

“For us, safety is one of the most important topics while riding a motorcycle. That is why we are developing innovative sensor systems for motorcycles in Saarbrücken. We are glad to have such an innovative and powerful partner like Energica for this challenge,” commented the University’s E2R team.

While the company specializes in electric motorcycles, a system like this could easily be adapted to any two-wheel vehicle. Looks like there’s a new runner in the race to the ultimate motorcycle safety system.

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I had just two principles when I used to ride a motorcycle:
1: don’t trust anyone
2: don’t let things move around you but move around them.

Never,ever crash or been crash by others, although I’ve been down by myself many times exceeding the physical of the machine 😟

There are only 2 types of motorcyclists. Those who have crashed, and those who will. I’m in the former camp, but i agree with the philosophy.