Lada Puts The Plug-In World (of 2006) On Notice With The Vesta EV

AUG 8 2016 BY JAY COLE 26

The Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF, the Lada Vesta EV…these are all future electric vehicles.  Combined they will sell over a million copies before the end of this decade…some more than others.

Original El Lada EV circa 2012 (with friend)

Original El Lada EV circa 2012 (with friend)

Catching our senses off guard last week was the surprise prototype debut of the Lada Vesta EV at the U235 festival near St. Petersburg.

The ActoVAZ electric vehicle offers everything one could ask for – if it was 2006…and there was no other options available.  

The turn of the millenium inspired design and decade old tech takes us back to a simpler time.  A time before any mass produced EV was a reality, a time when we told ourselves, “hrm, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad driving a Japanese-spec Mitsubishi i-MiEV”.

Here are the specs for the Lada Vesta EV:

*- 60 kW (82 hp) motor
*- 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 15.5 seconds
*- top speed: 84 mph/140 km/h
*- 25 kWh battery – reportedly good for 150 km/93 km on an undetermined scale

AvtoVAZ says the approximate price is 2.62 million rubles, or about $40,000 USD/36,000 Euros.

If this vehicle looks familiar to you (and why would it not?), it is basically an updated EL Lada EV that we first saw in a limited prototype run 4 or 5 years ago…we suppose the company figured, “why mess with perfection?

The Russian automaker is so confident in the future success of the Vesta EV that they will only produce the plug-in vehicle provided someone comes forward and makes a “full prepayment” for a production run.

66.Ru, hat tip to Vadim K!

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Depressing. But isn’t everything about Putin’s Russia?!?

The corporate/gov/media soft propaganda cleans our occidental brains whiter than white since 1920.

How dare you insult Mother Russia!

Ve vill invade Norway tomorrow, and vee vill be looking for you Teravatt. Vee know vot you look like.


Hey Vlad,

Have you forgotten? It’s already happened.
(See “Occupied” on Netflix)

BTW, those Norwegians can give you a LOT of trouble.

Neyt, can’t do. I cancelled my Netflix and Hulu, and got Amazon Prime instead. The free two-day shipping to Moscow is great, but Amazon Prime’s streaming library is barren like peasant’s farm during drought.

Wasn’t it Putin/Medvedev who ordered EVs on the roads though?

Reminds me of the Coda. But more expensive and with worse stats. May it follow the same fate.

Too bad it is expensive, because there are a lot of public chargers in Russia.
But it’s another sign that the tide is turning in all countries…

I’m underwhelmed.

It can’t be anymore dangerous than an ICE Lada.

That’s a Lada smoke! 😀

Pray that Lada doesn’t start making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Ouch! Maybe not Lada, but Zaporozhets definitely, definitely should! 😉

It costs Lada money lol

Russia, a bit like South Korea, is a country that puzzles me when it comes to EV’s, there is a lot of local interest in plug-ins, but then when it comes to actual sales, they are underwhelming.

Quo Vadis, Russia?

I prefer the electric version of the Trabant when it comes to ex-eastern block FSU electric car brands:

It is great driving an i-Miev. It’s the perfect car for city driving and the lowest priced by far.

People used to laugh at Toyotas. Now they sell 10 million cars per year (unfortunately few BEV’s). I’m not suggesting Lada will do this, but hey let’s cut them some slack for at least having a go at EV’s.

Considering, that 25 years ago they were still mass producing cars designed in the 1950s without major changes, I’d say they are closing the gap. Few more years and they will have caught up.
At least it’s an all electric vehicle, and it has a decent range that will be sufficient for many applications (in big or smaller cities).

Where’s the issue? Sure it’s not fancy but it would probably sell for 12-14ke or so. Try to beat that 🙂

I take it you missed the fact that the estimated price is 36k Euro. That’s a bit steeper than 12-14k. How many do you think would sell for that price?

Since Chrysler is doing close to nothing (except resale of microscopic Fiat 500 ev (that they really don’t want you to buy!)), they at least overtook one of the big three already. Oh wait, they overtook Toyota, PSA, and since it seats five they kind of actually overtook the BMW i3 as well.

There is certainly a market for weaker EVs in lesser developed countries but a price tag of $40k is just out of the question. If priced at $15k it might have a chance.

Or La-de-das as we used to call them…

Or skips as we used to call them when they were sold in the UK.

Does it come with Vodka holders?

Comes with Lada problems.