LA Metro Tests BYD’s Articulated Electric Bus

JAN 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

BYD Lancaster

BYD Lancaster

Last month, the Los Angeles Times had a chance to try the latest 60-foot articulated electric bus – the BYD Lancaster.

The vehicle was tested on the Metro Orange Line – 18 miles each way.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) already ordered 25 units of a shorter 40-foot electric bus from BYD, so the demonstration of the longer, articulated bus was important for the Chinese company.

With capacity for 120 passengers and more than 170 miles of range, BYD Lancaster is ready for the job.  However, as it turns out on the Orange Line, buses are needed with 250-300 miles of range a day. BYD probably will need to look or other lines or schedule for fast charging in the middle of the day. Everything else seems to be positive.

“Gary Spivack, division transportation manager for Metro, said the testing of the articulated electric bus was positive; operators enjoyed driving the bus based on the smooth ride and quiet inside, and passengers enjoyed being in the bus, he said.

“It was a successful test,” Spivack said. “It’s striking in terms of its appearance.”

He said Metro hasn’t made up its mind about ordering the 60-foot bus, saying range is a paramount issue when it comes to any electric bus.

“We need something that goes 250 miles a day,” Spivack said.”

According to the article, a BYD Lancaster costs around $1.2 million, while comparable natural-gas articulated buses sell for $800,000. The difference is paid-off by lower running costs on electricity.

BYD plans to demonstrate Lancaster in other cities and send its new bus for Altoona tests.


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These electric buses, made in CA, are what Stanford is buying. They are excellent.

Let’s all encourage our cities to do the responsible thing and go electric.

60 f00t?

Good eye. That should be f33t.

“Foot” is correct here: as in “10 inch pizza”, “three course meal”, “two day event”.

NOT as in “a pizza that measures 10 inches”, “a meal of three courses” or “an event that is two days long”.

Foot is the standard here. I don’t know why feet isn’t, but that’s the way it is.

The name of the unit of measurement is “foot”, in the singular, like for all other units. “20-metre bus”, “5-watt charger” etc.

Where’s your BYD Tang article? The SUV is out now, with minimum cost after rebates at about $36,000! (Although, those nutjobs seriously decided to price it at a base cost of $48,000, which is pretty shocking).

We have a good relationship with BYD, so we definitely will cover it.

The Tang is not actually out yet, I spoke to BYD about it last week and it is on “pre-order this month” to the general public in China. They also noted they have been met with “overwhelming demand” for what it is worth…hard to judge what that means without context, but we’ll figure it out, (=