Kymco Goes Super Electric With Radical SuperNEX


A sexy bike with a brain.

Kymco is better known for its cheap and accessible scooters and tiny motorcycles. The company has also recently been pushing the electric envelope by releasing a new electric scooter model and developing a standardized ev battery protocol. The company is now taking things even further with the introduction of its very first, fully-electric superbike. Shown for the first time in Milan, the SuperNEX is a sexy beast with an elegant philosophy.

Already a week ago, the company teased that it was working on something pretty significant, sharing a one-minute video recorded at the SBK event in Magny-Cours. That was a pretty big hint as to what was coming to EICMA on November 6, when the Taiwanese brand lifted the veil on its latest electric venture.

Kymco means some serious business with the SuperNEX and doesn’t plan on staying in the sandbox and coloring between the lines. First off, if you’re into sportsbike, the NEX is an undeniably sexy-looking bike with a striking s-shape silhouette and futuristic-looking LED headlights.

The NEX is a proper superbike with an expected top speed of 155 mph, able to do the 0-to-60 in under 3 seconds. Obviously, these insane figures are outside most riders’ comfort zone, that being said, Kymco will throw in the Full Engagement Performance (FEP) system which is a form of launch control feature that helps even the less experienced riders have a perfect take off.

The coolest thing about the NEX, though, is the philosophy behind its design. The team at Kymco wanted to create an electric motorcycle that kept the essence of a motorcycle by adding the elements that make riding so satisfying: the sound of the engine and the engaging gear-change. This is why though it technically doesn’t need a transmission, the SuperNEX does have 6 gears—no clutch though. To enhance the rider’s experience, the e-sportsbike is also fitted with an Activ Acoustic Motor which produces the sound of a revving engine and hiccups when the gears are changed.

Though the model shown at EICMA was more of a prototype, Kymco looks pretty serious about sending the bike to production and I fully support that.

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If the power is accompanied by a decent range, it’s a game-changer. Otherwise, have fun flogging the beast for 20 minutes before recharging (Energica?).

The transmission and “engine noise” features could certainly lure some ICE motorcyclists off their bikes. As a long-time motorcyclist and now electric motorcyclist, I have to throw out a gut-wrenching guffaw for the wet surface the rider in the vid is leaned way over on in the curves. Great way to trash your investment;-).

Namco releases something on the SuperNES. Why does this feel like news from decades ago? Oh wait….

This is the biggest surprise at EICMA 2018 so far. Kymco is a large manufacturer of good quality, value bikes. So far the push was coming from startups, low spec (<2kW) scooters, some half hearted and overpriced efforts of incumbents (BMW, HD). Kymco is well positioned to leapfrog Japanese competition in the mid segment of the market. I hope that is a wake up call the market was waiting for.