Kyburz eRod – An Electric Roadster For Summer Fun (w/video)

JUL 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Kyburz Kyubrz Switzerland AG is working on a special electric kart eRod, which was presented earlier in Geneva.

Kyburg eRod

Kyburz eRod

In its top version, it is a pretty overpowered machine, with 150 kW of power and a weight of just 650 kg;  which of course guarantees great fun.

Lots of components comes from Swiss company (naturally) Brusa. The battery of the eRod Race holds some 39 kWh of energy – enough for 220 km of travel (over 135 miles).

The price? Well, not yet announced.

“The eRod is the epitome of a (legal) roadworthy sports car. It cuts no corners when it comes to technology and how it handles, meaning it offers maximum driving fun for those keen motorists among you.

The powerful electric drive ensures it has that thrust when you need it for raw driving pleasure. Pure driving – on and off the racetrack.

A ride in the eRod is an experience without parallel with a truly individual look.”

Kyburg eRod spec

Kyburz eRod spec

Kyburg eRod

Kyburz eRod

Kyburg eRod Race

Kyburz eRod Race

Kyburg eRod Race

Kyburz eRod Race

Kyburg eRod Race

Kyburz eRod Race

Kyburg eRod

Kyburz eRod

Kyburg eRod

Kyburz eRod

source: Kyburz Switzerland

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14 Comments on "Kyburz eRod – An Electric Roadster For Summer Fun (w/video)"

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The assembled Race version reaches an absurd $108,000, according to autoevolution. A pity.

They should make a wind-Up Version…Like a Swiss watch..

I guess that the eRod is aerodynamically quite poor because the range is so low despite low weight and 39 kWh.

Electric = more expensive x Swiss = unaffordable

These ICE versions are made up the road from me, for half to two thirds the price.

I don’t care what toys the rich buy. But I can see why Tea Party types get upset at subsidizing this stuff.

A wind up version would bring the price way down ..Just like a Swiss watch it’ll run for @ least 2 days !/….No???

Pikes peak will have to get this production class going for some sort of trophy next year.

Wow, how are they driving with no helmets, or goggles, when the car in front of them could kick up a pebble right into your eye.


Reckless behavior.

Looking at the pictures, it is still hard to figure out where they fit 39kWh of battery pack in that small vehicle. I guess if they can hide it that well, you would think it would be child’s play to put 30kWh in any of todays OEM EV offerings.


It is child’s play to fit 30 kWh into a compact car today. It only takes money. Did you know that you can buy a production motorcycle, that has a 15.9 kWh pack today?

I ride a bicycle with a 3 kWh pack. Over 100 miles at moped speeds. It will do two hundred miles at bicycle speeds, if you are willing to ride all day.

Please note it’s Kyubrz Switzerland instead of Kiburg. 😉 And for everybody who talks about the power… Driving it is more fun than all the vehicles I’ve driven in a life time.

Oops, we have a caption fail there (but Kyburz is easily to twist, heeh). Thanks for the heads-up! /fixed

Also thanks for the driving impression, would love to hear more if you wanted to expand, (=

driving my eRod oover “Gurnigel” , started in Bern and back , it was just great …