KTM Shows Off Second-Gen 2018 FreeRide E-XC


To further cement their title as the masters of dirt, KTM has unveiled the second-generation FreeRide E-XC in Austria, and outlined the company’s plan for the future of the e-mobility segment. Reported in Dirt Bike magazine, the new electric off-roader has an 18 kW motor in a composite frame re-designed for better stability. The new KTM PowerPack boasts a 50 percent increase in capacity, reportedly good for 1.5 hours on a single charge.

The new FreeRide also utilizes energy recuperation when coasting or braking for an additional range boost, and the battery has a quick charging time while also providing 70 percent of its initial capacity after 700 charge cycles. In addition, this lightweight bike boasts a new WP Xplor 43 upside-down fork system with enhanced sensitivity, and a new WP PDS Xplor shock absorber with improved progression and adjustment options.

The E-XC has three riding modes: Economy, Enduro, and Cross. KTM says the low seat height and extreme cross-country agility offers the ultimate electrically-powered machine for beginners to experienced level riders. Stylish new bodywork with racy graphics, trim and colors, a new dashboard, and re-positioned ignition lock provide further benefits over the previous model.

KTM plans a range of machines for the future including e-mini, and an e-scooter, as well as maximizing its partnership with PEXCO with a new possibility to produce crossover products in the bicycle sector.

“We are proud to present the new KTM FreeRide E-XC, which marks the next step in development of e-mobility within KTM and is a continuation of our commitment to this segment,” said CEO Stefan Pierer. “We know that e-mobility will change the landscape of travel in the future, and our vision is very clear.”

KTM reports that in the next few years they will increase emphasis on machines from 250 watt to 11kWh in accordance with market suitability and efficiency.

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There is no question KTM is the master of dirt if you are referring to ICE bikes but they come up a little short on electric bikes. While it is great to see the improvements in the 2018 FreeRide E-XC, KTM needs to up their game if they want to compete with the Alta Redshift MX electric motorcycle. Right now pro riders are switching to the Alta because they can win against ICE motorcycles on the same playing field. Check out: http://blog.motorcycle.com/2017/12/20/motorcycle-news/pro-riders-go-electric-with-alta-motors-redshift-platform/

But let’s not forget that Alta is only available in USA.

But Alta is a new start up company. KTM has been in the competitive off road motorcycle business for many years and knows how to build off road motorcycles that can win races.

I’m excited by the prospect. I see a little bit of ‘managed complacency’ by KTM. They believe, like BMW and other automakers, that by offering up an attempt they can continue to sell their ICE products and people will say ‘it’s just not ready clearly’. That’s their decision but then Tesla, RedShift and China come along and the playing field is never the same again!

KTM seems to be ahead …. The issue is the battery … Price and energy density. They know that to win, their best racers have to be on a gas bikes for now. Once that changes (with battery development) the recreational market will follow ….

Right now, its rich enthusiast’s game.

(don’t take offence) but just pointing at the battery and adding “price/energy density” is not interesting anymore.

It’s likely that as enthusiasts we get carried away with the significance of things we read about in this area but if we look at the car industry it has taken monumental regulatory change (banning ICE in Europe in the 2030-40s) and the threat of a tsunami of Teslas and Chinese cars for the large automakers to accept that they HAVE to disrupt their own cashcows with something in the EV space. Back to bikes – what is that event(s) going to be? An EV bike beating an ICE bike (just happened for Alta)? Cheap commuter e-scooters (sadly a tough sell)? Amazing performance e-bikes (The Ego)? An EV race series? What will disrupt an aging/niche sport/lifecycle like motorcycling? Maybe I just went full circle – I agree will you now that KTM is ahead but not for the reasons the appeal to hardened bikers but to people new to the sport without the preconceptions. EV cars are about simplicity, fun, economy and maybe that is why the Freeride Exc is a clever move.