Koenigsegg’s Daily Driver is a Tesla Model S


Koenigsegg Quant EV

Koenigsegg Quant EV

Christian von Koenigsegg, founder of Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg, has revealed via Tesla Club Sweden that his daily driver since October 2013 has been a Tesla Model S.

2010 Quant EV

2010 Quant EV

Not only does Koenigsegg drive a Model S, but in the future he believes electric is the automotive world go.  Koenigsegg says that by 2020, 80% of the automobiles sold around the world will be electric.

Koenigsegg, the automaker, will likely not enter the electric fray, but had it not been for a deal to buy Saab that fell apart, Koenigsegg would be in the electric vehicle biz today.

As for the Model S, Koenigsegg says there’s no better automobile available anywhere in the world for the price.

Our Swedish translating skills are poor, but thanks to Google Translate (via Tesla Motors Club Sweden), we have this EV analogy presented by Koenigsegg

“When digital clocks came in the 70s , they were expensive and technically superior to standard analog wound watches. Everyone wanted to have digital watches. Those who made ​​analog clocks were put out one after the other. But then something happened in the 90s, when digital watches were cheap public property, people who wanted to stand out started using technically inferior and expensive analog watches again.”

So, soon everyone will be producing EVs because they are superior and will eventually be cheaper to make, but there will be some automakers who decide that old-tech (ICE) is still where it’s at.  Koenigsegg says that the automaker that bears his name will be an analog watch forever.  As he says, it’s a niche that will always need to be occupied and Koenigsegg has always been a niche automaker.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Source: Tesla Club Sweden

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“Tom A.” was too bland…I’ll use this from now on…flows better.

Anyway, there are quite a few Tesla owners that use their cars as daily drivers, both Roadsters and Model Ses. Some were surprised and didn’t expect to drive them very often (particularly in the testimonials from Roadster owners, naturally).

All of my cars are “daily drivers” because each has been, in turn, my “only driver”. When I buy a Tesla, the same will be true of it: it will be my only car.

80% of new cars sold will be electric by 2020 seems wildly optimistic, but the part about niche market ice seems right enough. Maybe by 2030 what he predicts will be true.

I think he’s not factored in the social backlash of burning fossil fuels for propulsion, during major upheavals in human activities caused by a rapidly changing climate… The pendulum will have swung back to re-sync with the majority view of science on this grave issue (that it’s anthropogenic), despite the FUD campaign that’s been in place since the 1980’s.

This is all just personal conjecture, however. 😉

Maybe you mean anthropocentric. Anthropogenic, is usually the term used in placement of a term used to indicate the main thrust of the archaeological age, the earth is in. Basically saying we are in the age of man. Anthropocentric is a philosophical idea that makes man the central creature of the universe or implies that, which would more in keeping with your thought, I think.