Koenigsegg Regera Priced At Wallet-Busting $2.3 Million

JUN 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera, a supercar with a plug, received a price tag of €2.1 million (over $2.3 million).

The Swedish manufacturer plans to produce only 80 units. First deliveries are expected in December 2016.

The car was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show as the world’s most powerful plug-in hybrid.

Battery pack is small, but in charge mode the on-board generator probably will be able to recharge battery quickly for another launch from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.


  • 1100 Hp/1250 Nm from twin turbo aluminum 5,0L V8
  • 700 Hp/900 Nm of electric propulsion
  • System power o over 1500 Hp or 1.11 MW and over 2000 Nm of torque
  • Top speed 248 mph (400 km/h)
  • 9.27 kWh 620 Volt, flooded liquid cooled battery pack for 50 km / 31 miles in NEDC
  • 1628 kg curb weight

Source: Motor Authority

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Looks nice. Just make sure you park over a foot away from the curb when you open those doors, yikes. Then again no one that owns this will probably be parking it on the street.

“in charge mode the on-board generator probably will be able to recharge battery quickly for another launch from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.”

At 60 mph, the car has < 200 Wh of kinetic energy. THe car can probably do 20+ launches until the battery is fully depleted, but it may kick over to charge mode before that point.

120k for my P85D configuration

i’ll save 2.2 million and still have the better car Lol

My leaf cost me $35k and does everything I need it to saving me $85k!

To be honest, the Leaf is my wife’s car the bus only costs me about $600 per year.

You buy a car like this for one reason because its expensive……… and because you’re a prick.

Really why would you pay that amount of money for a car like that? why not go to a top end university or national lab and have them make something that could change the world. For $2.3 million dollars you could develop something really novel and be driving an exclusive one of a kind vehicle that does something amazing.

My VW TDI costs $25K and does everything I need so I saved $95K on your Tesla. Considering that when I drive in my city the exhaust particulate filter is so effective that the particule count at the exhaust is several times less than PM count that enters the engine. So it actually cleans the air in the city(Tesla does not do that of course). All that for $25K (not counting the 600 miles range).
Being a bit provocative just to emphasize that there isn’t often a good reason to spend any important money on a car except for enjoyment, and that is really a personal matter. So it is a bit pointless to discuss the price of a car.

Not sure about that charge port location. Seems like it would be hard to reach in any car port once the garage door is down.

Pretty certain it comes with a reverse in the transmission 🙂