Koenigsegg Regera – Live Images + Videos From 2015 Geneva Motor Show


More Koenigsegg Regera-erati.

This thing is, to recap, a beast.  Take a look at our first photo, video and spec writeup, here, (spoiler: 1500 bHP, and  0-248mph in less than 20 seconds) but we weren’t satisfied with just the stock shots from Koenigsegg’s website.  So, we found some more.  And some more video, this via our friends at The Verge (who we hate because, well, they got to go rub up against the car see it in person).

First the photos:

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera – retractable wing


Koenigsegg Regera – rear view with charge port

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera (Geneva)

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera – side view, unfolded

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera side view

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera rear charging port detail

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera front view

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera front

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera door action

Video from The Verge:

Still have some popcorn left? OK, here’s one from Car Tech, too:

And finally one from Shmee150:

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4 Comments on "Koenigsegg Regera – Live Images + Videos From 2015 Geneva Motor Show"

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OK, if I were a multi-billionaire, would I give the world a job, clean their water and save towns full of children – or, buy a 1.8 million dollar car?

That is one dead-sexy looking car, I give ’em that. I say – “What – What Bugatti Veyron – La Ferrari? – Pffft!” Yet would a P1 McClaren allow me to feed a few dozen more families? Hmmmmm….

Since it’s all pure fantasy, I’ll pretend I’m Jay Leno, sell off a few of my classics and buy the Koenigsegg. For me, it’s the Catherine Zeta Jones in her prime of sports cars.

Would I drive electric? Heck yeah! All the time? Heck no!

I didn’t really like it at first. Until I grasped that those doors are so balanced and smooth – leaving a lot more room to enter than, say BMW i8’s butterfly doors. But this even makes unique i8 look mundane!

Soon the lines made sense. From the rear quarter I thought it looked to busy, too many lines, but then those curvy fenders started to make sense to my eyes and now – in just minutes, I’m smitten!

I know i8 costs a mere shadow of this Regera, but i8, while nice, also has this kind of robotic look to it with those flappy intakes all over with black, somewhat nerdy-with-a-pocket-protector look to it. I don’t like i8’s interior at all. I actually think the i3’s interior, while too small and equipped with those ridiculous mini suicide doors – is at least fresh, open and creative.

I think I’d wear fuzzy shoe slipovers to get over that wide carbon fiber sill as not to scratch it’s beauty…But this thing really screams “exotic”, as well as – “playtoy for the Sultan of Brunei”

The one and only element I don’t really like…OK, two…too much chrome glitz on the dash and more importantly, not fond of the wheels.

Funny how the Oil Barrens who buy this car are funding their demise. My how the tables have turned 🙂