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The ban on direct sales for automakers has brought several unlikely groups together in an effort to end the ban.

Here are the groups listed in a letter sent to governors, U.S. legislators and other people of political power:

  • American Antitrust
  • Institute Americans for Prosperity
  • Consumer Federation of America
  • Consumer Action Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (“C.A.R.S.”)
  • Environment America 2
  • Institute for Justice
  • The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  • Mackinac Center
  • Sierra Club – National

We should point out that the Institute Americans for Prosperity is backed by the Koch Brothers.  Here’s just a sliver of background on the Brothers, via Wikipedia:

“The brothers have heavily contributed to libertarian and conservative think tanks and campaigns. They actively fund and support organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates, and that lobby against universal health care and climate change legislation.[4] They have donated more than $100 million to dozens of free-market and advocacy organizations.[4] In 2008, the three main Koch family foundations contributed to 34 political and policy organizations, three of which they founded, and several of which they direct.[4][5] Some of the political activities of the Koch brothers have brought controversy from organizations such as Greenpeace.”

So, yeah, they don’t generally side with anything environmentally friendly.

Here’s the letter, in its entirety via Jalopnik, that was sent to the political peeps listed above:

Sign-on Statement to State Government Leaders About the Anti-Consumer Effects of Laws Prohibiting Direct Distribution of Automobiles

We, the signatories of this letter, represent a broad range of public interest organizations. Our individual interests include such diverse matters as environmental protection, economic freedom, fair competition, consumer protection, and technology and innovation. Some of us frequently find ourselves on different sides of public policy debates. However, we now find common ground on an issue of considerable public importance concerning state laws that restrict the purchase and sale of automobiles. In short, we oppose efforts by state legislatures or regulatory commissions to forbid car manufacturers from opening their own stores or service centers in order to deal directly with consumers. Such laws are unnecessary for consumer protection, interfere with competition and efficient distribution, increase costs to consumers, and mount barriers to the introduction of innovative and beneficial new technologies.

At present, many states have on their books decades-old laws addressing the relationship between car manufacturers and their franchised dealers. These laws were ostensibly designed to protect dealers from unfair practices by their franchising manufacturers. Among the provisions in many of these state laws are prohibitions on automobile manufacturers opening their own showrooms and service centers and dealing directly with consumers. At the time these laws were passed many decades ago, the car dealers argued that manufacturers should not be allowed to compete directly with their own franchised dealers, since they might then be able unfairly to undercut their dealers on price.

However valid these concerns may or may not have been at a time when the “Big Three” manufacturers dominated the market, it is important that the law keep up with the changes that have occurred in the automobile market today. The automobile industry is far more competitive today than it was in the 1950s, with many more manufacturers participating on a significant scale. This increased competition gives dealers more choices in franchising relationships and greater bargaining power to protect themselves against unfair trade practices by manufacturers, thus undercutting the original rationales for these laws. More fundamentally, there are no valid reasons to use these laws that were intended to protect dealers in franchising relationships to thwart new market entry and competition from companies that do not seek to use franchised dealers at all. While we take no position in this letter on the appropriateness of many other aspects of dealer protection laws, we are strongly opposed to efforts to use these laws to block direct distribution.

Much of the recent public debate on this issue has centered on Tesla Motors, which makes all-electric vehicles, and seeks to distribute and service its cars directly to consumers. Tesla has explained that its direct distribution model is necessary, in part, because many traditional car dealerships have been unwilling or unable to promote electric vehicle sales with sufficient expertise or vigor. Tesla’s market entry through direct distribution is providing consumers with beneficial new choices on what vehicles they buy and how they buy them. Moreover, our concerns are not limited to Tesla, as these laws have similarly negative effects on any company seeking to distribute their cars directly to consumers.

These laws have negative consequences for the entire automotive industry— including what kinds of cars are built and sold, how they are powered, and what innovative new technologies can reach the market. Direct distribution could significantly reduce costs for consumers and increase consumer satisfaction. 1 These laws retard innovation by making it harder for new technologies to achieve wide distribution and hence reach an adequate scale to be sustainable in the market. They put one more obstacle between consumers and the technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions and prevent consumers from accessing clean cars. Finally, these laws do not rest on a legitimate public policy basis for constraining the ability of a company to choose how to operate its business.

The diversity of perspectives represented in the coalition signing this letter reflects the importance of this issue on multiple fronts. We call on legislators, governors, and other public servants across the political spectrum to take a stand against laws that block direct automotive distribution to the detriment of innovation, the economy, consumers, and the environment.

Respectfully, Signatories:

American Antitrust

Institute Americans for Prosperity

Consumer Federation of America

Consumer Action Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (“C.A.R.S.”)

Environment America 2

Institute for Justice

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Mackinac Center

Sierra Club – National


1 See Gerald R. Bodisch, Justice Department Economic Analysis Group, Economic Effects of State Bans on Direct Manufacturer Sales to Car Buyers, May 2009, http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/eag/246374.htm.

2 Including Environment America National and the following state chapters: Environment Maine; Environment New Hampshire; Environment Massachusetts; Environment Rhode Island; Environment Connecticut; Environment New York; Environment New Jersey; Environment Maryland; Environment Virginia; Environment Georgia; Environment Florida; Environment Ohio; Environment Michigan; Environment Illinois; Wisconsin Environment; Environment Iowa Environment Missouri; Environment Minnesota; Environment Texas; Environment New Mexico; Environment Colorado; Environment Montana; Environment Washington; Environment Oregon; Environment California; Environment Arizona; Environment Nevada; Environment North Carolina.

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Curious…frankly I’m a bit perplexed and clearly must be missing something. Why would the Koch brothers back such attempts to encourage direct sales? Do they have stock in something I’m unaware of or simply have a long-term plan (not their typical play) to incorporate direct sales of other product(s)…automotive or otherwise? This is not at all typical behavior for the Koch’s. Something is fishy and I seriously doubt that fish is any shade of green.

Despite what you’ve been trained to believe, perhaps the Koch brothers are not the spawn of Satan.

No, they’re still that.
They also like to give 1% of campaign money to Democrats, so that they can say they give to both sides.

I’m guessing they don’t know what the organization is supporting, in this case. Unless they look on dealers as a “Union”.

But, there is hope, if they got an Econ 101 degree, they’d soon be supporting an increase in the Minimum Wage too.

Both sides give more money to their preferred party. Isn’t that the point of donating?

Still doesn’t explain why you hate the Koch brothers. I think it’s Pavlovian conditioning. Staunch liberals have been trained to spit blood when they hear the word “Koch”.

It is not training, it is experience.

Can you provide a specific example?

Just look at the above-referenced Wikipedia article. Historically they are pro-business, anti-climate change. This is a very different direction for them… unless their goal is for libertarian-style free market policies, which I am for.

Yeah, the Wiki says they’re wealthy guys that support conservative and libertarian causes. So what?

That just means they’re like Gates, Gore, Bloomberg, Soros, Kerry, and Buffet … rich guys who support liberal causes.

This still does not explain the level of hate directed exclusively at the Koch family. That’s what I’m trying to understand.

Pretty much. They are just current day robber barons, with all the associated accoutrements.

I don’t back either party and I still despise the Koch’s. The only conditioning that has led to me despising them is their activities, and not any alleged “liberal conditioning.” They have built up such a resume of bad will that if they did have a change heart, they’d have to be consistent about it for years before they’d change my mind. I’m not convinced that this is some sort of “change of heart.” I won’t presume to know what their angle is, but I doubt that it is necessarily support of Tesla and Elon. Keep in mind, Tesla aims to put the Koch’s out of business, hence my skepticism.

I took ECON 101 and the rest of them. Every honest (non-political) economist knows that the minimum wage is an abomination that only hurts the most disadvantaged people. The science is settled. Why are you a science denier?

Wasn’t the science well settled until last week that high cholesterol was bad for longevity, and that statins reduce heart attacks?

Scientists whore themselves out and will say anything for a buck. It all depends on who is funding their scientific study, or which party is paying their fee to be an expert witness at a trail. There is no such thing as scientific integrity. It’s no wonder that a significant portions of the public thinks global warming is a hoax. They’ve been lied to by scientists so many times before.


Oops, my kingdom for an edit button.

Last week a scientific study was released that concluded: higher cholesterol levels are associated with longer life, and statin drugs are useless in preventing heart attacks. The study was done by scientists with no ties to the Big Pharma Cartel.

Only the economically ignorant claim having/raising the minimum wage helps a national economy.

If you believe that, then you weren’t educated. You were indoctrinated into the Hayek/Friedman religion of trickle down economics.

I took scads of history. Everytime the min wage was increased, economic activity increased.

The Devil gets his demons for free. The Spawn(s) of Satan, have to pay cash for their evil minions… 😉

No, they’re the spawn of Satan. What’s that old saying “Even a broken watch is right twice a day.”

I was going to say…

“Even if you’re totally batshit crazy, doing something beneficial can happen accidentally.” 😉

It’s not green at all. It’s libertarian. The Koch brothers claim to be libertarians and in order to be consistent they have to oppose laws that restrict direct sales.
I think this just goes to show that it was a mistake on the part of the dealers to fight Tesla. They are risking the loss of all legal protection of the franchise model. Dealers may spend money on politicians, but they are universally mistrusted by the public. Politicians cannot align with dealers in broad daylight. By making the fight with Tesla so public, the dealers are putting politicians in very awkward positions. This will take a while to play out but I don’t see how it ends well for the dealers.

They don’t have to be consistent at all (and they have in the past run contrary to supposed libertarian ideals). Tesla is a company challenging their oil based business interests. They could have cooked up some whacky argument that counters the direct sales model AND still somehow cram it into the libertarian definition.

Just a thought: Do you suppose they could be looking at dumping private owned gas stations and going with direct sales of gasoline, natural gas, or some other fossil fuel? Maybe the 21st century will be the century known for “cutting out the middle man.”

+1 Dealers are starting to show up in more political gun sights. The WSJournal featured GM’s investment in 8,000 programmers, on today’s cover (“shop-click-drive”). “Dealer” is the arcane referral, of this new process.

Could Musk’s “secret weapon” have been this policy tool? He mentioned “a good weapon against the dealers”, and may have pulled the AFP strings. So many of these organizations, Left and Right, have already been taking it to the states, to try and effect policy. DC has been stuck.

Musk’s foresight looks amazing, as these stars align.

They own coal power plants to charge electric cars. Now if they could only get rid of the EPA….


“Why would the Koch brothers back such attempts to encourage direct sales?”

I would suggest you study exactly what the libertarians stand for and advocate:


If you find it difficult to understand why the right might back environmental causes, then understand why we on the right are equally confused by why the greens advocate socialistic – despite the fact that socialistic governments have been some of the most polluting.

Socialisim – I am a victim of the spelling checker.

What is the correlation between socialism and pollution; capitalism and pollution; communism and pollution…explain explain explain

Surprise! Former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate David Koch is a … wait for it … a Libertarian!

First of all: nothing is black and white despite my extreme distaste for the Koch brothers, they are not evil incarnate. They’re simply sociopaths. (possibly narcissistic sociopaths). The Koch Brothers are not supporting Tesla because it is doing something environmental. they are supporting Tesla because it’s run by another 0.0001% narcissistic billionaire whose cause (billionaire vs state and local politicians) dove tails nicely with their continued efforts to ramrod their industrial goals over the protest of local and state politicians. They could even be anticipating that a world full of EVs will be a world that needs more coal based power plants. (We know this is not necessarily true… but if they combine this action with fighting wind/solar/alternative energy then we will see increased need for coal). The only difference here is that many of us agree with Elon’s eventual vision, and are willing to accept that the ends justify the means. whereas many of us disagree with the Koch’s eventual vision, and therefore see their actions as evil. In addition, although the Kochs primarily spend money to buy our politicians, they also give heavily to other philanthropic organizations that have nothing to do with politics. It’s just not black… Read more »

I tend to agree with that logic JMRW. They probably are eyeing the example to strike down this law as a road map to eliminating some other law inhibiting their desires.

Though not only a huge Tesla fan boy, combined with the distaste for a law only supported in the US and no where else on the planet, I still cringe to share the same sheet of paper with the Kochs.

Yes, I too agree with your logic. I don’t tend to think of humans as falling into “good” or “evil” categories. That’s just too simplistic an explanation. They are, as you state, sociopaths.

I would point out, however, that most of their philanthropic activities mostly fund institutions that benefit the 1%.

And their grants to higher education, and now even grade school, come with pre-ordained curricula espousing economic libertarian ideology as the only viable way to run societies, as a condition to receive such grants.

The devil is in the details.

Hey now, I worked Koch Industries and have met Charles many times. As mentioned, they are interested in one thing: a limited government. It is something those who want to attack them miss – it really, really isn’t about them making more money. Agree or disagree with how they want society organized, they would prefer to live in one with a lot more personal and economic liberty, not less.

I drive an electric car, I support economic liberty and don’t see a contradiction. In any event, I think the Koch’s have broadly supported the Pickens Plan (NG, CNG, LNG for transportation, with wind offsetting electricity production). They have issues with the subsidy rates. Of course, my electric car is subsidized, but so would my ICE, just not as clearly…

No way

They only want limited goverment becuase it leads to a situation where their money can steamroll over democracy, and they can earn more billions.

If they were true libertarians, then they would respect local laws and desires. But they don’t do that

They go into areas that don’t want them, buy local and state politicians, and then ramrod their business interests through the area, despite what the local population wants.

Replacing over-reaching government with over-reaching corporatism is hardly libertarian.


You should go to a re-education camp. Preferably in … North Korea. Another commi using environment as a trampoline …

Sounds like you’ve already been…

Oh, and you may need to re-adjust your filter bubble since JRMW did not mention the “environment”…AT ALL!

You should read his other post above (if you are capable to read with understanding)…

Ha ha! Throw in an insult, I love it! Oh, the irony!

Rob: Ironically, I’ve been to reeducation camps. In 9 days I leave for Vietnam, where one of the largest forced reeducation camps existed in world history after Ho Chi Minh defeated the South. I’ve also traveled extensively to Communist countries (East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, USSR) prior to “the wall” falling. I have no love for Communism. I’ve also been to places with limited government, so small you can drown it in a bath tub. Places with very liberal gun rights and no EPA and no regulations at all. I’ve been to Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Togo as example. They are hardly places one would want to be. I’ve traveled to places with limited government that works somewhat better than Africa, such as Costa Rica, Paraguay. And Socialized countries (every country in Europe). And I’m American. the end result: it becomes clear that goverment must be strong enough to counterbalance multinational interests, but not strong enough to enslave the people. If government is too weak, then local corrupt officials rule with an iron fist, and outside multinational corporations strip mine your area against you. but in America we have a situation where Corporations have essentially bought our… Read more »

Exactly! Well said and for those that feel otherwise, while they are certainly entitled to do so, haven’t traveled much outside the United States.

Your assumption is misguided. I am not going to provide you with my CV but my experience with autocratic regimes is “first hand”, not a “tourist” experience.

If the Kochs only had issues with subsidy rates, than the PTC for wind wouldn’t be zero right now. You need government, to have a free market. The Kochs don’t see this, when you find more expensive forms of consumer energy continuing to prospering against a backdrop of cheaper, cleaner, domestic alternatives. Rand estimates 60 billion, annually, to keep the Straight of Hormuz safe. The Kochs haven’t stepped forward to pay enough of that bill. It’s a bill we pay, so that we can continue subsidizing them, as we devalue the dollar for their benefit. To side with the Kochs, I think you will find yourself equating “less government”, with the “free market”. This is, of course, false. NARUC (electric grid) is meeting, in DC right now. They are agreeing on pollution pricing, but there’s no policy light to that tunnel. There should be a “free-market”, to assess the negative consequences of pollution. It’s a language the Kochs don’t speak, because they are too busy hiding behind “less government” = “free market”. As noble as the direct sales position might be, I’d agree their beliefs in what they are doing for “liberty” are delusional.


Much as I hate how the Koch bros. use their obscene level of wealth to subvert our democratic process, much as they’re trying to turn the USA into a plutocracy, I think they honestly believe in their ultra-conservative politics. Not everything they support is aimed at making themselves richer. (For example, most of the billions they spend on elections is, fortunately, wasted on candidates that lose.) They really do believe in a “free market” and much less government regulation. Both of those principles would lead them to favor Tesla’s attempts to end the protectionist State laws favoring the “guild” of the dealerships.

Did Charles tell you that his father was a founding member and bankrolled the John Birch Society in the 60s?

It could just be that EV buyers are not mass transitioning to Solar, so more profit for coal.

Hey, that’s a good point. They probably see increased EV adoption as a way of increasing coal sales while they lobby against renewable adoption (see Florida).

My guess is that they must have stock in Apple (ICar) or maybe BYD. I welcome direct sales for autos but I cannot stand the Koch brothers and what they are doing to our government.

First of all I am a libertarian. I drive an electric car. Being a libertarian I don’t believe in talking points, I belive in facts. The Koch brothers are often maligned by the left but the most of their arguments are emotional and lack the facts. Personal liberty is what libertarians stand for.I took Econ101 in college and got the highest grade in the class. I don’t belive in the hike of minimum wage, but the argument is a straw man because only 1 million people in the United States that work full time make minimim wage. Don’t let people tell you how to think…do your own thinking based on facts. Electric cars are good for everybody, the enviroment and and our childrens and my grandchildrens health. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and make it a political thing.

Since you bring up minimum wage laws, I just read this post from Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame and thought it was brilliant.


Reminds me of this scene from Coming to America

If a politician (Harry Reid) paints someone as evil, do you uncritically believe him? The Koch’s are hard core libertarians, end of story. They want limited government, and dealer franchise laws are the worse kind of government overreach.

Maligning someone’s motives on all things because they don’t agree with you on other things is pretty, well, immature at best. Grow up and stop looking at the world through a black and white prism.

And naturally, folks on the left, especially politicians, are going to say whatever they can to convince people that the “less government” Koch brothers are evil…

the biggest problem is that people on both sides of the political spectrum only get their news feed from one side of the equation

No, the biggest problem is that most people uncritically believe whatever they hear from only one side of the political spectrum. Just because a news organization is on deadline and runs with a half baked story that feeds preconceptions doesn’t mean it is true.

“Maligning someone’s motives on all things because they don’t agree with you on other things is pretty, well, immature at best. Grow up and stop looking at the world through a black and white prism”

Isn’t this exactly what you are doing Phil…simply because you don’t agree? If the Koch brothers are only trying to minimize government and not further profit from corporations they have interest in, then why did they put large amounts of money into defeating Measure 92 in Oregon to stop requiring the labeling of GMO’s? Please don’t try to explain this as simply trying to minimize government when the freedom and health of individuals are at risk (concerning GMO’s and the right to know what’s in the food you eat).

GMOs don’t need a government labeling law. If you care that much about it, go buy your food at Whole Foods (or whatever your local equivalent is) where they have tons of brands that will advertise themselves, voluntarily, as GMO free. No government rules needed. Limited government means just that, LIMITED GOVERNMENT. The essentials only. Stop forcing the private sector to run through a thicket of rules and regulations. That’s what a hard core libertarian believes.

And no, I’m not maligning anyone’s motives. I do believe that anti-Koch sentiment comes from a sincere belief of their evilness. I’m just saying that that is a misunderstanding of the Koch’s motives.

Sorry Phil, but the facts don’t support your reasoning. Do a simple Medline search for the effects of genetic modification upon cellular tissue and/or nutrient content of food… then come back and tell me your not concerned. Why do you think GMO’s have been banned in so many other countries (or at least required labeling as such)?

Their less government rhetoric is only self serving. They also fund and support anti-choice legislation and have always been against glbt equality through ALEC and other front groups. The label Libertarian they give themselves is about as true as communist East Germany calling themselves “The Democratic Republic of Deutschland” smoke and mirrors.

I wonder if the Koch brothers own a Tesla, or if they have ever driven one. (Do they even have driver’s licenses?)

I figured this one would drive the green loons here up the wall.

And by the way, yes, the Koch brothers are firmly libertarian.

And the libertarian loons.

Yes, to me the liberatarians are loons as well. However, they are consistent to their beliefs. On the left the loons are just running wild. Witness the guy above who said that minium wage is “econ 101”. You guys are funny.

By the way: when does the Tesla factory get unionized? Aren’t you a bit upset that Tesla is anti-union?????

The Koch Brothers hide behind their supposed Libertarianism but in fact they are staunchly anti-environmental and interested only in undermining regulations and taxes. They are the largest funders of Climate Change Denial and have organized and financed the climate change denial apparatus in concert with their like-minded buddies

See here: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/inside-the-koch-brothers-toxic-empire-20140924?page=2

Their family history is replete with their libertarian hypocrisy such as the fact that their father built Stalin’s oil industry (with stolen patents) and was a founding member of the John birch society. Apparently he taught his dirty tricks to Charles and David well since they are busy buying the Republican/Tea Party and the all the elections that money can buy.

Forgot to mention that the Charles and David adopted their father’s virulent rascism at least until it got in the way of making profits.

A high ranking Obama official was asked about ISIS and she said the way to solve the problem with ISIS is to “provide them jobs” so that they will not feel isolated and ignored and get radicalized.

This is the very reason why this country is screwed because of all these liberals in the government. their thinking is totally screwed and if your against them, like their manic obsession against the Koch bros, they will hound you with their screwed up mentality.
ok give them job!!!


It was a State Dept. spokesperson who said that. She doubled down today on the same sentiments.


I would think that EV enthusiasts should be thrilled that this letter is getting so much high powered support from such a wide variety of interests. Isn’t that exactly what you want?

One other thing, the Koch Brothers through their company have been leaders in financial manipulations going back to the Enron scandals. They are also leading players in derivatives. credit default swaps, etc that were such major contributors to the Great Recession and will be for the next financial meltdown since the Republicans will block too big to fail laws.

C’mon. Own Republicans, rent Democrats. TBTF:

Roll back Dodd-Frank CDS rules – CHECK
Indefinitely delay Volcker Rule – CHECK

Why should it matter what the President, House, and a populist 60+ Senators say? Silly Americans, it was only “Halftime” for the lobbyists. Reverse Socialism lives.

Hey, we’re goin’ pretty deep here!

Even a blind sow finds an acorn sometimes… and Politics make for strange bedfellows…

The Kockies are ugly evil folks… I despise most of what they hold dear. If they support this it is only for greedy rotten reasons. There are hundreds of examples of the lousy behavior they and their evil minions perpetrate against the working folks of this country.

Thanks but no thanks evil ones.

I think you might have the Koch brothers confused with ISIS.

The Koch brothers are the guys who make “Brawny” paper towels, “Angel Soft” toilet paper, “Mardi Gras” napkins and towels, “Quilted Northern” toilet paper , “Dixie” paper plates, and a bunch of other stuff.

ISIS are the evil ones beheading people on camera.

This Koch-hate phenomenon has all the characteristics of an astroturf campaign. I suspect you Koch-haters are being played. Please watch this video … it may help you.


Not interested in right wing propaganda from a useful idiot, but thanks.

Funny you mention Astroturf… *cough* Teabagger,,, umm Tea Party *cough*

More personal attacks against the right … no substance … yawn.

Teabaggers is what they called themselves in 2009 before they figured out why everybody else was laughing. It’s not an insult. Its history.

And if you think The reference to Stalin’s “Useful idiot” is also an insult, to your video link, then guilty as charged. I’ve been listening to your side claim ignorance and mindless parroting of talking points on the right as wisdom for 35 years, and frankly, I’m tired of your side’s broken record arguments that have no basis in reality. Guilty as charged.

The right embraced the term? Any evidence? Didn’t think so.

But in your mind, if one conservative ignorantly said “teabagger”, then millions of liberals (including President Obama) should feel free to repeat it over and over with glee. That doesn’t reflect well on your side.

Gosh, I never thought I’d say anything good about the Koch brothers, but hey, thanks guys for supporting Tesla!

For that, maybe you’ll only be immersed in in boiling lava up to your nose, when you go to Hell.

Oh good, we have another specimen.

When these notions of Koch-hate were implanted into your brain, did your thought-programmers instill any substantive reasons why you think you should feel that way?

So far, all your fellow specimens only received partial Koch-hate programming, so they can express hate in response to the “Koch” stimulus, but they cannot articulate why they think they feel that way.

I’m excited, since you could be our first lab specimen whose Koch-hate programming was actually completed. Thank you.

I don’t know much about these folks but your funny answers make me think of hating it just for the fun of you’r sharp biting commentary!

Just kidding!

A Koch lackey accusing others of being brainwashed. That’s irony! Hahaha

More personal attacks … no substance … *yawn*.

“Specimen”? Accusations of programming? “Koch-hate”? “Lab specimen”?

Don’t be so ready to clutch the pearls with your hypocritical personal umbrage. You seem to dish them out quite skillfully.

I’m not a huge fan of the Koch Bros. either but I can see them backing “free market principles” (the conservative montra. At the end of the day, it’s the right thing to do. The letter that was attached pretty much sums it up not only for Tesla’s Sales model but for anyone who wants to build an “anything” and market it.