Kobe Bryant On Elon Musk As Inspiration – Video

Elon Musk


Kobe Bryant looks to Tesla’s Elon Musk for inspiration.

Retired professional NBA basketball star, Kobe Bryant, is now venturing into the world of business. He partnered with the founder of Vitamin Water to make a new Body Armour sports drink. The company is Kobe Inc., and he’s not only a pitchman for the products but is actually the creative director for the commercials and he’s personally working sponsorship deals.

Elon Musk

Kobe Bryant launches Kobe Inc.

Kobe Bryant is blown away by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He says that Musk is a:

“genius by all accounts.” 

He seems most enamored with Musk’s commitment to research and learning. Kobe has had an opportunity to speak with Elon at length over the years and he points out that though education is top on Musk’s list, he remembers him saying that imagination is most important.

Interestingly, when asked if he would invest in Tesla stock, he responded:

“I’ll buy into Elon.”

Video Description via CNBC on YouTube:

Behind-The-Scenes With Kobe Bryant On Innovation And Launch Of New Sports Drink BodyArmor

Kobe Bryant teamed up with the founder of Vitamin Water to launch a new sports drink.

Retired basketball star Kobe Bryant discusses what Elon Musk has taught him about business.

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Check out the entire (4 minute) behind-the-scenes video about Kobe’s new beverage-business venture:

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To be fair if I was selling really expensive water I would do the same. No reason not to jump on the bandwagon and hope the Tesla fanboys and/or the more money than brains crowd would buy my stuff as a result.

I bet many of them didn’t even know Kobe sold expensive water and guess what? Now they do 🙂

He doesn’t need more money …has more than his share already..

Chevrolet Performance

Anyone who believes in Capitalism and Free Market (myself included) would find your statement to be nonsensical.

Athletes are very very near the bottom of the list of people I take any advise from let alone tech or stock advise…

One meeting with Erving “Magic” Johnson, would make you rethink your position on investment advice, where a successful Athletes investment strategy, and asset allocation, is concerned.

There are more than a few exceptions to your rule, if your willing to do some due diligence and research, on an individuals past investment performance off the “field”.

In retirement from playing sports,over the last few years, Magic has been adding about $50 million a year to his net worth, year over year.