Nissan, Renault and Volkswagen Team With KIWI Discount Stores To Install 50 Quick Chargers In Norway


The KIWI discount store chain announced recently a plan to install at least 50 (up to 75) quick charging points at its Norway stores.

The initiative is supported by Nissan, as well as Renault and Volkswagen.

The charging points will be compatible with all quick-charge capable electric cars (CHAdeMO, Combo and 3-phase AC).

Customers will be able to charge for free, at least initially for the first year.

According to Norsk Elbilforening, by the end of the year Norway will more than double its number of quick charging points to more than 200.  That’s a huge number, especially when you consider that France is now aiming for 250 DC charge points in the same time, but with a much higher population.


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Perfect… We are planning our summer trip through Norway with our Leaf 🙂

The USA needs some alliances like this.

Hear hear

I expect to see more of this sort of thing here in the USA once more EVs show up on the roads. Unfortunately it’s a chicken/egg scenario right now. I am afraid it may take 5 or 10 years before there are enough EVs on the roads for more businesses to care about installing charging stations, whether they be L1, L2, or L3.

I agree. I don’t understand why Nissan has announced a partnership with Starbucks, McDs or similar yet.

Well the nice thing about EVs is that it is never really a chicken/egg situation because people always install a charger at home. So the cars can come first and the public chargers later. Although having more public chargers would probably help get people to buy EVs.

Silicon valley is getting a LOT of EVs these days. I wonder what the % of new cars are now EVs. I doubt it is as high as in Norway but it has to be a pretty high %.