Litter Of Kittens Found Hitching A Ride In Chevy Bolt EV


More cats choose ride sharing in electric vehicles to lower their carbon pawprint.

Earlier this week, several service technicians at Capital Chevrolet in San Jose, CA made an interesting discovery. While working on a Chevy Bolt EV, they started hearing an unusual noise coming from the car’s wheel well. After a quick investigation, they found a litter of kittens had made the Bolt their home.

Well, what do we have here? Stowaways! 

Listen to that engine purr. Wait no, that can’t be right… this car is electric!

Well, what do we have here? Stowaways! 

Well, what do we have here? Stowaways

The dealership provided the cats with a suitable loaner while their vehicle was being worked on.

The dealership provided the cats with a loaner while their vehicle was being serviced.

A mother cat most likely decided to make a home for her kittens inside of the Bolt EV to escape the elements. This is actually a somewhat common occurrence. Small animals will seek shelter in a vehicle from the hot sun in the summer or the bitter cold of winter. Mama cat probably also heard that rated the Bolt EV the best car for new parents.

It is now official, the Chevy Bolt is kitten tested, mother approved.

Check out the video to watch the rescue operation unfold!

Video Description via Del Grande Dealer Group – Capital Chevrolet on YouTube:

Earlier today, several Service Technicians were working on a Bolt EV at Capitol Chevrolet when they heard a rather unusual noise in the car’s wheel well. This is what they found!

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Would have been more fitting if it was a Jaguar I-Pace. 😀

Were they born at the “Jaguar I-Place”

Lol yes! It would be great ‘Cub’licity for the I-Pace.

Kittens? Please, if this were a Tesla they would find lion cubs.


Ion clubs

hahaha, clever

“Puss ‘n Bolts”,


Telling Tesla Tiger Tales.

hahaha, punny

If this was a Tesla, they would still be waiting on the mother to give birth. “Sometime 3rd quarter”, said the cat, “Or maybe 2019 latest.”

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lol okay it’s an old meme at this point but now that you’ve made me think of it…

3rd trimester maybe… 6th trimester definitely. 🙂

@TM3x2 Chris, @dimitrij, @William

Lol love all the cat/EV puns and zingers.

Showed that cute lion cub video to my wife.

She says: Awww OMG!

Well, a feisty kitten anyway.

This is probably an odd benefit of EV’s over ICE engines too, in a weird way. There are a lot of places in an ICE car where heat and moving belts, etc would be very dangerous for cute little kittens.

The heat of ICE cars attracts cats. I often see my neighbor’s car with a cat on top of the hood enjoying the warmth.

How many service technicians does it take to remove a litter of kittens from a Chevy Bolt?

They should have just stomped these vermin.

Ooohhh! We have a tough troll today! Go ahead, do your worst troll.

After much deliberation… we have declared this the worst comment in InsideEVs history.

Congratulations on reaching a level of heartlessness unmatched among our readers. 🙂


Sad. No hope.

29 down votes and counting! There is hope for the rest of humanity at least.


Ok, who’s the one guy that up voted. I’m hoping it was the troll himself.

Sadly, we have no way of seeing who placed the votes. I can guess that you’re correct, however.

This just shows there isn’t.

This is news? Happens all the time. It was unfortunate that we had splattered kitties growing up.

The momma cat knows the Bolt EV is purrrrfect.

How they get in there …. must of been enough space for them to be placed there and lucky not to fall out.

Are you saying this is a GM publicity stunt?

GM has bigger “Panel Gaps”!

This is just the more expensive Premeow trim!

Take care of kittens please

Awe, so sweet, but my concern is the mama looking for them, and they are too young to be separated from the nursing mama.

Glad they found them! Kittens are special.

Yes, they ARE special AND very abundant, like roses in “The Little Prince”. 🙂 I could saythe same for puppies, fox cubs, lambs, …. and of course humans. EV driving makes the world better for all of them, but we really should sealup the cars a bit better so this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

cat-ions leaking out of the battery… Who would have thought they would be so cute. Now people will be taking apart Li-ion batteries everywhere just to see more!! :-))

Cute article. Love the sense of humor.

Cute article. Love the humor.