Kitten Rescued From Model X Bumper By Tesla Service Tech



Rescuing a kitten. Not in the job description for your typical service tech, but that was the task at hand for this Tesla mechanic.

Animals are generally attracted to vehicles for reasons of warmth. That’s likely the case here with this kitten who made the rear bumper area of a Tesla Model X its home.

Video description:

Video 1 (above) – Woke up on a Saturday morning, went into my garage, and heard a meeooow- and I do not have a cat!

After a thorough search, I located the meow coming from within my Model X’s rear bumper.

It took the service tech less than a minute to extract the kitten from the Model X. The kitten was likely in there for 14 hours or more and was in desperate need of water and food. One service tech even offered to provide the little kitty with a new home:

Video description:

Video 2 (below) – I love my Tesla Service Center! They rescued this beautiful kitten that had been trapped in my Model X’s rear bumper for probably over 14 hours, gave her water right away, AND one of the rescuers and his family offered to provide her with a new loving home 🙂


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Even a cat knows when a car is good for the environment.

Truly a green car, maybe the cat thought it was a tree

I had that happen once … I lured the kitten out of the wheel well with food 🙂

It seems like there was a risk of the kitten crawling out of the bumper while driving to the service center, perhaps at highway speeds. They should have used Tesla’s vaunted Ranger Service to make a house call, or have gotten instruction from Tesla over the phone on how to remove that access panel from under the car.

I hope we don’t hear any stories of the falcon-wing door snatching up kittens. 😉

Really? You hope, do you?
Do you also hope kittens will not get trapped between the panel gaps of M3?

It looks like a classic “Cute Fuzzy Pussy in the Tesla bumper problem” Tesla service technicians refer to it simply as a stuck “Fuzz Bumper”!

Don’t let the cats in your home (or car). They will turn your into a slave. I’ve been a slave for almost 20 years…

I’ve been a willing slave, my whole life.

See, an electric car CAN get you pussy.

Once in the ’90s, my girlfriend had to stop for a routine inspection on her way to work. It was a very cold winter morning. She drove ~30 miles to get there, and when the tech opened the hood, surprise! Our own cat was holding on near the battery of her Acura.

Chances are if not for this stop she had to make, the cat would have got lost during her day at the office…
True Story.

When I was a kid, we moved from Anniston, Alabama, to College Station, Texas, in a 1949 Plymouth sedan with our cat in the car. Somewhere on the final day of travel during a rest stop, our cat escaped the car and disappeared. We spent as much time as we could trying to find her, but after no luck, we had to continue the journey without her.

When we arrived in College Station, a very dirty, greasy cat emerged from under the car. It had sat somewhere under the car for a couple hundred miles of highway driving!

Tesla’s are pur fect.
Even with the kitten.