Killer Deal – Here’s How To Get A Volkswagen e-Golf For $9,995

AUG 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 34

Volkswagen e-Golf

The cost of a new electric car could be lower than $10,000 thanks to combining multiple incentives in Sonoma County, California.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

The deals are sweetened by Sonoma Clean Power, a not-for-profit public electricity provider in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

As an example vehicle, the $28,995 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf (there was/is no 2017 MY) is available with a $7,000 dealer credit.

After including the additional $2,000 Sonoma Clean Power incentive, $2,500 state rebate and the $7,500 federal tax credit it becomes net $9,995 ($19,000 cheaper).

Not bad at all, but it could be better! In some cases, the price could be $4,495! That’s 15.5% of the MSRP.

Of course with the plug-in VW, some of the discounting is due to the current model year’s shortly-to-be-diminished status, as the 2018 MY e-Golf arrives with a 35.8 kWh battery and just over 124 miles of range (as compared to the current 24.2 kWh/83 miles set up today).

“But it can get even better for power customers who live in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District, which offers an additional $3,000 incentive in a parallel program called 3-2-1 Go Green. The district covers about 60,000 residents in western and northern Sonoma County.

For Sonoma Clean Power customers who qualify for all the incentives, including a full federal tax credit as well as low-income bonuses, the cost of the e-Golf sinks to $4,495.

Sonoma Clean Power’s incentive is fixed at $2,000 for all nine models, with an added $1,500 for qualified low-income buyers, but there is a wide range of dealer and manufacturer credits on leases and purchases.”

See details here:

Here is some feedback from those who got a virtually “free” car:

“Chris Grabill, a Santa Rosa contractor, said he reaped more than $20,000 in rebates and incentives in leasing a Leaf last year. His payments are $90 a month, about one-third of what he was paying on his previous car, and he avoids the $200 a month he spent on gas.

“It was pretty incredible,” said Grabill, who has become a volunteer ambassador for Drive EverGreen.”

In 2016, only $630,000 out of a $1.2 million budget was utilized – mostly due to only two models qualifying for the project (the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3). This year more manufacturers aer participating, and there are now nine qualifying models and a $1.5 million budget.

source: The Press Democrat

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Well it’s a good thing you won’t be needing that resale value later.

Price tags are becoming meaningless. ..And if bought for 4,495, the buyer would still be subject to CA fees and sales taxes of ~$2,250. At least 4 digit annual excise taxes aren’t another variable.

No wonder people get comfortable leasing.

That is a steal. .

You could buy this car, drive it for 3 years in the US, and then export it to Norway and then sell it for more money then you gave for it.

A 3 year old e-golf has a price much higher then $10 000, and there is room to pay for shipping and installing a DAB+ radio.

If People knew this, VW would not be able to ship the cars quick enough.
Do you have to use the car for a period of time, or could you sell it straight after registration?
Could sell it quick for $20 000 + shipping and radio install.

The CA rebate requires that the car be registered in the state for at least 30 months or they ask for it back.

3 years is more than 30 months …

I will get right on my new plan to trade used cars internationally to make money. I’m sure there are no barriers to that whatsoever.

You can sell ALL EVs to Norway with no import fees and no sales tax !!

That us why there are so many used EVs imported to Norway.
You have to change the radio though.. Install a DAB+ radio.

Many don’t want the hassel, and normally EVs are cheap in Norway (especially compared to ICE cars that is taxed to hell and back for CO2 emissions and what not).

The price on this e-Golf is super cheap – and could be sold after 3 years for more then $10 000. Easy.

It cost some to ship it to Norway..
Back in 2006 or 2007 I pair $1350 to ship a Trans Am from LA to Norway. Now it’s probably more expensive like everything else..
But still you can get 10 grand for the car, and then add the shipping to the cost.
I don’t know what the shipping cost is now – but I know I pay about $1500 for a 20 foot shipping container from China to Norway. Just to compare.

That sounds like the only way to sell EVs is to make it almost “free”…

But cars like Volt, Bolt and Optima PHEV are also on the list which makes it a bit better for those with range anxiety.

They’ve been overpriced for too long, now automakers are rushing to underprice them.

San Joaquin has $3000 local rebate on top of $2500-$4000 state and $7500 federal. I’m not sure if their electric company offers anything but pretty much all offer something in California. It’s getting pretty crazy out here!

These are great deals for those that can get them.

But at this stage in the EV biz, we should be past such shenanigans. This stuff is going to be written up by the clean energy & EV haters

That is not what we want.

What we want if for all states to have the ev numbers that California has or better…by all means necessary. We can’t be picky at 1%…some may get into an ev because of the low cost but after that they will buy another at market cost for sure. Once you get to drive one there’s no going back.

I definitely for incentive programs. They clean the air and more importantly help build this new EV industry so we can transfer away from ICE cars.

But the incentives need to be reasonable and not given as a massive giveaway to a select few. A “Volkswagen e-Golf For $9,995” is a ridiculously generous deal that just a few will get.

I agree that a very few will get them but for different reasons…the areas that have these big incentives are areas where pollution is severe and people are not interested in ev so this added incentive is a desperate push the get things moving against (political) resistance…

sorry but this is socialism, crazy California

So is pretty much everything else done by government.

Socialism? Please elaborate.

He won’t so i give it a shot…
Encouraging environmental protection and promoting renewable sources is good for society so it’s socialistic 🙂

Look, I’m from small country in central Europe.Slovakia (Slovak Republic) 5,5 mil. citizens. In capital city Bratislava is VW factory. Three months a go there was a straik, workers faithing with managment to increase their salaries. Evry Tuareg which is in US are from this factory. It is only produced in Slovakia. Best quality, high production numbers and low salary. So in my country is hard capitalizm and than US VW afther dieslgate are making everything for sale. Tax credits, incentievs and other discounts. VW didn’t pay fairly their own workers for quality but give big discounts to theis US customers. In Europe starting price for EV Golf is 35k EUR. Sorry my English is terrible but I want to improve it.

Thanks for the info and update!

As for English, can you use an online translator, or an English copy of Microsoft Word? If so, you could use MS Word’s Spell Checker to help verify spelling. Sometimes I just use Google Seach, if I want to check spelling of a word I am not sure of spelling. Easier using a Computer for that, than a Smart Phone, but also not impossible on the phone!

So, I presume you meant to say or spell: The workers were ‘on Strike’ over their low wages, and were ‘Fighting with Management’ over their pay rate.

So, this is an example of VW breaking from (Henry Ford’s Business Model of) paying Workers enough to buy the product they produce?

It is the same for me, but I work at building Expensive Business Jets, for Billionaires! Not to likely to get one of our newest ones, based on my wages! ;÷)

The average monthly wage in the plant is 1100 EUR. With such a salary, the purchase of Tuareg is impossible. But buying EV Golf with Californian subsidies would be possible. 😀

Don’t worry about your English…as long as we can understand you you’re fine.

Terry why don’t you start a small business or get an advanced degree so that you can earn more money.

…or move to areas that pay more.

Called it!….the very next message after mine.

I guess you could say all the extra we pay to have the military camped out in the middle East to ensure the free flow of oil is socialsm using this thought process.

There are only 250 MY-2016 VW eGolfs on sale all over USA. After these units are sold out, probably VW will start selling MY-2018.

And they are just getting ready to sell the older models before Model 3 production ramps up.

So Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and VW eGolf are the 3 models with steep discounts.

And everyone wants to get rid of their sub 100 mile range models because of Model 3 effect.

Is this for residents of Sonoma County only? Or can I take advantage of it living in Santa Clara County?

Go to their website and check. Usually local rebates like these are distributed with the help of the local electric company and you need to provide an active account as proof of residency.

No SC county.

In fact, it isn’t applied to all Sonoma County residents.

It is ONLY for Northern Sonoma County residents outside of its major cities such as Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park. It is just outside of the SF Bay Area regional air board coverage.

It looks like they are trying to expand beyond the SF Bay Area.

The utility is also served by Sonoma Clean Power.

Just idiots buy VW!!!

Just a suggestion, but how about putting the geographic limitations in the headline.

Like this:
“For residents of two counties in California, here’s how to get…”

That way, I could just skip over irrelevant articles.

There is a word for those practises: corruption.

No, you are mixing up your words…draw another.