Kids Today Want Electric Cars: Automakers Should Take Notice


Kids are the future, and they want their future to be electric.

If we can get children on board with electric cars, we can all but guarantee that the future of the segment will be even more electrifying. It has been proven time and time again that if companies can get kids to buy in, progress may well be inevitable. Not only do they push parents to make decisions and/or even buy them the latest products, but it won’t be too long before they’re out in the world using their own buying power. SBD Automotive North America director Jeff Hannah reminds, “Ignore kids at your own peril.”

SBD North America is a leading consultancy service that focuses on automotive technology, and more specifically, connected cars. Hannah recently spoke during the AutoMobility LA conference and pointed out the reality that current middle-school kids (Generation Z) will be the next major wave of people buying cars. We still don’t know for sure if by that time fully autonomous vehicles will be on public roads or how much ride-sharing services will expand, but either way, it’s a wise decision for automakers to take cues from these kids.

Hannah traveled throughout the U.S. and asked kids questions related to transportation. Overall, he learned that they don’t seem too concerned about vehicle ownership or getting their driver’s license. However, they’re all about electric and autonomous cars. During his recent speech, Hannah brought four seventh-grade girls up on stage to talk about the future of cars. We’ve included his questions and their responses below (via WardsAuto):

Do you want to own a car when you’re older?

“I want a car, because I have friends that live far away.”

“Some places aren’t walking distance, so I want a car.”

“I want a car of the future, but I also want other modes of transportation.”

“I want a car, but something that is better for the environment.”

What is your opinion of autonomous cars?

“It is cool and a good idea, but I would want some control.”

“Self-driving cars are interesting, but I also believe they will not be safe for everyone.”

“I see the point of self-driving cars, but it also may be another way to hurt people around them.”

“They could be dangerous. If you could operate it in an emergency, that would be best.”

What is your opinion of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft?

“With Uber and Lyft, you get to meet new people, people you may not have ever had a chance to meet otherwise.”

“Uber and Lyft are a good idea, because some people don’t have cars.”

“I think Uber and Lyft are extremely important. I take dance classes after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays while my parents are at work, and I use Uber with my dance instructor.”

“It is very efficient. I’ve used Uber and Lyft before.”

Do you have any advice for the automotive industry?

“New models are getting bigger and faster, with more technology. We should try to make cars smaller. We can’t park anywhere, they are too big for our garages. Use technology better and do not waste so much.”

“I would like to see more electric cars.”

“Older cars should have electric motors that don’t ruin the environment.”

“More electric cars. With global warming our world is going through a lot right now.”

Surely very interesting! As we said before, it’s high time for automakers to take note.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Most everyone wants an electric car. The kids just aren’t having to deal with the monthly payments.
Once the price comes down and the EV fear subsides (fear of the new and unknown and charging points), everyone with an electrical outlet will be getting one.

… and that people like myself did the experience that your own job can be quite fast undesired much more far away. And also that job is only a quite short time-limited employment contract, so you need quite much range because relocation doesn’t make much sense. You need that range also in winter with older battery, of course a higher speeds because of the distance, enough capacity so charging problems overnight aren’t that worse, quite fast charging for “emergencies”, …


Other way to make children interested in cars:
“For 11 – 17 year olds, you will be driving a Range Rover Evoque automatic off-road. All vehicles are fitted with dual controls and our highly-skilled and friendly driving instructors are all DBS checked.”


Ok, I see that like nobody here wants to make childrens more interested to EV by offers with driving instructors like I mentioned. Because nobody gave reasons, obviously only EV-haters are here… 🙁


Kids would always have chosen electric were it not for the corrupting influence of our “grown-up”, ICE+Oil-addicted media and the “adults” who’ve been so eagerly or unwittingly indoctrinated by it for decades. Just as kids have always happily played with – or in – toy electric cars of every size and kind.
Paul G

And Spiderman themed cars! But we all know why the DC-Comics addicted media and the indoctrinated adults won’t allow that…

IMHO that has mostly nothing to do with media influence and indoctrination. Also my father and my brother have electro-technics jobs. Ok, more like with thin to none cables. So we’re not the guys with the thick cables for electric motors as part of a drive train. My parents even have the problem that the usually have to drive quite short distances so they need quite much gas/100km. But e.g. there’re still like no affordable EVs which officially are also available with tow-bar which is a dealbreaker for us.
And for my job I need quite much range also because I can’t charge at work. 80kWh and 100kW CCS charging is like the minimum for me (battery degradation, reserve for over night charging problems, etc.). 45kEUR would be far too much (incl. all incentitives in the next 3 years).
We also don’t buy a “new” (incl. used) car if the old one can still be used at reasonable costs.

And BTW: Kids are very often wishing things they also can’t afford when they’re adults…


In my two elementary kids’ classes, when asked what kind of car they want to buy, they give two answers: “a tesla” and “electric”. Sorta funny that they classify tesla outside of electric.

Kids want electric cars, more specifically they want a Tesla. I see kids brag about their parents drive Tesla, I know few other kids’ parents drive more expensive car didn’t make a sound.

I would bet anything that the car makers have known this for some time. They also know that EVs will come to dominate the vehicle market, as soon as batteries drop in price by enough.

The reason many of them are foot dragging right now is simple: They perceive that they can maximize their profits by pushing ICEvs hard for the next few years and that they can then leap into EVs when they must.

This is why I keep saying here that I’m convinced all the Legacies are doing a lot of EV R&D behind the scenes, and at least some no doubt have designs ready to put into production very quickly. They know what’s coming, they know the price they and their corporate masters will pay for ignoring the trends, but they think they can manipulate the situation to make more money by delaying their full embrace of EVs. For the most part, they’re running an enormous risk that boils down to whether they really are “the smartest guys in the room”, ala Enron.

It’s a strange way of thinking because that’s like saying – “hey, buy our great VHS player” when the CD/DVD tech was taking hold. People buying new ICE vehicles from here on in will get killed on depreciation over the next few years I think. Who wants to buy a tube TV or a VHS player nowadays. That’s what it will be like for ICE vehicles soon.

I agree westcoaster , ,,.. except for maybe Collectors That Hoard all that Dinosaur Technology ….lol /…… 🙂

Kids watch movies. Movies set in the future almost always have electric cars and exotic public transportation. In fact when I watch an old movie that is set in the future, it seems strange that they use gas powered cars (with futuristic bodies). I think it is now becoming accepted that the future is electric. Only argument is how quickly. And yes, if you buy a new ICE today, its trade-in value in 5 years will be little over scrap.

Can’t blame Em…putting the pedal too the floor and Blowing away a Dodge Hellcat ain’t dreaming anymore 😉

It is hard not to be a “Kodak”. Tech companies realize that they have to cannibalize their own products and move to the new and improved versions at the cost of profits today but survival tomorrow. Traditional car companies do not have history on their side when it comes to transitions.

Actually, they do have history on their side when it comes to AUTOMOTIVE transitions, which have all been gradual. Auto transmission, advanced safety features like ABS and airbags, radial tires, air conditioning, cruise control, etc. all took a couple decades to become commonplace.

The EV transition, assuming it happens, is currently happening even more slowly. We’re a decade in and still at 2-3% share. Over two decades in if you include hybrids like the Prius.

Maybe the magical S curve will kick in and change things. Tesla is a huge catalyst here. Their entire mission is to “accelerate the transition”, and in this regard they have executed extremely well.

TESLA has already foreseen this……….. that’s why they put those large infotainment on their car…………… younger generation are more technology driven compare to the OLD generation……………

Those with the best infotainment and software will be the force in the car industry in the next 10 years…………..

Kids are not the ones buying cars, and in 20 years when they are old enough to be able to afford a $30k+ car, they have probably changed their minds a couple of times.

You’re missing the point entirely. Firstly, we’re expecting EV’s to be much more mainstream/affordable by the time these kids grow up. Second, it’s unlikely they’ll want a fossil vehicle.

In the UK it’s a different story and the younger generation aren’t so interested in vehicle ownership.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

When I was a kid, the big 3 automakers constantly promoted all kinds of new technologies and high-tech designs with their concept cars. They constantly showed off futuristic ideas like mag lev, hydrogen power, electric drive trains, swappable bodies that mounted on modular skateboard designs, drive by wire, autopilot, and all kinds of other fantastic technologies were promised.

What was delivered was not what they promised. We ended up just getting nothing more than the same-old-same-old vehicles that my Dad drove, and his Dad drove. If you were lucky, maybe you got some modern design cues and a CD player instead of a tape deck.

The Big 3 teased us with visions of the car of the future for decades, and for decades, they failed to deliver.

Then Tesla shows up, and actually delivers THE CAR OF THE FUTURE, at a price that the average person can actually consider, so it’s no wonder kids are interested in EVs.

If it is up to kids, they would be all driving steam trains because they think it is so cool.

Or they would like to fly around like Iron man or machines from star wars.