Kids React To Tesla Model S P85D Launch – Video


and that about sums up the P85D's acceleration...

How fun!

We’ve seen countless Tesla Model S P85D reaction videos, but none quite like this one. 

In the two-minute video above, three kids react to the INSANE acceleration of the Tesla Model S P85D.

0-60 in 3.1 seconds is definitely insane and it’s kids, so the reactions are all the more enjoyable

Want to check out one more P85D reaction video? How ’bout this one!

Tesla Model S P85D.

Tesla Model S P85D.

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The: “__________ reacts to – ” videos are all the rage lately. So why not kids in a lightning bolt electric car? Fun. This is all done in a controlled area and not putting people and animals at risk, right? 😉 My first time in a Tesla store, I asked the guy if they knew about the “Kid in the Roadster” video so popular on YouTube a couple years ago. He said, “Yeah, it’s one of our favorites!”, and dialed it up. Soon all the big screens in the place had that kid freaking out as his dad punched it in the Roadster. Good stuff, Maynard! I love the Volt and it’s range extender model a whole lot, that’s no secret. You haveto admit, people like to go fast, and they like fun – so showing this stuff online is a sure way to create interest. People want to experience new things if they believe it will be fun, naturally. Like riding a rollercoaster. It gets to a tipping point where you say to others – “you have ridden in/driven a Model S haven’t you?” And they look at you like they’re embarrassed they haven’t experienced it yet. This is… Read more »


This Tesla video is real stu***. It is encouraging young kids to do street racing once they grow to be teenagers, and cause more accidents than they already make. It is plain ridiculous, and exploitation of children to sell few more cars.
Most people just care to drive their cars for a purpose. Most can’t afford the cost of repairing all the stuff that keep breaking in a Tesla.

GM should use that as a slogan. Chevy Volt: it’s like eating vegetables. Can’t be any worse than their previous marketing efforts, and if dumb people are put off and buy the truck “that they know they want” Chevy will be happy.

LMAO! Thank you, that just made my day! 🙂

+1 Indeed.

Really could do with some booster seats so those seatbelts sit properly. The way they are in the video is really not safe.
Here endeth the tedious safety warning.

Ah to be young again, nothing is ever new or fast enough …. unless your lucky enough to have parents who can afford a dual motor S.
No wonder the kids are smiling.

This is so much better than a noisy stinky jerky slow V8.

New EV converts ? 🙂

By the time they’re driving, there may not be many gas cars on the road.

I love when the dad asks “is it faster than the minivan?”

We had the old ’58 Ford station wagon, and eight kids. So we would fold down the rear seats and put the little kids back there, and they would just slide around and laugh. The days prior to seat belts, actually quite dangerous, though cell-phones somewhat equalize the danger.