Kia Unveils Electrifying Cross GT Concept at Chicago Auto Show


Arguably, the star of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show is the Kia Cross GT Concept.

Kia Cross GT side view

Kia Cross GT side view

Yes, it seems a Kia stole the show, but this isn’t an ordinary Kia.

Kia Cross GT rear

Kia Cross GT rear

On paper, the Cross GT Concept is extraordinary, but remember, it’s only a concept.

Kia Cross GT interior

Kia Cross GT interior

Here’s how the Cross GT plays out on Kia paper (press release in plain English):

“Utilizing a state-of-the-art 3.8-liter V6 hybrid, 8-speed automatic and torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive, the Cross-GT’s powertrain matches the sophistication of the exterior and interior designs.  Backing the V6 is an evolution of Kia’s parallel hybrid system, a pancake-shaped electric motor sandwiched between the V6 and transmission.  The electric motor is neatly packaged under the rear floor.  Combined, the V6 and electric motor produce 500 lb.-ft. of torque and 400 horsepower, with an all-electric range of 20-miles – sufficient to enable exhilarating performance, while delivering superior fuel economy and fuel efficiency.”

This futuristic concept presents Kia’s vision of where the motoring world is headed.  It’s a luxury crossover with a unique interior and would supposedly compete with vehicles like the Infiniti FX and Lincoln MKT

Kia is broadly hinting that this is close to the real deal, but oddly makes no mention of it being capable of plugging in.  Of course, we conclude it’s a plug-in hybrid based on its 20 miles of electric-only range, but we’re still perplexed as to why Kia doesn’t specifically mention this capability.

The Cross GT is loosely based on Kia’s earlier concept, a German-designed vehicle called the GT.  However, the Cross GT hails from Kia’s design center in California.

Is the Cross GT just a concept?  Well, here’s what Kia has to say in regards to that question:

“As witnessed by the introduction of the all-new Cadenza at the recent Detroit Auto Show, our customers are looking to the Kia brand to offer relevant vehicles in the premium segments that take value to new levels of sophistication.  The Cross GT is the next logical step in that evolution.  And while only a concept today, it signals one possible design direction we may explore for the future.”

There’s little left to say of the Cross GT, but we think it’s a stunner.  Check out the pics and then drop your thoughts in comments below.


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I think the plugin industry has moved from concepts – now it is either a vehicle with a launch date/year or we don’t care.

Hear, hear. Even trial EVs are pretty much vaporware if the manufacturers do not have concrete stated plans on releasing them. Mini E, ActiveE, i3, A3 eTron, Golf E though real, do not really matter to the end user and the market place..

If they built it, I would buy it…but only if they keep those baseless, non-adjustable seats in the production model :p

It still has an ICE. The idea of taking us into the future is to TAKE us there. Maybe if the engine were one that ran on hydrogen… to produce electricity… to move us forward…..!! So many of us are looking over our shoulder into our past. Our past is gone! We can review it to learn and advance. Turn!! Look into our future and take us there……it’s where we want to go!!!!!! I think Tesla is grand slamming the mark, (the Tesla Model S). Nissan is hitting the mark (the Leaf). Ford is hitting the mark (the Ford Focus Electric). ICE… gasoline engines! …………..No! We only have one atmosphere. Coal? No…….. way no!……… again we only have one atmosphere. Hydrogen? Yes….. !! Obviously Yes……. recombines into water….. pure water!! Electric? Yes. We can get it from sunlight…. the sun!! Kinda a no brainer! Sooooo Kia….. make this an all electric, or one with a hydrogen energy system and then you will be taking us ion the future…… I know it is a heavy lift…. but your competitors are on their way………. 2013 it’s a Tesla Model S for me!

This is closer to what the Voltec MPV should look like. Not the outdated MPV photo we are used to seeing.

I like the look but I doubt this will reach production. We’re probably looking at a $50000 4 seat PHEV from Kia. That wouldn’t sell in volumes high enough to please the Korean management back at Hyundai. My guess is this stays just a concept car.

If I were selling a luxury car, I wouldn’t be touting its “plug-in” capability. I’d be going for inductive charging.

Wahoo! – more EV vapourware AND with 20 mile EV range, Wow !!!

To make it perfect, add a SAE quick charge port as standard equipment!

Also, please please please make this EV for over $50K!! I’m sure it will sell FAST, lol!

This direction KIA has taken suggests a 4 seat PHEV with a V-6 ICE
is viable….PPPFFFFFFT – Yeah…RIGHT!

When manufacturers are suggesting that sticking lithium in a vehicle
will require asking luxo money – it’s not a positive trend.

Note the lousey headroom in the TWO back seats!

Can you spell J-O-K-E ?

About the only positive takeaway I can get from this excercise it that
KIA is showing a crossover body format associated with a PHEV. I
agree that the sleeker an EV MPV can be, the more the public
will buy into a five-seven seat vehicle sporting a big battery pack
with usefulness to be the only car – without looking “soccer mom”.

They come up with a spiffy design and then saddle it with a heavy V6, when the rest of the world is combining fewer cylinders with more performance and fuel economy. I hope they’ll do better when/if concept becomes production. This is retro.