Kia Trail’ster e-AWD Concept Previews Future AWD Soul


Next Thursday, at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors will unveils its turbocharged Trail’ster e-AWD concept.  It features a “smartly integrated rear electric all-wheel drive system,” and a turbocharged motor of undisclosed size.  It’ll therefore be some form of a through-the-road hybrid, but it’s unclear at this time whether or not it’ll plug in.

Here’s all that is known of the Trail’ster, straight from Kia Motors:

“Aligning form and function to conceive a uniquely compelling vehicle for the city-dweller-turned- outdoor-adventurer, Kia Motors America will take the wraps off the rugged Trail’ster e-AWD concept at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. With its bold design, fully retractable canvas roof and smartly integrated rear electric all-wheel drive system, the turbocharged Trail’ster takes Kia’s iconic Soul to a new level of expression, efficiency and capability.”

“Kia Motors America will unveil an advanced and capable electric all-wheel drive (e-AWD) concept vehicle at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show. This bold off-roader was conceived by Kia’s California design studio and built for city dwellers seeking the ultimate urban escape.”

“Intended to enable a wide array of outdoor activities from skiing and snowboarding, to camping, hiking and mountain biking, this rugged runabout captures the essence of adventuring at higher elevations with the promise of surefootedness in the wild.”

The Kia Trail’ster concept will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show on Thursday, February 12, at 9 a.m. CT.

Kia Trail'ster Concept

Kia Trail’ster Concept

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6 Comments on "Kia Trail’ster e-AWD Concept Previews Future AWD Soul"

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Something about it, makes me think of “Subaru”…

I dearly miss my Legacy GT…but not the 18mpg it got…I hope Subaru comes out with some sort of PHEV soon. I’d be very interested.

I’d had such horrible experiences with Subaru transmissions, the only vehicle that would make me look at that brand again is a full-on EV.

“It features a “smartly integrated rear electric all-wheel drive system,” and a turbocharged motor of undisclosed size.”

So it’s an ICE with a four/all wheel drive system that’s propelled by electric motor, rather than a drive shaft.

Doesn’t Nissan have the same system in its vehicles (mostly for the JDM market) in quite a number of its vehicles, such as Tiida (Versa), Note (Versa Note), etc., and…wait for it…the Cube (discontinued in US now, the 1st of the boxy vehicle which xB and Soul borrowed the style)?

Nissan calls it…wait for it…e-4WD! It’s been out for 10 years or so! Now Kia calls it a future concept? Oh right, Kia labels it as e-AWD.

I took it to be an ice front wheel drive car with rear electric drive.
My other cars are all Land Rovers and my offroaders would lend themselves nicely to some batteries with a small diesel generator in the back to extend the range, but I can’t help I would get a big FIZZBANG followed by zero motion if I were to go to the places I’d normally go at the moment. IE axle deep mud and window deep water…

Perhaps it will be a Small SUV plug in hybrid to compete against the Outlander PHEV next year?