Kia To Unveil e-AWD Soul Concept At 2015 Chicago Auto Show


Details are sparse, but here’s what we know right now, via Kia Motors:

“Kia Motors America will unveil an advanced and capable electric all-wheel drive (e-AWD) concept vehicle at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show. This bold off-roader was conceived by Kia’s California design studio and built for city dwellers seeking the ultimate urban escape.”

From the lone teaser image, we believe we’ll see something Soul-like at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

A few more details:

“Intended to enable a wide array of outdoor activities from skiing and snowboarding, to camping, hiking and mountain biking, this rugged runabout captures the essence of adventuring at higher elevations with the promise of surefootedness in the wild.”

This is purely a concept.  We don’t believe it’ll ever make it into production, but we’ll know for sure when we catch its debut live from the show on Thursday, February 12 at 9 AM in Chicago.

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So it’s an 80-100 mile range EV for city dwellers that enjoy going to skiing and snowboarding destinations that are much further an 80-100 miles away?

Just marketing BS. But I can see plenty of people wanting this for their commute in winter. 4WD EVs work extremely well. It might even have a longer range at highway speeds than the 2WD version, like the Model S.


Why not just buy an Outlander PHEV All Wheel Drive. If you live outside of the USA.

I would pay an extra $10K to $15K for an AWD Volt SS. Assuming of course that they also allowed the second motor to double the horsepower.

Haha. I was just thinking the same thing the other day. If they made a version of the Volt in AWD with extra performance, I bet people would buy it. Personally, I can barely afford the base-model so I wouldn’t be getting the option.

Can you imagine if they put a 2nd traction motor in the Spark EV?

It would need an “Insane Mode” button like the Model S! 🙂

+1, but only for $4K more. IMHO.

Give it a 200 mile range and I’ll open my wallet!

with a trailer hitch, this will be killer combo in Norway

Well hopefully they build this vehicle, or someone does! Subaru vehicles are the unofficial car of the Kootenays in the mountains of south-east BC b/c of the reasonably economical running costs for AWD.

My Leaf is our primary car, but our secondary car (formerly primary) is a Subaru Forester. Would love to replace it with an AWD EV.

I don’t need a crazy off-road machine (a la 4Runner), just enough of that extra traction and clearance to get ‘out there’. (And like a lot of people, the Model X is not a reality for my family.)

Could be a PHEV with electric rear drive mated to the ICE fwd

Fiat 500e rims?

Damn . . . KIA is taking EVs seriously.

It’ll be serious when I can order one. No, scratch that: when I can take delivery.

Let’s hope so.

Put me down for an electric Optima.

If someone actually made a compact AWD BEV I could buy, they would have my money so fast their head would spin.

John, what specs would you need as minimums?
Range? Clearance? Charge Rate? Cost? Towing Capability? Ride Height Adjustment? # of doors? Front/Rear (Head/Leg room)? is the first 4-wheel drive EV I read about years back!

For my needs — 80 miles range (more is better of course), cost in the same ballpark as an i3 (an increment for the AWD system would be OK, Tesla’s increment of $5k sets a bar), four doors preferable but not absolutely required, space for six-foot+ adults in front, kids in back. The rest is immaterial.

Basically, I want an AWD e-Golf.

Sounds like they’re trying for a baby Model X…

I’m guessing the price would be at least 70% less than the X.

And probably 70% less range. 😉