Kia Cancels Gas Soul In Europe, Only Electric Version Available

JUN 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 26

Kia is going to end sales of the conventional version of the Soul in Europe.

However, the pure electric version will still be available.

According to the latest news, production of the Soul ICE for the European market already ended. Customers can order only copies that are still in stock.

In 2017, sales of the Kia Soul amounted to around 12,100 and, since 5,400 were Soul EVs (nearly 45%), the automaker decided that it was time to go the “smart” way by ditching gas in favor of batteries.

The biggest European market for the all-electric Soul was Germany (almost 3,000 sold last year), but we believe that the majority were immediately exported as used cars to Norway in a legal but controversial way to lower average emissions in the European Union.

Also this year, Kia “sold” some 1,900 Soul EVs in Germany in the first five months.

There’s no word yet on whether a similar gas cancellation will occur in the U.S. (though we don’t expect it too), but this no gas/diesel in Europe is now seeming to become a trend.

U.S. sales of the Kia Soul EV have ranged in the low to mid 100-unit marks for all of 2018. It’s not a volume seller. In fact, it’s hard to find one on dealer lots, which is rather disappointing when you consider the fact that the electric Soul is reasonably priced, though low on the range scale.

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Great news; hopefully other manufacturers will take note, and follow Kia’s example! Even though I wish it was a policy adopted in the U.S., by Kia and others, I’m glad to see progress anywhere.

I can’t see them doing it here in the USA because at the moment they barely even ship the EV to us in any numbers other than token amounts. Much like the Ioniq EV. I’ve still never even seen one other than pictures.

Amen to that, I have seen “0” EV Ioniq’s in Northern and Southern California and maybe a handful of EV Souls last couple of years. I keep hearing Ioniq is an excellent EV but wake me up when I can get a 200+ mile range and pick it up on Saturday from my local Hyundai dealer.

I have seen a couple of Ionic ev in SoCal, they are rare indeed. It’s hard to tell the 3 versions apart without hov stickers.

In the Seattle area the Soul EVs are fairly common for a rare vehicle 🙂
I guess either the dealers here, pushed by customers, have certified themselves and got some piece of the very limited action Kia allocates to the US – or Kia USA itself identified us as a top market.

Either way, they’re cuter looking than the ICE version. It’s sort of, “That’s how a Soul vehicle is supposed to look like”, if you know what I mean.
I don’t get the same sense when seeing a 500e vs. a 500.

You can’t purchase an Ionic in San Diego. You have to go to L.A. At least the Soul can be had at your Kia dealers.

They ship way more than they do of the Ioniq EV, that’s for sure. Looking at the scorecard, a month of Soul EV sales is about equal to the entire deliveries of Ioniq EVs for the year.

They could start by at least offering it nationwide in the US.

I did Test Drive the 2017 EV Model, while Servicing my 2010 ICE Version! In Ontario, Canada! Unfortunately, the darn thing was so smooth, it made me think they did some stuff to my ICE Car – to make it vibrate more!!

Once you go electric you don’t want to go back.

It really is true … unless of course you need a long distance on fairly regular basis.

You can’t offer a car for sale that practically does not exist.

“You can’t offer a car for sale that practically does not exist.”

Logical conclusion: You can’t introduce new cars, so there will never be any Model Y for instance

Not gonna happen anytime soon….all sans Tesla build bevs as compliance vehicles only where and in the amounts they must sell them.

Wrong. In fact, disproven by this article itself, silly.
It might be the USA strategy of some foreign automakers (Kia/Hyundai/VW come to mind), but it’s not their overall strategy.

It is supposed to be able to be ordered at Kia dealers nationwide and I’ve seen it stocked on dealer websites from states like Tennessee and Georgia.

Only certain Kia dealers are EV certified and trained. On Long Island NY that means 1 out of 5 dealers.

It’s tempting to hope Kia does this in order to increase production capacity for the electric Soul…

Really liking my Soul EV … just about perfect second “city” only vehicle for people with small garages or driveways. Price is right.

Can’t remember that I ever saw such an (ICE) car here. Couldn’t find much information on the internet but it seems like it wasn’t sold very often.
BTW: E.g. here in Germany, the Renault Fluence Z.E. was sold roughly only year longer than the one with ICE…


In Norway I see the KIA Soul EV all the time. I didn’t even know they sold it with an ICE..
They are not just sold as “used” from Germany – but they are imported by other companies then KIA too. Outside a local car dealer that does their own import they have more then 10 outside for sale.

It is probably one of the most common EVs – together with E-Golf, E-up, Leaf 1 & 2, Tesla S & X, i3.

The Renault Fluence Z.E. on the other hands.. that is a rare car. I’ve seen it once, and that had Dutch plates. I’m not sure they’ve ever sold it in Norway.

Won’t happen in the US because the ICE Soul is KIA’s top selling car in the US. As for those who don’t think they exist. I’ve had one since 2015. Even on our small island, Maui, I see several everyday. Not sure where you all are located, but Soul EV’s are plentiful in Hawaii

I’m curious why this story’s description of the German transactions for the transfer of title of these Soul EVs appears in quotation marks (or inverted commas) as in – “sold.” Does this connote or imply that the transaction does not represent an intention to hold, to possess, or to use them? Care to comment, Mark?

It’s because although they were sold in Germany it appears they were then shipped to Norway and resold there. I think “Germany” should have been in quotes rather than “sold”.

Will the new Souls get the Niro battery is the burning question. The electric Soul was a great, roomy car but with a worefully inadequate range.

I think it’s unbelievable to only have Kia soul in an electric version. I have a Kia soul and would like to buy the 2020 soul, but as I have no way of charging the battery apart from using city stations. I have a garage but no electricity , so the only option is to buy a SUV with petrol or diesel engines. The other problem is I travel abroad and as the stations are very few and far between, an electric car is definitely not a possibility.