Kia Soul EV Wins MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award

MAR 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

2015 Drivers’ Choice Awards

2015 Drivers’ Choice Awards

The Kia Soul EV won 2015 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award in Best Eco-Friendly category.

This is very first time an EV won the ECO category.

Here is official description:

“For our Best Eco Friendly choice, we’re delighted to award it to an all-electric vehicle for the first time, the Kia Soul EV. It’s the first mainstream EV that we want to live with, day in and day out, as a family vehicle. The Soul’s small-crossover size, with plenty of space for both passengers and cargo, and its unique features, all come wrapped in the coolest exterior of any EV on the road.  The latest Soul’s mature makeover makes for a much more pleasant interior experience too, without losing any of the youthful flare of the original.”

Kia commented:

“Kia’s hip urban crossover and first all-electric zero emissions vehicle, the Soul EV, has been named the Best Eco-Friendly Vehicle in MotorWeek’s 34th annual Drivers’ Choice Awards. MotorWeek, which airs on 92 percent of PBS stations nationwide, analyzes trends, new products and new technology to produce a list of winners that can be used as a car-buying guide by the show’s viewers. Admired for its practicality and fun design, editors at MotorWeek appreciated the roomy interior and cargo space of the Soul EV, which offers more rear seat leg room than other key EV competitors.”

Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning, Kia Motors America (KMA) stated:

“As the centerpiece of Kia’s Clean Mobility program, the Soul EV has the best range in its segment, EPA estimated at 93 miles1, and it’s been recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for its use of bio-based materials. MotorWeek’s Best Eco-Friendly Vehicle award is a great honor from a respected source and a powerful endorsement of the Soul EV’s unique blend of range, utility, style and value.”

John Davis, host and executive producer, MotorWeek sremarked:

“The Kia Soul EV is the perfect EV. It is totally practical with plenty of room for adults and everyday cargo. It has more power and range compared to other affordable all-electric vehicles. Plus, its funky style makes driving the Kia Soul EV really cool.”

Additionally, the BMW i8 got one of three Best Dream Machine awards from MotorWeek.  Additional winners include the Audi RS7 and Ferrari LaFerrari:

“As for looking forward, we’d pick the BMW i8.  This futuristic piece of high performance art had us, and crowds, gathering every time the doors were swung up and open.”

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Great. So they pick a compliance vehicle that most people in the USA can’t even buy if they wanted to.

+1 would like to get one to replace my aging Leaf but I don’t live in a compliance state.

It’s not sold in many US states yet, but it is sold in a lot of countries and is certainly not a compliance vehicle.

Kia has a 10 month delivering time in Norway, doesn’t make any sense to offer it to more markets, until they can massive increase supply.

Bottom line: everyone who has driven it agrees that this is a magical car, and Kia is making a very bad mistake if they don’t make it available everywhere as soon as possible!

What are these compliance vehicles you speak of?
In the rest of the world we just call them cars…
Occasionally things happen in the rest of the world, like people buying EV’s for example.

Now imagine if they electrify an aerodynamic car with the same sized battery.

What would that form factor look like, assuming that you keep a similar weight and footprint? A small Subaru? A Ford C-Max? Incidentally, the wind noise isn’t as bad as I anticipated. This Soul seems to be a lot more aerodynamic than previous editions.

Wake me up when it’s available in more than just 1 state and 17 dealerships. Motorweek should award cars only when the manufacturer has demonstrated commitment to nation-wide sales.

Preach it brother, preach it!

Personally, it’s not my cup of tea. Is it weird that people are starting to accept 80 mile ( perfect weather ) BEVs as “state of the art”?

I will take those wheels. I wonder how much KIA asks for them alone? Also – what is the size and bolt pattern?

James, your statement is somewhat ambiguos. I’m not sure which EV(s) you are talking about. Just for clarification, the Kia Soul EV has an EPA range of 93 miles.

Wake up! Wake up!… It’s available in a number of countries and (sovreigh) states.

Kia certainly has some nicer / desirable looking cars these days.

I wonder if they would give Australia a go with this model?
Fellow Australians need to catch up with the rest of the EV world, so fingers crossed.

Kia Soul EV is very nice, needs just much much more supply.