Kia Soul EV to be Sold in New Zealand Too?


Redesigned Kia Soul

Redesigned Kia Soul – Non Electric Version

Kia Motors will launch its Soul EV in the US in 2014.  After that, the Soul EV will head to New Zealand.  Say what?

Kia Soul - Non Electric Version

Kia Soul – Non Electric Version

According to Voxy, the Soul EV may well end up for sale in New Zealand at some point in the near future, but not until after it goes on sale in the UK in late 2014 or early 2015.

The reason New Zealand expects to get the Soul EV is because it will be offered in right-hand drive.

Todd McDonald, General Manager of Kia Motors New Zealand, told Voxy:

“The fact that the electric Soul is going into the UK means there is a strong possibility it could be available to us.”

“We are in talks with our parent company in Korea to see if we can turn that opportunity into a reality. The Soul EV is a very technologically advanced vehicle and would showcase the fact that Kia is not just a leader in vehicle design, but also in sophisticated engineering.”

Right-hand drive is widely preferred in both the UK and New Zealand, so if you’re going to sell a RHD vehicle in the UK, then you might as well make it available in New Zealand, too.

Known Kia Soul EV Specs:

  • 109 HP
  • 210 Pound-feet of torque
  • 27 kWh lithium polymer battery pack
  • Target range of more than 120 miles (expect 90 or so for an official EPA rating)
  • Recharge in under 5 hours on 240 volt or in 25 minutes via quick charge (likely CHAdeMO, though Kia doesn’t specifically mention this)
  • 0 to 62 MPH in less than 12 seconds
  • Top speed of 90 MPH
Kia Soul - Non Electric Version

Kia Soul – Non Electric Version

Source: Voxy

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All speculation. They make left hand drive, so I guess it will be offered in all countries using a left hand drive cars, eh?

Unless New Zealand has some handout, or regulation, that would entice them there, the same incentive / regulation would apply to everybody else.

I’m reasonably confident this car will fall into the “minimum production” category much like their big brother Hyundai will do with hydrogen cars.

Nothing to see here.

Tony, I hope you’re wrong, but fear you’re right.

The best part about this car, and the upcoming super popular Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in, (at least it was very well received in Europe) is that there is more cars to support the continued build out of CHAdeMO throughout the world. Nissan will increase production of the LEAF, in addition to other cars. Who knows, maybe the Infiniti EV will be out soon.

GM got a face full of f-you when they tried to bring Frankenplug to South Korea!

“Right-hand drive is widely preferred in both the UK and New Zealand” … and Japan? (just a thought/speculation, given Japan is a larger right-hand BEV market)

Japan is largely off limits to non Japanese automakers in the sense that Kia would sell like none of these there if it were to be made available.

Additionally, Japanese and Koreans don’t exactly like each other (generalized nationalistic view).

It would be like driving a Japanese car in Detroit in the 1970s.