Kia Soul EV Test Drive In Scotland – Video


The Kia Soul EV - also tall people-ready!

The Kia Soul EV – also tall people-ready!

GreenFleetTV presents its take on the Kia Soul EV.

The reviewer basically concludes that the Soul EV is perfect, adding that cabin space is exceptional.  Mr. John Curtis, who is the reviewer in the video above, is 6ft 4in as he mentioned, and has no trouble at all being comfortable in it…. Okay, let’s see if Shaquille O’Neal will fit in it…

We liked hearing that the Soul EV was smooth, responsive, and handles well. With the electric version of the Soul being relatively new, it’s promising to see so many positive initial reviews. We wonder what the long-term reviews will conclude.

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

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The main question right now is whether and when Kia is planning to seriously ramp up production.

This isn’t exactly an unbiased report though. I’d like to see what other, less EV-friendly reviewers would have to say about it before I would say “it’s perfect”.

The people who are frequently testing out sports cars and minivans are often far more picky about the feel of the whole car than our fellow greenies are.

Why does it have to have that enormous gear shifter when all it really is is an electric switch?

I’m planning on test driving a used Mitsubishi i-miev or a Nissan leaf this week or next. The biggest things for me in this test drive is how will the car’s breaks handle stopping the at stoplights. Another factor is how long and how powerful does the car feel when it gets up to speed.

There is this type of gas car that I have that the EV has to beat. The car is horrible at stoplights and the car is horrible at getting to highway speeds. If the EV can beat this car then I will get a EV.

I drove the Soul EV before buying another LEAF. Liked it… but my wife and I thought the car we know… and enjoy driving over a slightly different one that had about the same performance. Love the All around cameras in our LEAF and the proven EV tech. SOul EV is a nice car. Hope KIA kicks up the marketing a notch…. and Nissan intro’s the next LEAF soon.