Kia Soul EV Road Test Review – Video


Some quick Kia Soul EV specs. (Further specs here)

Some Kia Soul EV specs

“We road test the all-new 2015 Kia Soul EV electric car to see if how it drives, how it behaves, and if it pencils. And does it still have soul?”

Host of TestDrivenTV, Sam Haymart provides a thorough overview and review of the Kia Soul EV.

This is one of our favorite reviews of the Kia Soul EV we have seen so far.

The video covers most of the Soul EV’s features and even compares it to the ICE model.

Kaymart truly enjoyed the Soul EV.  In fact, the electric Soul is the first vehicle for 2015 to make TestDrivenTV’s “I’d Buy It” list.

We recommend you check out the review video above.  It’ss worth a watch for those who interested in the Kia Soul EV and/or other EVs in its class.

Like many other Plug-In's, The charge port is hidden in plain sight.

Charge me up!

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7 Comments on "Kia Soul EV Road Test Review – Video"

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Good review.

EVs are not fun to drive? What the flip has this guy been driving?! With very few exceptions, EVs are an absolute thrill to drive! Seriously, I can’t believe he actually said this.

Also, is the video narrated by a computer?

I couldn’t make it past the two minute mark.

Love my soul EV+. Passing BMW’s uphill is the favorite part of my commute.

Yeah, he’s very nice about the Soul, and seems knowledgeable compared with the typical non-EV-specialist reviewer.

But I *do* wish he’d come down less hard and less often on the other EVs (except Tesla). He makes it sound as if Soul EV is day and night with, e.g., Leaf.

I haven’t driven a Soul EV but from what I hear, the difference in feel and performance between all affordable compact BEVs (except perhaps the MiEV) are very minor, surely compared with the chasm between them and compact ICE cars. For example, to my recollection his quoted SoulEV 0-60 time is much slower than the Leaf’s.

Makes one wonder whether he’s on the take from Kia.

I don’t think so. I think he can’t get past the Leaf being so different. He really likes the fact that the electric Soul is just like a regular Soul.

He’s not an EV buyer. He is a car buyer who can see the sense in buying an EV. Totally different mindset.

Will be interesting to see how the soul’s battery holds up in the long run compared to the leaf since they’re similar in kWh and most likely have similar discharges. It’s not encouraging to hear about the bar-per-year issues Nissan is having

Rick; what is this “…bar per year issues..” you refer to?
Are you talking about 2011/12 cars in Texas & Arizona?