Kia Soul EV Recalled


Curse That Darn Breaking Accelerator Pedal

Curse That Darn Breaking Accelerator Pedal Hidden In The Shadows

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

It’s recall week for electric cars.

First was the Toyota RAV4 EV recall that affected all of the SUVs ever built.

Next up was the Chevrolet Volt recall, in which potentially fatal carbon monoxide from a running engine injured at least 2 people.

Even the Nissan LEAF sort of (no recall, just an investigation) got in on the action, where in Canada a probe was opened to investigate potential braking issues.

Why not add one more electric car to the list this week?

Okay, we will.

Kia is recalling 208,858 2014 & 2015 Model Year Soul and Soul EVs registered in the U.S.  The recall affects all Soul EVs made prior to January 8, 2015.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the accelerator pedal on affected vehicles can break, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Recall details in the various NHTSA notices below.

Kia Soul Recall Notice

Kia Soul Recall Notice

soul recall 2soul recall 3

Chronology Of Events Leading To Recall

Chronology Of Events Leading To Recall

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Too little cheap plastic. I miss cars that had metal pedals.

How is it even possible to step on the accelerator pedal with more than 100 kg / 200 pound, while the car stands still?
If one weighs 100 kg, one must still pull really hard on the steering wheel to put 100 kg to the pedal.

This isn’t an EV-specific recall, so not really of interest here; however, the RAV4, Volt and potential Leaf issue are (brake system with regen is inherently more complex).

On one hand, it’s not good news for EVs PR-wise; OTOH, once you get enough EVs on the road doing enough miles, it makes sense that you’d start seeing issues, especially since EVs do have new systems vs. ICEs.

Maybe it’s a PR problem, but honestly, how many cars *never* see a recall?

Accelerator pedal may bend or fracture?

What the hell are they making them out of? Popsicle sticks?

Something like PVC or ABS plastic. Just, not enough of it to take the stresses and abuse of real world usage…

This is why people like Jaws, Mungo and Fred Munster shouldn’t be allowed to drive…

Leased ours on January 20th; just typed the VIN into the KIA recall site and it says no recall as of yet.

It could be a nice conversion for parents with a child who has just got their licence. Fit one of these pedals and if the young’un tries to accelerate too hard first it bends and then it breaks 🙂