Kia Soul EV Promotion Begins: “Recharge Your Soul” Spot Debuts (video + Geneva reveal)

MAR 6 2014 BY JAY COLE 31

While the Kia isn’t scheduled to begin deliveries of its first ever mass produced EV – the Soul EV until the 3rd quarter of this year in the United States, that hasn’t stopped their marketing department from promoting the EV in this new “Recharge Your Soul” spot.

New Kia Soul EV Ad

New Kia Soul EV Ad

Overall the spot is a pretty decent first attempt as it gets all the basics out; but also features things like the power front charging latch (not sure if this will be such a hot idea on the middle of winter in the north), and driver only “energy saving ventilation.”

It should be noted this was put out by Kia globally, so range is estimated at 200 km (124 miles); and while they do have “2nd gen”/higher battery density lithium cells in the Soul EV (more details on that here), Kia has chosen to still only pack 27 kWh worth of them inside.ย  Check out the rest of the specs below:

    • 109 HP
    • 210 Pound-feet of torque
    • 27 kWh lithium polymer battery pack
    • Estimated US EPA range of 85 miles
    • Recharge in under 5 hours on 240 volt (via 6.6 kW on-board charger) orย a 80% in about half an hour via CHAdeMO quick charge
    • 0 to 62 MPH in less than 12 seconds
    • Top speed of 90 MPH
    • Projection type headlamps
    • LED positioning lamps

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Not one single hamster driving… Oh, maybe they’re under the hood? That might explain the 0-60 time of 12 seconds. :p

Kia better watch themselves. They are adding higher-end functionality (a power-open charging port? really?) to a sub-100 mile EV. The price, I’m afraid, won’t be competitive with others, especially the LEAF.

LOL The little door motor will not make the car more expensive.

Wow! They get it for free? How do they do that?

Think about what you write. It’s going to cost more for a motorized door than a manually cable-operated one.

Remember, the Soul is a low-end ICE vehicle. They’re adding high-end amenities to this car. Kia themselves talked about using higher-quality materials, etc.

After accounting for the extra work needed to run a dedicated actuator cable (instead of tying to wiring harnesses which will be laid in the area anyway, for the headlights etc), and its now necessarily manual testing, I’m not even sure that the motor would end up more expensive.
At least it won’t be significant. Maybe this gizmo adds 15$ to the cost of the car? BFD.

Now say it convinces just 0.5% of potential buyers to get the Soul instead of e.g. a Leaf (which has an electric charging port door lock as well)…

Here in Europe the EV is going to be included in Kia’s normal 7 year warranty, so that all you need to do is pay for servicing and electricity.

If the price is right it should be a sound buy.

Hi Jay,

That 85 EPA estimate, is that yours or Kia’s?
Great new website btw!

That’s our estimate. It may be a hair higher than 85 miles, but we think we’re close.

Oh and thanks for the compliment on the site. It’s a work in progress for sure. Be sure to check out the mobile version from your phone. That’s been totally revamped for ease of use/speed now. Should make checking us out from your mobile much easier.

Indeed watching on my iPhone now, big improvement!

85 miles, it they combine it with a 29k price tag, it might be a winner. And for Europe around 27k euro..

Yupe, site is coming along. The mobile really needed to be better (or even exist at all).

For the desktop part we wanted to be able to have a lot more room for the content itself, so that the media files (pictures and videos) could be much larger…it is about the stories after all, (=

Random disclaimer: This is an example of the ‘new look’ sizing, but we still have 80-odd stories in the queue to be published that are of the smaller “old school” variety. (just too much news atm – good problem to have)

The text is way too big! I have to zoom your site down to 75-80%.

Really? That’s odd. Most people are saying they still want it a touch bigger. Maybe you have to clear a cache or something.

We stress tested it through all the major devices..seems ok.

…or are you using an old blackberry device. Throw that Torch away man, (=

Firefox on Android ICS, I see actually the opposite: text smaller than the previous look.
Annoying because it makes the whole thing really hard to read…
(Sure I can zoom, but then I have to pan left and right to read each of those now too-long lines, yuk)

Sorry guys, I’m sure you’re trying to make it slick, but so far it’s a downgrade for me.

I think you’re spot one with 85 miles being a reasonable estimate.

Is it it good idea for them to inflate the range in ads like that? I understand that some cream-puff test like the NEDC will state 200 km of range, but some customers will get burned if they believe that.

The Soul (non-EV) sells in Europe at the moment.
What is wrong with giving the range in the standard way for Europe?
Not everyone lives in the US!

1. The Soul (ICE) also sells in the US, but ours are driven by hip hamsters.
2, This website is hosted in the US.
3. Most of the site’s audience, is overwhelmingly FROM THE US… 53.5 % as of this writing– the single highest country for viewership.
4. Don’t be such a Euro Snob. ๐Ÿ˜‰
5. Your Nissan Leaf is still ugly.

Reception of English language websites is loud and clear outside of the US, regardless of where they are based.

Since the car has been tested, it appears, against the NEDC but not on the EPA, what is the matter with giving the test results they actually have?

Those who are following closely enough to know that that is not the same as the EPA ratings are presumably aware of how they differ anyway!

I like the ad. It definitely has more energy and excitement to it than anything GM has put out.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Too bad the car doesn’t.

0-60 in the 11s? What the crap?

That’s faster then 99% of road traffic allows you to accelerate.

Good point. I thought I would be driving my i-MiEV with the petal to the floor from lights because of its 0-60 time of 13 seconds. Instead, I use about 1/3rd accelerator (according to the power meter) to accelerate like most of the rest of the traffic.

Indeed. When I test-drove a Cmax Energi I felt the acceleration in EV mode was horrible. I think it worked out to like 0-60 in 16 seconds. However, I did notice that in regular traffic, it was still adequate. Accelerating onto the highway may leave something to be desired, though.

I have a 2013 C Max Energi. I hit 60 + by the end of the exit ramp in EV mode with no problems. With the ICE engaged it is quicker. I have a 12 mile commute to work and can charge there as well as at home. So I run pretty much as an EV, except during cold weather, and when it is doing the “oil maintenance mode”. Much better than my troubled Ford Focus BEV.

love the new website, good changes

Yes, thank you! I can actually read it on the iPhone now! Much better.

The leave a reply seems to be off. The headers are crowding the boxes: name reguired,etc…

Decent enough ad, although I am deeply disappointed in the non-appearance of the hamsters.

The Soul EV is, for me, still in the “wait and see what it really is” stage, meaning:

1. What will the price be? And by “price” I mean lease price. You still have to be insane or in a very special circumstance to buy an EV, IMO. Battery issues, resale issues… too big a risk.

2. What will the availability be like in the US? I’m looking for something to replace my leased Leaf in about 13 months (unless Nissan will let me extend). If this is yet another EV that’s not available in my East Coast US state, it’s of no use to me.

3. What’s the vehicle really like? It’s Kia’s first EV, so there’s a chance that v1.0 will have some unacceptably odd characteristics, so to speak.

But this is definitely on my radar for next Spring. I wish it would prompt Nissan to make an EV version of the Qube, including a Borg Signature Edition (gray tones, with neon green LED accents), but that seems unlikely.

Borg Cube??? OMG, too funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

Difficult to understand the first dude. If all this is to be believed, Europe is the prime market, so he says. Ill have to see what the final price is, but lately, Kia has not been the value leader it has historically been. They seem to be saying they can set their prices at whatever they want, so as far as the EV model being a good value, I’m doubtful.

If they price it right; this is going to sell well. I see many of the ICE models on the street($14,900 MSRP!, ~2,900lbs). Imagine walking into the dealer and getting this vehicle for ~$12k? What’s invoice?