Next-Gen Kia Soul EV Might Have Niro EV-Like Range


New spy shots hint at more than just styling.

Spare a thought for the Kia Soul EV. The first all-electric Kia that, outside of Korea, has been carrying the battery-powered flag for the marque since 2014 when it showed up at the Chicago Auto Show sporting a 27-kWh pack. Though it’s been upgraded to hold a 30-kWh battery since then, it may have begun to feel neglected recently, what with all the attention being focused on its new big brother, the Niro EV. This could soon change as more details come out about the all-new 2019 version, seen above with significantly less disguise since its previous spotting. For instance, it could offer over 250 miles of range.

Now, some new spy photos indicate this will indeed be the case. And it makes sense, seeing as it will be built on the same platform as its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Kona Electric, as is the larger Niro EV. One shot, in particular, is revealing and shows a range reading of 437 km (271.5 miles) on the display with 92 percent of a full charge. Putting two and two together, we imagine the Soul should score at least as high on the EPA test as the Kona Electric, which was given a 258-mile rating.

The spy shots also give us the best idea yet about the appearance of the next-gen Soul EV. It certainly seems to retain many of its former styling cues and should be pretty recognizable as a Kia Soul EV. If, as is rumored, it comes with an all-wheel-drive option, then it may actually become a pretty hot commodity. At least, it will if priced right and built it in large enough numbers.

2019 Kia Soul EV

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A 4 wheel drive Kia Soul would be extremely compelling.

As with niro and Kona, we can only hope they produce more than a few hundred copies a month.

Also, why AWD for Soul but not for Niro or Kona? The latter seems like better option especially when competing against the Subaru Crosstrek (ICE).

I thought you guys said that they are getting rid of the Soul EV ?

I believe we only said they were only discontinuing the lowest trim level.

All 100% of the 2015 KIA SOUL EV in the greater Phoenix area have had failed batteries. Ours also shut down in city driving the the HEAT. They don’t have a good Thermal Control System for the battery pack and I would never lease or buy one again.

Stop posting this false information.

You at least have to admit that the larger battery will need some type of thermal management. The current Soul EV has none.

I beleive it does have thermal management, I can hear the fans come on sometimes when charging

He has been saying this for over a year. The next gen soul EV, Kona EV and Niro EV will all have liquid thermal battery cooling and heating

What evidence is there at all that this will come with AWD? It looks like it has the same powertrain as Niro and Kona. The new Soul ICE is rumoured to have available AWD. But so does the Kona, and the electric version doesn’t. A second motor would be a very expensive upgrade for a ‘budget’ EV. What’s the source of this rumour?

Not to mention, as a smaller vehicle, there’s less room for a 2nd motor (I’m also not sure there’s room for the 64kWh pack in there).

Bolt is same size, and has 60kwh battery pack.

I hope it also gets a little bit better 0-60 performance. And, of course, I hope they actually make enough to ship more than a few hundred per year to the USA.

Of course it will be much quicker. Bigger battery packs for bevs mean more power…especially when it’s twice the capacity. Look for times under 7 sec for new Soul EV for 0 to 100kmh

Huh. Very strange that Hyundai/Kia would make a serious effort to upgrade the Soul EV.
It’s after all a conversion, and hardly aerodynamic — very unlike the Ioniq. The Ioniq has 12% better range on a smaller pack, better acceleration, more passenger & cargo space — all not surprising since the Ioniq is a from-scratch design rather than a conversion.
It makes much more sense as Hyundai/Kia’s lower-end BEV offering.

And, as said below, it would be very odd for the Soul EV to have an AWD, when the larger & more expensive Niro/Kona BEVs don’t.

Hyundai/Kia seem to be doing all the above for the next few years. Of course there bev build sales will only be in compliance vehicle territory. Look for awd options for both the Kona bev n soul bevs as well as a new fool cells suv model called the nexo. Ioniq bev 300 mile range version shoukd arrive for model 2020.
They should all be great vehicles in their classes but very unlikely they will be available in significant numbers…..especially outside of the CARB states.

I might buy one , Maybe , because of the price, I even called them once, I found zero interest from them to try to sell me one, but even if I would be buying one I do believe it is Ugly, really ugly, non-invting, non-aerodynamic, stupidly so. It’s as if they struggled to make it look odd and worse than boxy (the back) if that’s possible. Maybe it’s cute for Koreans, maybe it’s a culture difference, I for one tried, really tried to like it and could not.

Current model in Canada is over $40k.
For a lease over four years they want almost $700/month.
Buyout at end of lease is under $10k..
I would buy if there price was the same….