Kia Soul EV Extensive Review By Autogefühl – Video

DEC 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

Autogefühl released an extensive and detailed walk-through (as they always do) of the Kia Soul EV including coverage of the exterior, interior and overall driving experience.

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

The overall rating is good, as it is found to be a very functional car compared to many other plug-ins.

Also the pricing of the electric Soul fits in competitively among other BEVs (at least for now, as the landscape will soon change when longer range models appear).

The 27 kWh battery in the Soul EV allows for 93 miles of realworld/EPA range.

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The number one market for soul ev is Germany of all places.

That’s because the i3 is so Good & such a Bargain in Germany That all the North Americans are buying the i3.. l o l …

After seeing quite a few Kia Soul EV reviews I’m really looking forward for a 2nd hand one in a few years.

I like the shape of the thing, it’s practical without looking (too) quirky. Performance is quite decent, and the interior is quite good as well with more luxury then I ever had.

My biggest grip with the interview is the lack of visiting a Chademo charger. He did actually charge the car, so that’s more then most car reviewers.

No range increase for another year?

What’s with these guys. I guess Hyundai is only concerned with advancing EV’s with their own brand, and not Kia.

Compliance cars for carbon credits is all they are . They are built & sold for the Benefit of the Manufacturer so that they can qualify to build more “ICE Cars”

These are nice cars. Drove one a year or so ago. Nice features.

The camera over the shoulder should show the speed and mile range but is blocked by the steering wheel. Not a good angle.

I think the Kia Soul EV deserves more attention than it has received. Sure, its 93 miles of EPA rated range doesn’t look so good in comparison to a few cars released just this year, but only a few months ago the Soul EV had a better electric range than any other non-Tesla car.

I presume the very low North American sales numbers are due to limited availability here, and not that the car is judged to be a poor choice by American and Canadian car buyers.

Go Kia!

Actually, there are tons of soul ev in socal dealers. Shame it doesn’t get much traction.

I leased my ev soul June 2016. I have more than 5000 miles on this car. Exactly like the one in the video.

I drive mostly with four passengers including myself. Lots of stop and go city driving. I use the cruise control regularly to keep from exceeding speed limit. Also use the electric parking brake at stoplights. I use the cabin control temperature most of the time when stopped, because usually two people stay in the car. Whether the outside temperature is hot or cold, the inside is very comfortable. I calculated that electricity cost is two cents per mile. There is no maintenance cost other than tires.

The only problem I have, is there are no rearseat cup holders. I am trying to buy after market. The video covered all the other great features.