New Ad Spot: Kia Soul EV Trades In Hamsters For Dogs – Video


Kia Soul EV - Now Featuring Dogs

Kia Soul EV – Now Featuring Dogs

This seems to be the week for new ad spots for electric vehicles.  Some are pretty good, some not to much, but they all promote the segment to the general public – so that ain’t bad.

Hot on the heels of General Motor’s first 2016 next generation Volt commercial (here), and BMW’s Super Bowl i3 spot (here), Kia has traded in Maroon 5 and their hamsters for dogs.

Just what is it with Kia and animals anyway?

Video (below): Kia’s extended Soul EV commercial

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When I saw the dog the first thing that came to mind was “Robopuppy commence two hour yipping session. YIP! YIP! YIP!”



So what’s the deal with ad agencies insisting robot dogs are a good fit with EVs?!

Chevy’s robo dog looks as if it came from the same lab! Did it sell any Volts? Apparently not.

Sony has tried to sell a robo dog for many years. I thought: “What a novel idea”, until it seems after many tries, it still stinks, with the usefulness of a rock, the reaction time of a 56K internet connection – plus it’s so expensive! Sony AIBO MSRP: $2,000 – finally axed in 2006.

Older reference: Woof, woof, woof. Hello. I’m rags.

Excellent film… 🙂

What a jip. The dog doesn’t have DCFC!
(or a 5th seat)

*yawn* Let me know when I can actually BUY one in Ohio and I might start to care. CARB credits are the biggest joke.

If you would buy more EV’s in Ohio surely the Soul would soon be sold there.
The Soul EV is sold in plenty of non-CARB markets.

In the US ?

how about making this available in more than three states? I would have one parked right next to my Tesla in Minnesota, as would my dad.

Is you family an EV collector family, or just EV dealer?

Floaty walk cycle when it got out of the vehicle. Ungh. 😛

This isn’t up to their usual quality… But shiny lastic renders faster than fur, so this probably saved them some money.

Plastic, sorry.

And you thought the hamster smell was bad…

At 0:14 seconds in the ad, as the cars zips around the corner, I could swear the right-rear tire leaves the pavement.

Today I learned that South Koreans park their cars in their living rooms.

So even robot dogs stick their heads out the window. Who knew? Hopefully they are not programmed to sniff every little splash of machine oil they come across.

Some real robotic “dogs”

Google bought out those guys because of those fantastic four-legged machines. Supposedly vital for military use…Will we see big robo-horses carrying munitions for foot soldiers? Ummm…My guess is no.

Way to go, Google – keep trying to hit another one out of the park they way you did with Google Glass. Um – yeah…

What are the delivering times for the Soul EV in California now? I heard it’s sold out for the next 6 months?

Nice tech add with Info…

GM add info to your feel good atmosphere adds for Volt 2.

I got out my S. Korean to English translator and here goes: “KIA Soul EV – Plug it in just like you do your robot dog! Oh wait- you don’t have nor want a robot dog? You fool! Go get a robot dog, and then an
electric car! KIA Soul EV for mega geeks