Kia Has Now Sold Over 10,000 Soul EV Worldwide

MAR 3 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

Kia Soul EV (autonomous test prototype)

Kia Soul EV (autonomous test prototype)

Since starting sales in April of 2014 through late January 2016, Kia has sold 10,210 Soul EV worldwide in less than two years.

The numbers remains low versus expectations, but have been accelerating of late, as the last 5,000 were sold in over five months.

Demand for electric Soul comes mainly from Europe:

  • 6,770 Europe
  • 1,580 South Korea
  • 1,411 U.S.
  • 449 other markets

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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I have the impression it is not a question of demand. They are production constraint. Anyway, in many regions they are hard to get.

I wonder if they are going to upgrade the range for 2017 with LG batteries.

At the last car show I went there were no Kia Soul EVs and the Kia representative didn’t think there any charging stations in Texas. He didn’t have a clue about CHAdeMO or DCFC. Lack on vehicles, lack of sales person training, I don’t think Kia wants to sale the Soul EVs, at least not in Texas.

They had the Soul EV on display at the Dallas autoshow last year. I sat in it. But they didn’t really go out of their way to let people know it was an EV. Most of the people that were looking at it and sitting in it thought it was a gasoline powered Soul.

Barely sells more than the Smart ED, I’m sure more could be moved if they shipped and push them to more states.

Oddly enough, the Kia Soul does dispraportionately well in Canada, outselling the Model S in recent months and running at about half the volume of the Nissan Leaf. In BC, the Soul EV has even outsold the Volt since beginning of 2015, although the Volt hasn’t sold well in BC, especially in the lead up to the 2nd gen version.

Soul Ev is doing OK in Canada, but it hasn’t outsold the Model S:

In Quebec, we are seeing more and more of them and more dealers will start selling it during the year.

I’ve seen a few in Victoria

We still have a short supply in the USA. The dealers in the greater Phoenix area have not been trained or get them for direct sale yet. Just a handful of states get them.

Insideevs monthly sales shows very low number of 100 to 200 a month. Nissan produces 5 x as many each month.

It amazes me how Kia decided to only electrify its most unaerodynamic car.

It’s like they don’t want to sell EVs. Can’t be true.

Not bad for a compliance car.

I test drove one, great city EV. Sits higher than Leaf and seems roomier. Tons of headroom.

“Tons of headroom” Where the Soul EV Leads, the Volt Falls Flat! If the Volt Drive train could get put in a Big Boy’s Car, they could sell it to big boys! (I wonder if it could be used to to a test of the power train in a small Aircraft, too?) Where Kia and GM Seem exactly equal though – is the conversation of Charging Infrastructure (in Canada, at least), in that GM does not want to be involved, and there is not much conversation from KIA – as to if they are going to – either alone, or in partnership with Nissan, Mitsubishi – plan an organized – City to City growth pattern of DC Fast Chargers, leading to Full Cross Country Charging within X (5?) years! I think – If they (All the ALL BEV Producing OEM’s, beyond Tesla) got their head around it – they could make a plan to connect the top 10 Highest EV Buying Cities with their neighboring Cities – up to 250 miles away with routes with 5 DC QC Sites, each with 2-4 units, within 24 months, and the top 50 EV Buying cities in 36 months, and up to 500… Read more »

I would have one already, but it isn’t for sale in Missouri. And probably never will be.

Pennsylvania is the same way.

To date, I’ve never seen Soul EV, let alone a Leaf in PA.

Just Volt’s and Tesla’s around here.

The electric car population is growing surprisingly fast in Richmond VA. I see a electric car once or twice a week here.

Been driving one for almost a year. Love my soul EV. To me it makes all the sense to electrify the most popular car body style, a small SUV.

In this day and age, who the heck is buying ICE sedans or subcompacts? I don’t understand if why car makers make their EV’s in the least popular styles. It’s like they want people to sacrifice everything they want in a car just to drive an EV, that’s just plain stupid.

I hope some one comes out with an EV pickup.

Poor sales, stupid Kia.

Production of Kia Soul EV is constrained by Li-Po battery availability. Batteries are supplied by SK innovation(Seoul, Korea).

Alex: It’s not poor sales, it is intentional disregard for sales in any non compliance necessary state. If KIA wished, they could certainly probably sell 10X’s the volume they are selling. They just do not want to. Too bad, it’s a fun car, and from everything I have read, drivers like it a lot.

I wish they’d put a paragraph in every article that would mentioned where the EV’s were being sold in the US. It would help us understand why the sales are the way they are, and perhaps shame at least one or two into broadening sales.

To go a bit farther, I’m looking forward to the “travel” provision in the rules running out, so that in EVERY compliance state, they’d need to meet that states required minimums in that state. Maybe Georgia could become a compliance state so I could import one into the foreign counrty of Alabama.

I think another reason they chose the Soul as their first EV is exactly because it is high and boxy. Easier to put the batteries in without much interior space lost.

I like my Soul EV. So much options are simply included, it feels like a luxurious car, very smooth and silent. I like CHAdeMO over CSS since it has a wider distribution and with 200 km true range it is, apart from Tesla, the most usable EV before the Bolt hits the market.

I do my work with it, which is travel photographer and journalist. Here in France that is now just doable, but still impossible with a Zoé or e-Golf. The new Leaf gets the same range, but is more expensive and I don’t like the design.

So until the Bolt / Model 3 / Leaf II arrive for me it’s the Kia Soul EV.

A pitty Kia itself is little involved. The dealers have little knowledge, Kia doesn’t offer a charge pass like the ones that come with the Leaf, the Zoé and the e-Golf and it isn’t involved in pushing the charging infrastructure.

Can’t get one in central Florida

I think the situation in the UK shines a strong light on this particular conundrum!

Given that the Soul has one of the longest ranges, is actually one of the cheaper cars, and has more extras than almost any of them, the lack of sales can ONLY be down to the marketing and effort by dealerships.

I only came across it by accident while I was looking at the Zoe, BMW, and Leaf (other models had too little range)! When you compare it is an absolute ‘no-brainer’, as it is a better car in almost every respect.

I’ve not regretted my decision to buy, but the support from Kia at every stage, even during the purchase, has been woeful.

It comes as no surprise to me that, despite the Soul being available here for almost 18 months, there are still fewer than 100 registered in the entire UK. Even more shocking is that a good number of those will still be with Kia, as demonstrators and company cars!

Tell us when it will have more range please.