Kia Releases Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Video From Chicago Auto Show


OPtimae PHEV

OPtimae PHEV

While much of the video focuses on the Kia Niro conventional hybrid (expected to be offered in plug-in form at a later date), the Optima PHEV (full details here) is in the spotlight for a bit too.

Video description:

“What is a hybrid vehicle, you ask? At this year’s Chicago Auto Show, we challenged everything people think about hybrid technology when they imagine hybrid cars. Meet the 2017 Optima Hybrid and Optima Plug-In: more sophistication, more technology, and more MPG than ever before. And meet the Kia Niro: the first Kia to be engineered from the ground up as a dedicated hybrid. The Niro is so much more than a green car: it’s a leap forward in fuel efficient cars, hitting all the right notes for the next generation of buyers looking for clean mobility in a package that compromises nothing in terms of style, practicality, and drivability.”

“Together, our new electric cars and plug-in vehicles can help us realize our vision for the future, expanding our green car lineup, reducing emissions, and improving average fuel economy by 25% in just five years.”

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Too bad Kia didn’t call it the Optima Prime. 🙂

I wonder how the Nitro will compare to the Outlander PHEV.

The Niro will be sold in the U.S. before the year 2025. 😉


Has Kia said anything about the Soul EV recently?
I’ve been expecting them to increase production on it once they have better battery capacity. It’s not as efficient as a purpose-designed, more aerodynamic EV, but it’s gotten pretty good reviews everywhere, and given it’s been sold in a lot of markets, it didn’t look like a compliance play.
The major complaint in every single review I’ve read is “why isn’t it sold in more markets / in more volume”?

The design has already been done and amortized, and many of the parts are shared with the ICE Souls (gas+diesel) which are pretty successful. Surely it would be profitable for Kia to sell it for another 1-2 years, either as is or with a slightly updated battery allowing ~120-130mi EPA AER, until the purpose-built 200mi models have ramped production?

+1 they need to improve the Soul EV and sell it around the world. No more hybrids.

If the Niro was a BEV that would be cool, but… it’s just a hybrid.

It is way better than the Prius Prime with 5 seats and more ev range.