Kia Niro EV Coming In 2018


Following in the footsteps of its sister company, Hyundai, Kia has officially announced that its Kia Niro will come in three configurations, including an all-electric version for 2018.

Kia Niro

2017 Kia Niro CUV Cargo Space

The Niro Hybrid is old news, as is the Niro plug-in hybrid, and although we knew a BEV was in the works, now official information has come directly from Kia. Kia execs have been hinting at more electrified vehicles for some time now, but now we are getting more than hints.

With production of the Niro Plug-in Hybrid beginning next month, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe, Michael Cole, had an interview with AutoRAI. He revealed that the electric Niro is coming in 2018:

“The model variant gets the same technique as the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Across the range, we can announce anything yet.”

The Niro EV will use the same electric motor as the Hyundai IONIQ electric, and a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery. It will travel about 124 miles on a charge. Keep in mind, however, that Hyundai has already verified that it will offer 200+ mile EVs as soon as next year, so by the time the Niro EV comes along, this could obviously be the case.

UPDATE: 238-Mile Kia Niro EV Concept Debuts

For now, we have to set our sights on the 26-mile all-electric range of the upcoming Niro PHEV. Expect to see the Niro plug-in hit the U.S. around October or November of this year.

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Meanwhile in its first month the Niro hybrid sold well…very well.

Niro should sell well, they have the right combination.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Good luck Kia!

Nice looking car in pictures. When I first saw this car I was thinking that Nissan/BMW should make an electric car that looks this nice….

For those that want to see the Niro in detail, Alex on Autos did a good review on the Niro Hybrid recently:

That’s an awesome watch. Thanks.

Looks like a very nice car. Will be interesting to see how much intrusion the battery brings in the BEV model.

For those who’d rather another crack at the hilarious commercial:

Poor Sean Spicer just can’t get a break!

Hahaha! Awesome.

Kia USA got a great Ad company, Fun Video AAA+++ !

What is MPG ??

That will be the best-looking and most versatile ev I’ve seen yet! (Or maybe I’ve just got the crossover bug.) I want one (BEV, no ICE please) for myself and my outdoors loving family of four. Looks like it will have the size we need.

Nice looking car and good format. I hope the EV version comes with 200 + miles of range rather than 124 or thereabouts.

Will never purchase nor drive a “Kia”. But it looks alright. An electric sedan would be better.

Why so resistant to change?

Did they steal your puppy or something?

The two Kias in my driveway have been great for over 130k combined miles of driving. Not sure what you’re afraid of.

Don’t knock em till you tried one , I have had three aloadof Sportage no problems at all ,,now have the new Niro 3 hybrid looks like another great car from Kia.

I’m hoping the plugin Hybrid will have AWD. Will be buying one of these for work next year.

Better have more than 34kWh

Will be great to see a genuine market success in a plug-in CUV for the masses.

I dont believe in the same range of this car. Around 100 miles is more realistic due to worse drag coeff.

Just checked and the Niro has less cargo space than the current Leaf. Disappointed. Sure like the look though.

I had a Leaf, and I’ve sat in the Niro. The Niro definitely has more passenger room, anyway, and at 6’6″, I could “sit behind myself” in the Niro. This was never possible in the Leaf.

As for cargo space, I don’t really car about that, since the rear seats can fold down for most needs.

Some of us do need to think about it though – my family has four people, two of whom are short now, but going to be at least as tall as me (6′) plus we want a reasonable amount of cargo space behind the seats for our light-weight camping gear etc for road trips.

So I’m looking for more cargo room then the Leaf, and AWD. Looks like the Niro won’t quite cut it for my family.

Outlander PHEV FTW!!!!


(sorry to bring up a sore topic….)

A 200-mile Niro EV *could* tempt me away from my Model 3 reservation, except that it won’t come with Supercharging capability. That means it’s on a short leash here in western PA.

It’s not difficult to lure me from my M3 reservation. The only thing the car has going for it is Supercharger access. I want a hatchback. An SUV is even better.

Would you trade a Model 3 Reservation for a Model Y Reservation?

I would consider it, except:

1. The Model Y is likely to cost more for the same range.
2. The Model Y will surely trail the Model 3 schedule. I don’t want to wait another year.

This is a super nice looking car. (although I do wish they would use their Asia-market logo’s here in the North American market that somebody else posted.)

Releasing it with 200 miles of range would be a winning combination.

I can’t think of any other car that is selling a standard hybrid, a PHEV, and a pure BEV in the exact same body. It will be interesting to see how they price those out against each other.

Provided it gets the 2018 Ioniq battery pack this could be a strong contender (for the many people who think SUVs are a neat idea, not monstrosities that should be outlawed on aesthetical grounds, as I think).

But if it gets, as you write, the 28 kWh battery that was obsolete when announced in mid-2016…. well, that is way over-obsolete in 2018 of course.

I bet Robert De will buy this

Hah! +1

I brought a Kia Niro last weekend and the wife and I love it plenty of leg room a great on gas

nIt looks like Hyundai/Kia will be following Tesla’s lead and could be offering more than one level of EV range.

M3 reserved -- Bolt-IONIQ TBD

This could a winner for us over the Bolt. A bit more cargo room for the dog and better fit than the IONIQ.

Agree that having multiple battery level options would really be interesting to have for those strictly urban commuter vs suburban soccer families needing range anxiety relief.