Kia Motors’ Iconic Hamsters Turn Science Lab Into Hotbed Of Innovation – Video

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Cherry Black/Inferno Red Kia Soul EV FTW

Cherry Black/Inferno Red Kia Soul EV FTW

Kia Motors America joins the group of manufacturers who advertise electric cars in a fun  and exciting way.

As it turns out, making the Cherry Black/Inferno Red Kia Soul EV in a laboratory has a surprising side effect, which is worth of seeing and repeating.

However, we don’t know who would now be willing to buy the standard white/blue Kia Soul EV…

“Since bursting on the scene in 2009 as “a new way to roll,” the funky Soul urban passenger vehicle – and an accompanying trio of music-loving hamsters – has become a genuine phenomenon, with U.S. sales of the iconic people mover increasing every year. Now, with “geek chic” newly added to the dictionary, the latest installment of Kia Motors America’s (KMA) award-winning ad campaign finds the hamsters inhabiting a high-tech, high-energy laboratory and unleashing their inner mad scientists to create the most innovative and eco-friendly Soul yet.  Set to the infectious beat of Maroon5’s never-before-heard song “Animals,” sparks fly and jaws drop when a surge of electricity leads to the discovery of a furry new friend and the all-electric, zero emissions 2015 Soul EV.  As part of the multi-platform “Fully Charged” campaign, is exclusively offering 200,000 free downloads[1] of “Animals” before its release on iTunes¨[2].”

“Created by David&Goliath, Kia’s advertising agency of record[3], an extended cut of “Fully Charged” is available now at before the spot’s broadcast debut during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24.”

Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing, KMA stated:

“From hip-hop to pop, the hamsters have always had an ear for music and their paws on the pulse of pop culture.  This year, the smartly dressed trio are breaking new music from Grammy Award-winners Maroon5 and celebrating the expansion of Kia’s line of eco-conscious vehicles by sharing ‘Animals’ for free at Kia is recognized as one of the 50 Best Global Green Brands[4], and with the Soul EV about to shake things up in a category not known for head-turning good looks, the hamsters are out to prove that eye-catching style and eco-efficiency are no longer mutually exclusive.”

Soul Advertising Background
With a wide variety of soundtracks ranging from the classic hip-hop track “The Choice Is Yours” by Black Sheep and LMFAO’s smash hit “Party Rock Anthem” to last year’s “Applause” by Lady Gaga, Kia’s music-loving hamsters have become some of the most-watched advertising icons of all time, and the Soul’s ongoing popularity is a driving force behind increased awareness and consideration for the Kia brand as a whole.  Earlier spots depicted city and suburban streets inhabited exclusively by hamsters who mindlessly run in place inside their exercise wheels and cleverly compared “This,” the funky and uniquely styled Soul, to “That,” a number of boring and mundane appliances on wheels, cardboard boxes or hamster wheels.

With more than 20 million views, 2011’s “Share Some Soul” was the third most-watched automotive ad in YouTube history at the time of the campaign launch, and later that year, the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame named the hamsters as their first-ever “Rookie of the Year.”

“Over the last six years, the Kia Soul and the hamsters have evolved together,” said Colin Jeffery, chief creative officer, D&G.  “In 2013, the Soul was totally transformed, so it made sense for the Hamsters to become just as sleek and sophisticated.  This year, we were tasked with introducing Kia’s first electric vehicle in the U.S., and to suit their smart new ride, the hamsters started hitting the books instead of the gym. Smart is the new sexy, and the hamsters are using their wits, and a fortuitous lab accident, to their advantage.”

Here is the video, which will definitely cheer you up:

“Check out the Kia Hamsters’ fully charged 2015 Soul EV and get a preview of the Maroon 5 new song, “Animals” featured in the 2014 MTV VMAs.”

“Suspenders? Check. Hi-tech lasers? Check. Holograms and dancing Hamsters? Double check. Get ready to geek out with the Hamsters as they create Kia’s first electric car—the all-new Soul EV. With all that electricity flowing, there just might be a few surprises along the way…”

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First batch of Kia Soul EV got delivered to Norway.

Wow, that is a pretty catchy commercial!
Along with the B Class Ad, people are definitely going to start taking notice. BMW should be doing more TV spots for their i3 in my opinion.

While I dislike the Soul in general, these are the kind of ads that are needed to help EVs “cross the chasm” to the mass market.

There still isn’t a lot of info out there about the SoulEV but it looks like just another compliance car, though. Sub-100 mile range car, 3KW-ish charger (5 hrs to recharge). I couldn’t see anything about fast charge. KIA is going to have to work harder than slick ads to have a hit on their hands. They need to get the 200 mile range religion.

Kia is suppoded to have 6.6 kw onboard charger and also a CHADEMO port at 100 KW capability. (if available somewhere)
We’l see.

Agreed. Although having a 6.6 kwh charger facility and a CHademo port, since there will be no fast charging at all of any kind without crossing a ‘war on terror’ border, the big deal breaker for me is the lack of range. I’m running into this issue with the DRIVE ELECTRIC event: This year, i’ll be able to attend THREE events, Mississauga (Toronto) on Monday, Penfield (Rochester) on Thursday, both with my Roadster, but due to not working on 4 of my 5 computers, and not working very well on the one that it does hobble along on, and due to Syracuse having no place to plug in (!!!!!) at the Museum of Science and industry, I’ve redid my registration to saying I’m showing up with a VOLT. At this relatively late date, manufacturers should really try to use bigger batteries, at least as an option. People who want a 10 mile range battery is of course fine, but to me its too much of a hastle if the car can’t go 200 miles. The 400 mile supposed roadster battery option will be a sight for sore eyes. Back to the present, the online facilities should be easier to… Read more »

I could not agree more strongly with STG’s point about the kind of ads needed to promote EVs right now.

While I’m resigned to the Soul EV breaking my heart because it won’t be available in sufficient quantities for me to actually get one locally, I hope these things sell like crazy and convince Kia and every other car company to expand the offerings of EVs to other form factors. Imagine an EV version of the Nissan Juke, for example.

Actually shocked KIA spent this much money promoting a CARB Class BEV that will have limited sales…

And there’s a fancy Download Page for the Soul EV’s Ad’s music, here:

Kia even released a dedicated kia soul ev ipad app which works pretty good actually. Theyre investing some resources into the car its definitly a little more than a carb car.

Also remember when some chief at kia said the soul ev wont be priced aggressively but in a way they actually make money of it.

Wish whoever is in charge of the Volt marketing would just hire Kia’s add firm.

Kia is claiming a 200 km range on their website: