Kia Joins Go Ultra Low Campaign In UK


Kia Soul EV to be added here

Kia Soul EV to be added here

Kia joined the Go Ultra Low campaign, which is one of the main plug-in car promotion machines in UK, which was launched by carmakers operating in the country a few years ago.

Go Ultra Low attracts major manufacturers for joint projects, and thus Kia would like to now take part and leverage sales of Soul EV and other future electric cars (such as the upcoming Optima PHV).

In the fourth quarter of 2014, there were only 20 Soul EVs registered in the UK, but by the end of September 2015 that number increased to 83. Still not much, but perhaps 2016 will bring more serious sales for Kia.

“Kia Motors has added its weight to the UK government and auto industry-backed campaign for ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVS) – Go Ultra Low. As the popularity of alternatively powered cars and vans continues to rise, the Korean manufacturer’s move reinforces the direction of travel for the automotive industry.

The Go Ultra Low campaign exists to highlight the benefits of using a plug-in vehicle and encourage consumers and businesses to make the switch to electric.”

Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP said:

“The UK has one of the fastest growing ultra low emission vehicle markets in the world and I warmly welcome Kia to the Go Ultra Low campaign. It is another example of leading car and van manufacturers sharing our ambitions for this exciting and increasingly popular technology.

“British drivers have a wider choice of cleaner, greener cars than ever before and we have increased our support for plug-in vehicles to £600 million over the course of this parliament to cut emissions, create jobs and support our cutting-edge industries.”

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low, commented:

“Kia is a great addition to the Go Ultra Low campaign, and its Kia Soul EV fits well alongside the wide variety of adaptable and practical plug-in vehicles we represent. The addition of Kia will boost our goal to raise awareness of ultra low emission vehicles, and their cost-effective benefits, in addition to broadening choice for motorists. Their inclusion in the campaign shows there really is a plug-in car for everyone.”

Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia Motors UK and Ireland, remarked:

“Kia Motors recently set out its roadmap for low emission cars so joining the Go Ultra Low campaign was an easy decision for us. The electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle market will grow rapidly in the coming years and we are committed to meeting the increased demand. In addition to our Soul EV, we will be introducing a range of advanced new products and technologies to add to the growing selection of plug-in cars already available within the Go Ultra Low consortium.”

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Does UK require some number of EV to be sold like in CA? Article sounds like this is purely voluntary. But I’m sure the usual “compliance car” crowd will say otherwise.

There is a whole mess of laws and incentives across the EU relating to ev’s and plugin vehicles. “go ultra low” is more of a lobby group or industry association to promote the technology but it is nothing to do with legislation. The EU equivalent to carb regulations is the 95g/CO2/km average fleet requirement. This is pretty technology agnostic but you can only get there if you are selling a lot of bev’s and phev’s. The legislation doesn’t require x number of zero or low emission vehicles so compliance cars don’t really exist but because the test cycle is pathetically short and the car starts with full batteries it does lead to a lot of short range phev’s. This is somewhat frustrating because the real world fuel savings are no where near as good as they should be. Having said that it will mean double digit %’s of new cars will have a plug by 2020 which can only be a good thing.

“Go Ultra Low” is a catchy slogan. I wish there was something similar here in the U.S. to help get out the word.

To my way of thinking, GUL is a suitable campaign concept for both moving to EVs and installing solar panels on homes and businesses. I know firsthand that doing both is quite powerful indeed.

I still don’t understand what “Go Ultra Low” actually does.

Any link, perhaps?


This sort of contradicts both the espoused policy by Kia and their unsupportive behaviour towards those who have bought one of their cars.

Supposedly they set themselves sales figures of around 10 cars per year in the UK and, judging by the numbers you quote and the lack of service I’ve received, I don’t see that as being much of an exaggeration.

Indeed, of those initial 20, I believe most would have been registered to Kia themselves as demonstrators. That number is likely unchanged. The car’s great, but I pity the other 60 odd owners having to put up with Kia disinterest.

I would want it otherwise, but I think this is just window dressing.

Our soul Ev is great and is a great companion for the tesla.

The soul Ev is like a mini discovery, great driving position and lots of torque – as quick to 30 as a golf gti.