Kia Hits Milestone Of 5,000 Soul EV Sold Worldwide

OCT 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 29

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

This summer Kia reached a milestone of selling its first 5,000 Soul EV electric cars.

Production of this model begin over one year ago in 2014.

By August 2015 sales of Kia Soul EV amounted to 5,399.

South Korea’s car is sold mainly in a few countries, but Kia is slowly expanding availability of the Soul EV.

Through the end of August 2015, 1,177 were sold cumulatively in South Korea (in total 4,222 were sold overseas), while an additional 981 were sold in the US and at least 1,099 in Germany (registrations for 2015).

Another 1,000 or so we believe are in Norway, where our incomplete data already indicate a several-hundred-strong fleet of Soul EVs.

All in all, around 4 of 5 Soul EVs were sold in South Korea, Germany, Norway or US (several states, recently expanded to 10).

Target for the second year? Unknown, but August ends with an all-time monthly high of 676 sales.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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According to Jose Pontes’ EV sales blog, Norway numbers for SoulEV are:

2014: 370
2015 Jan-Aug: 521 + 109 in September

So a total of nearly 900 through August, and a nice round 1000 through September.

That said… considering this is Year 5 of the modern affordable EV, and the relative ease of converting a given ICE compact to BEV, Kia’s very slow ramp-up indicate it’s still likely more an R&D project to enable Kia’s next gen, rather than a model that’s designated to expand substantially.

I would venture expensive battery pack as alternative with no means for KIA to lower that cost by expanding production by next few thousands.

Sad Soul EV got positive reviews, and had some unique features.

31th august 1650 Kia Soul EVs were om the roads in Norway. In september there was 399 more addong total number to 2049. The numbers include imported ones. Many of the cars in Germany are exported directly to Norway.

If KIA offered the Soul EV at every dealer they should be able to move 5000 a month globally quite easily.

I think 20000 per year would be more realistic. But if they could reduce the price by 30% for the base model and offer a higher priced deluxe version with more luxury interior and 40 kWh battery, then they should quickly reach 50000 per year.

And upgraded audio… Its pretty awful. Great EV tho!

If, if, and’s, or whens, were guineas and hens, we’d all be all be for the birds.
I don’t think what you saying is wrong, just unlikely.

SKI, Kia’s battery supplier, just doubled their cell production capability so I’ll make the wild prediction that they’ll sell 10,000 in the next 12 months.

Great car, loving mine!

This might coincide with the announcement of Kia adding 4 more States. At this rate, they’ll cover all 50 US States by the year 2037. I’m hoping at some point, they’ll put their big boy pants on.

Is it available in Florida?

State they say will have availability:
New York
New Jersey

Not bad for a compliance car.

I’d like to see them follow up with a real try instead of just stuffing batteries into one of their gassers.

From what I can tell they did an excellent job of converting an ICE vehicle. My only complaint about the vehicle is the slow 0-60 time compared to competitors. I think they could have done better there.

Actually the entire battery pack is underneath the cabin just like the Leaf.
Our Soul EV Plus was worth the wait and the Kia has a better ride and ride height and features than our Leaf.
– Wishing Kia continued success with their next 5,000 units.
A great EV


Its a good car but the production numbers from Kia are absurdly. I will not support a compliance car manufacturer. Embarassing that VW produce more EVs.

It’s not a compliance car. It sells worldwide and was the number one plug-in last month in Germany

5k world wide sales is compliance 😉

However stories out of their battery manufacturer may point to picture where KIA is (battery) production constrained, and that would explain why they do not expand.

This car have as good or better reviews as Leaf.

Come one KIA get in talks with LG Chem already!!!

You will see if it is a compliance car in end 2016, production end. Than Kia will built the SK battery in Plug-In, switch to LG and new EV will be Hyundai Sonata.

Still waiting for it to come to Pennsylvania.

SoulEV is great if not for poor acceleration. Now that Leaf SV/SL has 100+ miles range that cost about the same, it’s taken 3rd spot in my POV. But if you live in AZ or other extreme weather, SoulEV is probably better than Leaf.

I don’t sense poor acceleration with my Soul. But it’s on “eco” by default; you have to get it out of eco to have maximum acceleration. I live in the Alps, where I want being able to surpass a slow car quickly while climbing. And the Soul does it better then every ICE car I had before.

Whats with all the poor acceleration comments? SoulEV is plenty fast at 0-40 and for an urban environment. We get 100+ miles on a charge and never have a problem getting up to 70 quickly on the freeway. Its a great EV.

The Kia Soul EV is one of the few EVs with a decent range; EPA rated at 93 miles. Too bad they sell them in such small numbers.

Hey Kia! How about ramping up production, hmmm?

Do we have production numbers for Soul EV? Are they (battery) production constrained?

The Soul EV is HQ constrained currently…the assembly is geared to make about ~125/week as best we can tell

Of the States identified, here’s Kia Inventory as of 10/11/15
CA 130
GA 17
TX 4
OR 8
WA 32
HI 0
ME 0
NY 0
NJ 0
CT 0
MD 0

have a deposit at a dealer for over 2 yrs
no sign of it anytime soon, no logistics in place yet here on li ny. yet i have almost 20,000 mls on my coda. its an excellent daily driver an getting 100 miles per charge no problem with that ! hope by the time its offered here the miles per charge will double. what about the chevy bolt ?