Kia Hints At Possibility Of Plug-In Sportage


With the reveal of the all-new fourth-generation Kia Sportage comes word that there’s a possibility that a plug-in version could be offered in the future.

The new Sportage will make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but ahead of that reveal Kia has released some images.

Autocar reached out to Kia for comment on the new Sportage.  One question asked was the following:

What are the engine plans? Could there be a plug-in variant?

The response from Kia indicates that there’s at least a chance that a plug-in version could be offered:

“Our R&D team have plans to launch 22 eco-variants in our range by 2022 – so you never say never, but there will be no plug-in at launch.”

Fingers crossed…

New Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage

Source: Autocar

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7 Comments on "Kia Hints At Possibility Of Plug-In Sportage"

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If Tesla had just revealed that as the Model III I’d be utterly jazzed.

I’d love a four wheel drive cute ute with 200+ miles range and SuperCharging.

As for Kia, I like the Soul EV, and love the Sportage, but I’d really want to see some Nissan level of commitment to EV before I’d be willing to invest in one.

I have a good deal of trust that Nissan and Tesla will be supporting even their first production models for many years. Not so much anyone else so far.

What about GM? They seem pretty committed to the Volt. But I agree with your sentiment on Nissan and Tesla. It’d be nice if Nissan came out with a plug-in Rogue or plug-in Pathfinder. I’d totally get a Pathfinder plug-in.

That why GM is only selling the Volt in two counties in the world.
That’s not commitment.

I applaud the possibility of a plugin Sportage but I’m not likely to buy it because the front is hideous.

By then it will be too little too late.

Kia won’t sell the Soul EV in all States. Maybe they should focus on actually selling the EV they do have. This time next year they either have to double the range of the Soul EV or start paying big bucks for CARB credits

Well, their sister company Hyundai announced that they are going to do something EV, someday…

At this point I wonder which will be available (here) in Pennsylvania first, the Soul EV, which I would be interested in as is, the Hyundai to be named later, or the Tesla 3 which many of us would buy sight-unseen?