Kia Fits Soul EV With Wireless Charging

MAY 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center (HATCI) and Mojo Mobility completed a three-year development project of wireless charging system for electric cars, started in 2015.

HATCI and Mojo used a small fleet of Kia Soul EVs equipped with a wireless charging system rated at over 10 kW.

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The partners developed an 85% efficient system (grid to vehicle), even when misaligned.

The bad news is that there is no current plan to offer the wireless charging system on production vehicles for sale to consumers. Maybe there will be an option for wireless charging in the future.

Kia Soul EV charging

“Marking an important step in the future of electric vehicles, the Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI) and Mojo Mobility, Inc. (Mojo) have completed a three-year project to develop a fast-charging wireless power transfer system on a test fleet of Kia Soul EVs1. The project, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, paves the way for the future of electric vehicles in which plugs are no longer necessary.

HATCI and Mojo, a wireless technology company, worked together to develop a compact wireless charging system that is capable of transferring more than 10 kW to the vehicle for fast charging while targeting an 85 percent grid-to-vehicle efficiency. The project installed the system on five Soul EVs and tested them in real-world applications for durability, safety and performance.

The system works by using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two coils—a transmitter on the ground and a receiver on the bottom of the vehicle. The driver simply parks the car above the transmitter to begin charging and then energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which uses that energy to charge the electric vehicles’ battery. The system is so efficient it will allow some misalignment between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier and more convenient for owner’s day-to-day use.

“We’re thrilled with the success of the system and its efficiency,” said William Freels, HATCI President. “We set out to develop wireless charging that has real world applications and is easy to use for the consumer. Now, with this fleet of wireless Soul EVs, we can clearly see a future of unplugged electric vehicles.”

There is no current plan to offer the wireless charging system on production vehicles for sale to consumers; however, the success of this development project suggests similar systems are possible on future Kia electric vehicles.”

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This is cool and all but…….

How much does it cost and what does the install entail?

My Jiucebox and OpenEVSE are simple to use.

I think this can be a real good solution for people in apartments who have no way to plug in.
Often they have dedicated spaces. Or other wise just litter a load of spaces with this tech.
No cables to trip over or charge points being vandalised.

considering it takes 2.5 seconds top plug in an EV, I can’t see the cost justifying the laziness of wireless charging.

Just like the cost of having a remote to the TV was not justified by the laziness of not walking up to the TV to change channel… oh, wait.
All will offer wireless (or course still with the possibility to manually plug it in) in the future.

I hope not. It’s a dangerous, inefficient and inconvenient antifeature that solves no practical problem. Its time has passed 5 years ago when people have learned that scary new thing called a plug works just fine.

Public standards will succeed, these will be in parking lots in every mall.

How often are you leaving the couch to plug/unplug your car?

all 16 SOUL EV had batteries that does. We also had ours shut down in traffic when the controller over heated. They have lots of On Board Chargers fails too. A very poorly designed vehicle in a warm climate. We turned our lease in early as a Lemon.

I spend just a few moments plugging in every other day, or so. With a longer range EV {Bolt, new LEAF, any Tesla} charging is not always needed every day, so I don’t bother to plug in every night when I get home.

I do think when the efficiency gets high enough, it will be a compelling setup, especially for bragging rights of the more affluent who can’t be bothered with the trivial things in life.

The use case for wireless is better for rapid charging. Too bad physics makes it a lot harder, I would rather not have to leave my car for a 10-15min 350 kW session. Maybe placing a coil in an arch over the car…