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Kia Stonic (Image Credit: flickr via Sapauto. RU)

Kia’s fully-electric vehicle offerings will increase to three by 2018, all of which live in the popular SUV and CUV segments.

One of the most asked questions in the EV world is, “when will we see more SUV and crossover-type all-electric vehicles?”

These two segments are among the most popular in the automotive market today, and offer much more versatility and practicality than the stereotypical compact electric vehicles that the masses and ICE car advocates have coined “golf carts”.


Kia Niro

The first affordable long-range mass-marketed electric car, the Chevrolet Bolt, sort of attempted to fit in the crossover category, but to many, it’s still a quirky compact car.

The Kia Soul EV has been in the market since 2014. Although not widely available, and not long range, it offers the cargo and passenger space of a compact SUV, in the configuration of a small car. As Kia moves forward with its electrification efforts, one can only hope that the Soul will eventually be offered everywhere, and a long range model will come to be. For 2018, the Soul EV will jump from 93 to ~113 miles of range.

Kia recently brought its all-new Niro hybrid subcompact SUV to market, which will be offered soon as a plug-in hybrid, and as an all-electric vehicle by 2018.

Now, Kia has announced that it will also bring an all-electric Stonic small SUV to market by 2018. Three all-electric vehicles, two of which are long range and coming in the same model year … this proves a major accomplishment by Kia. Few others automakers are planning such entries, not to mention as quickly, and also all in a popular segment that demands attention to electrification. Let’s hope that other competitors follow suit.

A Kia representative explained the automaker’s main reason for choosing the SUV segment:

“Last year, Niro sold more cars than Ioniq, and the small SUVs trend continues to be in the eco-friendly car market, so we decided to concentrate on the electric car in the form of CUV. The small SUV has a large interior space and gained popularity not only in Korea but also in global markets.”

It’s not really that crazy is it? An automaker noticing what the customer wants, and designing vehicles to suit trends …

Push EVs recently released some information about the upcoming electric Kia Stonic. According to the publication, another representative from Kia explained an ulterior reason:

“The long-distance electric car ‘Bolt’, which General Motors released in the US last year, has succeeded, and the demand for long-distance electric cars is growing. Stonic is an urban SUV type long-distance electric car that aims to be the best in its class in terms of mileage and performance.”

The Stonic will likely have the same 88 kW electric motor found in the Hyundai IONIQ, but with a larger battery pack. The IONIQ is to get a larger pack next year (44-46 kWh for about 200 miles of range). This same pack will probably be used in the Stonic and the Niro. Originally, it was thought that the Niro may get the IONIQ’s current 28 kWh pack, but this was prior to Hyundai’s announcement that the IONIQ was getting an upgrade, and by the time the Niro and Stonic hit the market, the new battery should be available.

Push EVs estimates a minimum of 186 miles for the Kia Stonic. While these battery packs are still small when compared to offerings by Tesla, and even the Chevrolet Bolt, Kia’s pricing is generally outstanding, and the company offers a substantial amount of value per dollar when compared to almost any other automaker in the market today.

The Stonic won’t cost anywhere near that of the Tesla Model Y, and it will come to market years ahead of Tesla’s compact SUV.

Source: Clean Technica, Push EVs

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I want to get excited about this, I really do, but since to date all we are seeing from KIA/Hyundai are CA compliance cars, it’s hard to get too worked up. Prove me(and so many others)wrong, bring this car to all states and at a reasonable price. The market is there.

Compliance cars are a welcome start, to get new customers feet wet in the EV segment. It would be great if there was a more dedicated EV platform for these entrants, but consumer affordablility is a key driver in this So. Koran brand. Cheap monthly leases move these vehicles without much cross shopping.

It’s hard to get too excited about 118 hp in a CUV even at a reasonable price.

218 lb-ft of torque though!

Yes I’m getting a niro soon,I test drive on hiway,it has plenty of power…i love the design,has all the bells and whistles,,,so at 46 mi a gallon it’s a win brainer

There was a very interesting piece in the Financial Times this week about how all the firms that provide R&D on gas engines are finding no one in the auto industry wants to talk to them about compliance measures anymore.

The reason, they are all investing heavily in electric which they see as moving faster than they anticipated.

that does sound interesting, thanks for the link.

and apparently it requires subscription =\

excited, Can’t wait! Love my SoulEv it’s the most practical Ev on the market today. The only thing I don’t like about my soul ev is the range. 100 miles gets it done 95% of the time, but the other 5% can be a PIA.

If they just squeezed a bigger pack into the SoulEv and released it nation wide, it could do some real damage into Leaf sales

M3 Reserved -- Niro/Stonic - TBD

Looking forward to either Niro or Stonic. 150mi is all we really need for the local mover to last all day weekender trips without worrying. 100 mi just doesn’t cut it enough for family runs.

This is perfect CR-V replacement as the Bolt simply came up a bit too little for us.

The Stonic will likely have the same 88 kW electric motor found in the Hyundai IONIQ,
This is too small, compare BMW i3 125kW and Bolt 150kW motor.

Maybe it will have two of them.

Owning a straight up EV is not possible for everyone. I live in an apartment with no way to plug in so bought the Niro instead. Been getting 45mpg with primarily highway driving and its a touring edition too.

Kia is on the right track. I look forward to what they will have available in the next few years. If they could make a hybrid sportage like suv with 45mpg, that would truly be impressive.

When the day comes that we can get a 250+ mile CUV EV with 160hp/230tq ish performance for under 35K I will buy. I feel that technology/performance will arrive more mainstream by 2019/2020 along with greater supercharging and charging station capabilities. To buy the offerings available now is a waste of money as their power is low, range is off the mark and little support for them on road trips.