Kia Niro EV Gets Tested By Fully Charged: Video


Kia e-Niro brings great value for the money.

The most recent episode of Fully Charged was recorded in South Korea, where Jonny Smith had an opportunity to test drive the Kia e-Niro (UK’s spec), which turns out to be not only an excellent car, but also great value for the money.

The tested 64 kWh version provides plenty of range, comfortable ride, good connectivity and quick acceleration. Compared to the Hyundai Kona Electric with the same motor and battery, it’s bigger, roomier and has more trunk capacity.

“Kia Motors previously communicated that the WLTP combined cycle range for the e-Niro was 485 kilometres (301 miles) for the long-range 64 kWh battery pack, and 312 kilometres (193 miles) for the standard (39.2 kWh) battery pack.Having now re-calculated the car according to the updated methodology, the e-Niro’s new WLTP combined cycle range is 455 kilometres (282 miles) for the long-range model, and 289 kilometres (179 miles) for the standard model.

Kia are communicating with customers who may have already ordered an All-new e-Niro, to explain this discrepancy.”

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Hate how basic it is and how cheap the interior. I like the Kona better

Cheap if we compare with Kona? Really? I sat in Kona EV last month and I saw very cheap interior (hard plastic everywhere)…i am sure Niro will be better!

“Probably Kia’s most important car of the last decade.”

The comments for this video are pretty entertaining: Someone gets all up in Johnny’s grille for mixing up Ah, KwH and kWh (probably without realising who they were talking to) and then got brutally put down by the official Fully Charged account. Rightfully so, I’d say. Just goes to show how important civility on the Internet is; you never know who you might be insulting, especially if they have a handle like carpervert 🙂

Nicely done. Fast forward to December, and in a surprise announcement the 2020 Soul EV will be available in 64KW as well. I think it’s great for the consumer. Finally we have some choices: Kona, Niro or Soul. What will the pricing look like? Which car do you choose?

If it’s as nice as my current Niro, the Niro.