Kia Drops Cheapest Version Of Soul EV

SEP 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Kia Soul EV lost its most affordable trim level.

The Kia Soul EV becomes less competitive these days, as there are new, more capable models. Sales decreased in the U.S. to some 940 in the first eight months of the year (compared to 2,157 in 12-months of 2017 or 1,728 in 12-months of 2016).

To date, the South Korean EV was so far offered in three trim-levels: EVe ($33,145), EV ($34,845) and EV+ ($36,845) – prices include destination charge. The entry-level EVe was recently a rare sight in California dealerships, where Kia sells the Soul EV, and CarsDirect noticed that it was quietly discontinued.

“Apart from the lack of an EVe model, Kia is cutting its free subscription to UVO eco with Nav down from 3 years to just 1. Along with features like Find My Car, the service lets you request roadside assistance, conduct diagnostics and more.”

There were times when EVe was available for lease from $159 a month and $1,999 due at signing, which at 36-months translated into $215 a month effectively.

Those who are looking for the most affordable Soul EV are advised to check for 2018 models, which are equipped with the same tech – 30 kWh battery for 111 miles (179 km) of range and 81.4 kW electric motor.

“Despite its limited availability, the 2018 Soul EV remains eligible for some steep discounts. For example, the EV Plus features a $16,700 discount when leasing, reflecting a $9,200 lease incentive and $7,500 Federal Tax Credit.”


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The number one reason it sells so poorly is because finding one for sale at a Kia dealer is like finding a unicorn.

Is that the 2019 pictured?

Interesting that the boxy looking Soul EV gets 111mi range and 30kWh Leaf gets 118mi range. The supposedly very efficient 33kWh i3 gets only 114mi (all ranges based on EPA). Vehicle design seems to have very little to do with vehicle range at a given battery size.

Kia Souls would increase if they announced sn AWD model.