Kia Dealer Anti-Sells Soul EV, Bad Mouths Product – Manager Writes “Apology” Letter


Kia Of Vancouver

Kia Of Vancouver

We won’t inject our opinion into this article.  Instead, we’ll present two emails received by a potential Soul EV buyer from Kia Of Vancouver (a dealership that’s not part of the network of certified Soul EV dealers) and forwarded on to us earlier this week.

Here are those emails, starting with one from the Internet Sales Manager and concluding with an apology letter from the dealerships Pre-Owned & Internet Sales Manager.


Thank you for your interest in the Soul EV.

Are you interested because you think an EV will save you money, or because you believe it will be good for the environment? Because realistically, it will do neither. The Carbon footprint of making the electric battery is equivalent to driving the gas powered luxury Soul for 5 years, and the extra 8-10000 $ you will pay for an EV, would pay for gas in a 2.0 l GDI four cylinder for 7 years.

So again, whatever your buying motivation, savings or environment, at this point in time, the EV is a social / political statement and is good neither for your pocketbook, nor the environment.

Best Regards,

Phil Curtin
Internet Sales Manager
Kia of Vancouver



My name is Jason and I am one of the Sales Managers here at Kia Vancouver. That email your friend received is not a good sounding tone.

I do apologize to your friend that such an email was sent in the first place. If you could pass this on, that would be great.

There is some truth to the email though. A top of the line Kia Soul SX-L (gasoline powered) is about $30000, where as an EV soul will run north of $40000. However, the government just released an EV incentive as of today so it may help lower the cost to consumers to get into EV powered vehicles.

It is debatable how “environmental friendly” EV cars really are. Nickel is mined by big diesel powered machinery to gather materials to build batteries. Cars are shipped around the world using big ships running on fossil fuels. However, there is no point getting into this as it boils down to perspective with strong points on both ends.

The one thing I do like to ask potential EV customers myself is whether they believe that driving an EV will save them money in the long term. This is not true right now because the cost of an EV car compared to its gasoline counterpart is so much more expensive at the point of sale. Taking the Soul for example, a $10000 price difference does indeed buy you a lot of gas (e.g., $2000 per year on gas will get you 5 years of driving). Then we can take into consideration that gasoline cars are known and likely more reliable, regardless of the brand.

However, when it boils down to buying a car. It should only be the buyer’s views that matter. We as sales people are only here to guide and give information. Unfortunately, the tone of my salesman was very very poor. The exact same thing could have been said in a much more appropriate manner with less of a tone of “you shouldn’t buy an EV because blah blah blah blah”.

Lastly, we do not carry EV souls. Only two dealers in BC have the privilege of selling them. If you have any more general questions for me George, you may email or call me anytime. Send my apologies to your friend as well.

Best Regards,

Jason Wong

Pre-Owned & Internet Sales Manager

Editor’s Note:  We removed direct contact information for the respective parties before publishing this article.

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So by their logic we should just keep driving gas cars.

Yup, that much is clear.

What an idiotic no-pology by the sales manager.

But I’m not too surprised, seems to be par for the Vancouver course. I reported here on the uninformed anti-EV sentiment I heard from relatives in Vancouver, and on almost zero sightings of EVs actually driving on streets there.

Don’t forget Canada is the land of the Tar Sands, and its entire economy from the very beginning has been based upon natural resource extraction (first trees, now oil). Environmentalists there are still a small cornered minority, except for certain enclaves – and unlike Seattle and Portland, Vancouver as a whole is most apparently *not* such an enclave.

Unless the batteries are NiMH in composition, the nickel mining argument holds no weight. Regardless, by that twisted logic, restaurant owners should shun stainless steel tables and appliances for their nickel content.

Actually the cathode Kia uses is nickel-cobalt-manganese. There would actually be more nickel in the battery than lithium. That doesn’t mean I agree with them, however.

Nickel content of NCM or NCA Li-Ion batteries is much less than for NiMH.

Regardless, it is funny how some people are perfectly OK with using nickel for all sorts of things, but think it is a terrible thing if it is used for EV batteries.


Only partially true. It is difficult to see Leafs or Volts in Vancouver but Teslas are becoming rather common sight, at least on the west site where I live.

“almost zero sightings of EVs actually driving on streets there.”

Well, I live in Vancouver and drive my Volt alongside Leafs, Tesla, and other Volts, daily…but your comment was correct in 2010.

Why does BC have this attitude? Hydro is huge there and Vancouver has mild weather. Why do they care so much about the tar sands oil?

Service Dept needs repeat customers.
3000 mile oil changes. You know the drill.

Yeah, the service department is usually the most profitable department in a dealership, and EV’s don’t require a lot in the lines of service. So it’s not very profitable for a dealership to sell EV’s.

In a BEV world, the dealership may sell the car and not see it again until you need some coolant fluid changed at 100,000 miles. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

You are right. Why not coming back to horse time.
We have the same problem here in Quebec City, dealers do not believe in this new technology. The problem is that the consumers know better the benefits and dealers wants to keep their confort zone. The ones who will thrive are those that will get into the wave and surf on it.

Nonsense. Most dealer service departments are lucky to come out ahead. And the BEVs only eliminate oil changes, which are usually net-loss services. BEVs still have all the other components of a gas-powered vehicle, so they’ll still be coming in for rattles, shakes, and tires, and of course all the electrical issues. Likely a little more often, even, as EVs seem to be built oriented more for lighter weights instead of a balance of weight and durability.

Sorry but BEVs are a much simpler design (fewer moving parts = more reliability) than an ICE and a transmission with multiple gears. No need for a tailpipe or catalytic converter.
They do not have the same parts.

Wow, you’re quite the authority on Vancouver, and all of Canada for that matter. As a Canadian I guess I’ll have to re-examine everything I thought I knew about living here, since most of it seems to be wrong. Thank you for enlightening me.

The Teslas, Leafs and Volts I see daily here must be a mirage.

Entire federal and provincial political parties here that are based on environmental priorities must be complete fiction.

Our entire economy is based on tar sands and resource extraction… good to know. I’m going to quit my tech job, move away from my tourism and agriculture driven home, and head up to north eastern Alberta where REAL Canadians apparently work.

I’m across the waters in Victoria. Leafs are everywhere here. Volts and Tesla’s are pretty sparse in comparison.

Funny thing is I’m actually in Kelowna 🙂
I’ll be the first to concede that the Okanagan is not exactly leading the way in EV sales. Nevertheless, I do see these vehicles all the time (and no, they’re not always the same ones). I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of Teslas I’ve seen locally.


Yeah, that’s Canada in a nutshell. Trees and oil. I live in Ontario. I got laid off from my job as a lumberjack three years ago. Fortunately a giant tar sands development opened up near my house. So now I make oil and I’m a drummer in a band called the Bitumen Boys.

All I can say as a Vancouver BC resident, I’m embarrassed. It’s clear they’re bad mouthing the Soul EV simple because they can’t sell it. In BC, electricity is 90% hydro, ie renewable. So what is this dealer talking about?!?!? The problem with this dealer is they decided not to sell the EV version. Now that the BC EV incentive is back, they’ll soon be changing their tone, and selling the Soul EV.

Keep in Mind …, These Guys Come from A PLACE Where @ ONE TIME>>>the MOST CROOKED STOCK PROMOTERS & PHONEY Penny Stock START UPS , LIED STOLE & CHEATED EVERYBODY Out Of BILLIONS $$$$..Now That THEY Scared People SHITLESS ,&&& Drove ALL American & Canadian INvestors AWAY From Canadian STOCKS ….. &&&& Ran Out Of People To CHEAT & FINALLY Destroyed That Segment Of The Stock Market…They Got In the CAR Business! This is coming from a Caanadian

Keep digging, keep digging there’s a way out if you just keep digging deeper! Should help Tesla our with its reasoning for its sales model.

I don’t think either of them “get it”. What if you like driving an electric car because it is much more quiet and has much smoother and more nimble acceleration than its gasoline-driven counterpart? It’s like saying why buy that expensive BMW when that nice Nissan Sentra will work just fine and save you money.

Oh, they totally get it.

See, when someone calls *your* store looking to buy something you don’t have in stock, then you sell him something you *do* have in stock.

Except when you do that on purpose (ie, never having item A in stock to begin with, but you advertised that it was), that’s called “bait and switch”. In this particular case, it’s a case of “sorry lady, you got the wrong number, but we can make it the *right* number!”. Which, while still sleazy, isn’t quite illegal.

It’s called “SWAT”.

Sell What’s Available Today.

I remember old advertisements that ended with the line:
“If we don’t have it, you don’t want it.”

It’s a great Jedi mind trick.

I was thinking of email Phil asking him for a Soul EV, but I passed:
Phil Curtin
(778) 251-4200

Jason has a nice twitter account – was going to reach out about electric vs. gas:

I don’t think he’s really into twitter. His account has 5 posts…the most recent was 2013.

No, but @Kia and @KiaMotors sure are. I passed along a link to this article. 🙂

That’s what should be done. Keep national sales appraised of the “value” their sales organization brings.

I think Phil Curtin could take Jeremy Clarkson’s spot on Top Gear w/out missing a beat. He may not have a job at Kia after all this anyway.

I don’t think Phil works for Kia. He seems to work for their Vancouver dealer instead.


That is another Reason., All PRIVATE OWNED Dealers Should Be Outlawed/Eliminated .. Dealerships should be run by the “car makers themselves” & We’d All Be Better Off !US & THEM…. …EXCEPT the MIDDLEMAN PRINCIPLE/OWNERS.That.Take all the Profits & lives the HI-LIFE ..on the Dealership WORKER’S BACKS….Such as..Managers, Techs, Salesmen Etc:”PLUS””” All THESE JOBS WOULD STILL BE THERE..& Only deserving people would get Paid.. ….

I don’t know if doxxing people is the correct response to these e-mails.

Giving out the personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers of car salesmen is over the top.


Reminds of the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

Me to
(yes to, not too) 🙂

me for (nor four)

Another example of why Tesla should not be forced into the dealership model – most dealers just don’t give a s**t about EV’s. Every time I read something like this it only reinforces my will to painfully save up for a Model 3 by any means necessary.

Utterly disagree with your (and most people who support the same idea) comments on the righteousness of Tesla anti-dealership business model. All auto makers are governed by federal, state, and even local county/municipalities regulations on how business can be run. They are all bound by it. Tesla isn’t really selling anything different. It’s still a “car” – only the propulsion power is different. Thus, it really doesn’t have any reason why Tesla itself shouldn’t be bound by laws. More importantly, the laws imply a level playing field to all auto makers – no one should be discriminate against, but no one should be taking advantage of others. The rules of dealership VS auto makers are not as simple as most of you may think. In fact, there is another player that most fail to mention – the finance industry! Once an auto maker finishes building a vehicle, it will be shipped to the dealers, and will sit on the dealership’s lot. For this period of time, and up to approximately 3 months, it’s actually the financial company, with the support from the auto maker itself, that owns the vehicle. After that 3 months or so, the dealership owns the vehicles,… Read more »

“However, there’s really no excuse why it should get a special treatment! ”

I don’t think most people would mind if ALL auto companies could sell direct. No special treatment. Let everyone play by the same rules. That way the consumer can go to a dealer or just deal w/the automaker directly (if the automaker has that option). This model works with every other consumer product. Why can’t it work for cars?

yea, you’ll still have salesmen Mechanics Etc:..only the “DEALERSHIP OWNERS/PRINCIPLES” that are making all the “Big$$$PROFITS Will get Kicked Off THE GRAVY TRAIN…While Everybody Works For Them & They Reap …”THE EASY MONEY” Those Are the Middlemen That Oppose The Makers selling Their Own Cars,,…

Respectfully, the difference in the sales model is not based on the propulsion system. The established manufacturers who sell through dealers created the dealer model early on when they did not, or could not, raise the capital to create their own wide spread distribution and sales network. Later, when dealers feared the manufacturers were big enough to wield the power to run them out of business, they fought for legislation to protect their investment.

Tesla has never had a dealer system, so there is no entity that has a direct financial stake in selling Tesla automobiles except Tesla. Tesla preferred to maintain direct control over how their vehicles were sold. The only downsides to Tesla was they have to fight for the right to do so in many places and they have to come up with the money to build out the distribution and sales system all on their own. They seem to be succeeding on both fronts.

They Should be RUN OUT OF BUSINESS….THey’ve BEEN RIDING THE GRAVY TRAIN TOOOOOO LONG ! Their Hired PEOPLE do all The work for the OWNERS & Have all The Stress & Responsibility for a Modest Wage .WHILE..The OWNER/PRINCIPLES MAKE ALL THE Profits $$$$…& TAKE ALL THE BOWES & BRAG About it @ The Yacht Clubs!I Hope This Changes Soon!..If Makers Would Run Their Own Sales & Shops They Would Save TONS OF $$$$$ & Perhaps Pass it On To The Consumer..Instead Of The Dealership Owners …. Love Or Hate It That’s The Truth……..

I think many buyers would be glad if other auto manufacturers were allowed to sell directly to the public. It would eliminate the hoops that purchasers currently have to jump through when buying cars.

As for eliminating one or two business sectors, I think most buyers wouldn’t mind that either as it would mean lower prices. Yes, employees at dealerships would lose their jobs but the dealership model is outdated. This is the 21st century. Things change.

From a consumer pov – yes, direct sales should be the way to go, especially in this day and age. It minimizes hassle, and maximizes efficiency. From an economy pov, because the industry is already established and is already governed by regulations, the collapse of the dealership model will have significant impact to almost everyone – yes, including those consumers mentioned above. Like I’ve stated, it’s not just the dealership employees – and there are A LOT OF THEM here in the US (service/sales/marketing/admin/etc.), but all the businesses that support dealerships and revenues generated by them like IT, CRM, cleaning, vending machine, taxes…and it keeps going on. Remember, it’s not just the closure of 1 dealership (so unlike, say, GM just shut down instead of going into bankruptcy); it’s all of them, plus all the businesses that support these dealerships (many of them will have no other option since all dealerships are closed). Unfortunately, for late comer like Tesla, a better way, imho, is to actually incorporate the dealership sales model into part of their business when recognizing revenue and budget – that would have been the true cost of being in the auto industry. It sure will be tough.… Read more »

Why do you think all dealerships would close? And why do you think they still would not be needed to provide service. This example gets used a lot, but I’ll use it again. Apple has Apple stores and also sells through distributors.

Guess we should never have changed from horses to cars, look at all the saddle makers put out of business.


Time to do away with the antiquated dealership model.

No, saddle makers adapted, they went on to making seats for motorcycle companies.

You are asking Tesla to follow to follow a model that has lead to the downfall of previous electric car manufacturers, that seems rather dumb. I feel bad for those vending machines operators, but dealers simply have less incentive to sell electric cars, such as less maintenance services being needed.

You’re a real drama queen.

There will be no collapse of dealerships, and no significant effect on the economy. Manufacturers and dealerships will negotiate and come to an agreement, just like they do in almost every country where there are no laws banning direct sales.

Tesla doesn’t want “special treatment”. US dealers are the ones that have it and want to keep it.

NoNe of the Empoyees would loose their Job, They still Need People There To Manage, sell, Fix, Sell Parts Etc: Only The Dealership OWNERSe Would Be GONE & $$Profit Would Go Back To The Manufacturers.. instead Of the These Blood Sucking Outsiders, & The Dealership Would Run Leaner.. With No Warranty Abuses…

The dealer dumbass network is getting in the way.
Look at Honda, they’re hybrid market in Japan is Vastly larger then the US market.

And this guy, not willing to send one mechanic to become an EV tech, he thinks it’s his jobs to stop EV sales, so he doesn’t have to train anyone or buy some EV maintenance tools.

It not about you and what you need, like a car that can be powered from your rooftop solar, it’s about him, and his not being bothered with any little bit of change.

Surprisingly, he totally does no accounting for the energy used to build gas stations, tanker trucks, train tank cars, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, drilling equipment, and the mining of carbon sources. Much less the labor cost and the depreciation on all those assets.

All of which become obsolete with a Solar/EV economy.

Imagine a city with clean air, you can’t with dumbasses running dealerships. Time to DUMP this Failed Business Model.

Fisker Karma was sold through the traditional gas car dealership network.

Go back to pin-striping your cars and spraying $5 dollar cans of scotch-guard on your interiors so you can rip people off, dealership scum.

I hope your dealership is among those targeted by the feds in their latest crackdown on dealership fraud:

By your logic nothing should be sold online. Would you think it better if people bought books and cd’s at local stores, rather than online? Your arguement is ludicrous. I dropped off my Leaf this past Monday at end of lease. It wasn’t at the dealership I leased it from, but his one was way closer. I found out you have the right to do that – it is called grounding. When I told the sales manager I was doing this and not getting another Nissan he balked, said he doesn’t know how to do that, the guy that knows about that is out today, if I call him it would take him 45 minutes to get there… He went on and on about how I couldn’t do it, and tried really hard to get me to buy or lease another vehicle. I told him I was waiting on a next gen EV, he told me I dont’ want to do that because it could be a while. He offered to let me drive it another day (hoping I’d change my mind), which was technically impossible since the lease ended that day, along with my car registration. I stood my… Read more »
Gadzooks Mr. Bell. You really want to keep inflicting the marvelous “dealer network” on us forever? So… you work in the industry or are yourself a dealer who feels slighted because Tesla doesn’t have to bear the idiotic middle person brokers taking their damn cut and doing next to nothing for it. Wow. I have purchased 2 homes in my life and am forever grateful that I married a woman who used to be a title secretary. She educated me on the useless middle persons that most all realtors are. Doing almost nothing and getting a huge cut for it. I bought both of my homes without the services of a realtor… only working with sellers, home inspectors, and title companies on our own… and we got a great deal and cut the leeches out. Middleperson dealers of any sort are usually not adding enough value to cover the minor handhold functions that they perform. So… wow you really wanna keep us all stuck in that crappy model of doing business… I say hell no! Shut them down… most of the best sales folks will get jobs working for the company owned stores and be better paid and trained to… Read more »

@Londo Bell:

I take it you work for a dealership, or run one.

There is nothing special about auto dealerships that deserves special protection under the law against competition. Should Dairy Queen be protected by law against ice cream trucks driving routes in neighborhoods to sell ice cream to kids? Why not? It’s exactly the same B.S. argument.

If dealerships are really a better business model than auto manufacturers selling cars directly to customers, then they should be able to compete without any undeserved and unfair advantage given to them by State laws.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” –Upton Sinclair

Londo Bell said:

“If the argument is that, dealership avoids selling EV, then Tesla should start its dealership program asap, and to establish guidelines on how to SUCCESSFULLY help build a dealership network that sells EV. In fact, other (now defunct) EV makers have done the same thing before, like, Coda, Fisker Karma, etc.”

So… your argument is that Tesla should follow the business model of companies like Coda and Fisker, which both have gone bankrupt.

Well, thank goodness Tesla isn’t following your advice! And more power to them in fighting against the obsolete and basically dishonest dealership model, which jacks up the prices of buying and servicing cars.



Tesla can operate in their own way for their members (car owners) once warranty expires. Out of warranty work and insurance repairs are very expensive – wait until cars go out of warranty mileage and see how members react.

Augusta has patrons.
Tesla has members.
Dealers have marks.

Lol how can they attack their own product like that?! It’s crazy, and I think this will create some consequences, and they are not positive.

It is not this Vancouver dealer’s product. They don’t even carry it.

It is Kia Motors product, sold only to other dealers (and not sold directly to individual customers).


“It is debatable how “environmental friendly” EV cars really are. Nickel is mined by big diesel powered machinery to gather materials to build batteries. Cars are shipped around the world using big ships running on fossil fuels.”

LOL ! I suppose the ships transporting gas guzzlers around the world before they start to pollute the towns, cities & the atmosphere run on fresh air ! WTF !

So he’s saying rather than buying a Korean Kia from his dealership, we should buy something made in America. Works for me!

Yeah… buy a Nissan Leaf (Tennessee) or a Tesla (California). Wonderful north american cars!

I don’t fault a dealer for slamming a model they don’t actually have in stock. 🙂 If they somehow had 16 on hand to unload, you can bet their attitude would be different.

Dealers bullshit. That is their job. So seeing the routine anti-EV bullshit from the mouth of a dealer doesn’t hurt as much as seeing it from some other sources who have something like a reputation to uphold.

The environment and saving money are the ONLY two reasons to drive an EV?

What about the smooth, quiet drive? No rough idle? No shifting? Less maintenance?

Maybe they should go to the other dealership and test-drive the Soul EV. Maybe then they won’t bad mouth it so much.

“Nickel is mined by big diesel powered machinery to gather materials to build batteries.”
Yes, and oil, from the tar sands in particular, is mined by butterflies burning nothing but pollen.

Nah. Tar sands oil comes from unicorn sparkles.

Too bad we’re already well past Peak Unicorn Sparkles.

“Lastly, we do not carry EV souls”

And the truth comes out! Just a squirrel looking for nut, as usual.

The manager reply is just as bad as the first letter. The manager (Jason) sounds like they actually are the cause of the sales guy’s (Phil) feelings about EVs. Pretty pathetic on both fronts.

I didn’t know car sales people are such deep scientists.

2nd letter is actually worse IMO, and manipulative.

I laugh when dealers say they are there to protect the buyers. Protect them from what? Buying EVs?

They’re trying to protect the customer from buying a car from the dealership down the street.

Every Dealership represents the brands and companies that build the products they sell. Both letters are disgusting to read, to an enlightened consumer. My business would certainly go elsewhere, immediately.

It would not be hard to imagine this dealership still unwilling to push EV’s, since there is less profit in maintenance and spare parts, even if they had them on the lot to sell.

Seems like KIA needs to educate some of their dealership’s staff…

“Lastly, we do not carry EV souls. Only two dealers in BC have the privilege of selling them.”

So this Kia dealer spends the bulk of his letter bad mouthing EV’s in general, even as he is attempting to apologize for another employee’s bad-mouthing, then ends by saying that selling EV souls is a privilege. Hmmm…possible translation – I don’t believe EVs make sense, but I sure wish I could sell EV Souls if you people are crazy enough to want to buy them.

If I were the GM at this dealership, I’d fire both of them. Both letters were unprofessional. Injecting a negative personal opinion about a product you supposedly represent is never acceptable, regardless or reason. Of course, the GM may not know about this, or the unprofessional behavior may be part of this dealership’s culture, in which case this is a dealer to avoid.

Ugh. This letter should have begun with this line, rather than ending with it. All they would have had to do was say “we don’t actually sell the EV, you’ll have to go to $dealer instead.”

Oh wait, that’s why they’re doing their best to dissuade the sale. They want to *make* a sale. At their dealership, not the one in Coquitlam.

Right, not about serving the customer.
The customer should come in and kiss his ass and buy the car he doesn’t want, just to help this poor dealer out.

What a load of f’ing garbage.

BTW, these two clowns are not representative of the people in Vancouver.

No, but they are representative of all-too-many auto dealer sales reps.

His argument about cars being shipped around the world seems to be a good argument Against buying any Kia Soul at all that is made in their Gwangju Plant in Gwangju, South Korea.

I can’t wait to buy a Tesla Model III built in the USA with batteries built in the USA from the Gigafactory.

Even the Nissan Leaf.
Built in the USA, no ships required.
Got it.

Funny thing is trucking within USA maybe as carbon intensive as shipping from Korea.

That’s why it’s great a lot of cars are shipped by rail.

I wonder if that’s the kind of comments being made at the corporate level internally to reassure dealers that “Kia is making EV’s but don’t worry too much it’s only for show and California is making us” and that these guys were just dumb enough to spread it externally?

The Tesla model is brilliant in that you no longer need to deal with moron sales people that no little to nothing about cars and even less about science.

The reliability claim is the most humorous. EVs have proven to be lightyears ahead of ICEs in reliability.

With the roll out of autonomous cars there should be zero need for salespeople. Priceless!

I would love for a car to drive itself to my house for me to test drive it without ever having to talk to a salesman.

What a bunch of BS. In the long run, the free market will award them their their Darwin prize.

Now Phil Curtin is famous as anti EV propaganist.

Dealerships have many defenders but no defense. To paraphrase Honest Abe. He told it like it was and I will tell you like it is.
Dealerships merely add 8%-12% to the cost of a vehicle with no added value.
‘Nuff said’.

This is why I’ve always thought Tesla is going to do better than every one else: they get to keep for themselves what would have been the dealers profit. Sure wish I could do that!

The apology letter is actually adding insult to injury. Me boss of KIA would not only fire those people on the spot but, the more, sue them for brand image degradation and insulting customers.

In any case this is a clear illustration of why Tesla is right to refuse working with oil cars minded distributors.


Glad my Leaf was negotiated via email and delivered to my house. Papers signed in my dining table.

I live in Vancouver, and I’m going drive my EV down to this Kia dealership to inquire about the availability of Kia Soul EVs.

And I think every EV enthusiast in Vancouver should consider doing the same thing.

Kia of Vancouver
396 SW Marine Dr Vancouver, BC
Sales (888) 648-3527

Good idea!

stop the bull ____________ yourself

no resale value for most purchased ev’s

however leasing makes sense until purchase price drops

it will too

i dont pay to charge my coda 400 miles a week

so i will get my car payed for in 5 yrs
paid 12000 after tax credits

however want to lease a kia soul ev


There should also be a ban on caps lock.


What if they were posting from a mainframe?

Maybe it was sent by telegraph. (^_^)

I think Tesla is correct with their conflict of interest argument. ICE dealerships have little interest in selling a product that will leave them with less revenue, relative to their gas bread and butter products.

Of -course- there’s a conflict of interest in selling plug-in EVs at legacy auto dealers. To explain to a customer why a PEV is a good buy, the salesman would have to slam all the gas guzzler models he’s selling. I think that’s a problem even worse than EVs requiring less servicing and maintenance… which is where dealerships get a large portion of their income.

Oh dear, I thought this was a joke but from reading the comments from Canadians it sounds like these are actually real people working in a real dealership.

To have one employee do something totally unprofessional is bad luck but to have the 2nd layer of management weigh in as well is quite socking. In writing! My dear god what the hell was this bumpkin thinking.

If I was in anyway involved with car sales in VC this would set alarm bells off at every level. The objective is to sell cars to do that u must be trusted and the experience must be good. No one needs to buy a new car, if you have that sort of money you can buy 2nd hand or just keep your current car. This is absolutely a holey s**t moment. Just shocking

No Shock @ ALL ! In this Dog Eat Dog World ! Its all About maximizing Profits, Whatever it Takes. No matter what The Moral Cost May Be in the End…These LOST MORALS Are Wicked. $$$Money Is Their “GOD”

LOL! With an “apology” like that, who needs attacks?

This really underscores what Elon Musk said:

“Existing franchise dealers have a fundamental conflict of interest between selling gasoline cars, which constitute the vast majority of their business, and selling the new technology of electric cars. It is impossible for them to explain the advantages of going electric without simultaneously undermining their traditional business. This would leave the electric car without a fair opportunity to make its case to an unfamiliar public.”

BTW — In my opinion, this is yet another reason that the dealership business model should be phases out. It’s not only obsolete, it not only creates a middleman that jacks up the price of buying and servicing cars, it’s counter-productive to progress.

Wow! Both of these should be fired on the spot. You can’t badmouth your own brand like that!

How about this…

“I want an EV because I’m worried about my spouse going in the garage and starting the car to commit suicide.

Seeing as EV’s don’t have exhaust gases, I know they can’t do that.

If you don’t sell me an EV, I’m afraid my spouse will die.

If you don’t sell me an EV, you will be named as part of a wrongful death suit.”

Yeah, that will get their attention.

This stinks like the Jim Crow era in the United States. And I have similar banter from Conservative-minded dealerships in Seattle. I also heard it in automotive school.

I work as a Mechanic. I service ICE for a living. I just bought my second EV. You could argue that keeping ICE on the road to pay for my Leaf counts as pollution. Or that promoting EVs will put me out of a job.

S#!t happens. Be the change…

This foolish man fails the EV-ICE comparison horribly. Yes battery minerals are mined….so are the steel, the aluminum, the copper, the many “scarce” materials that make up the catalytic converter, computers, and other systems….
The point is that during its lifetime the EV will not make pollution, CO2 and will not require a host of “Regular Replacement Parts”. PLUS we do not have to be engaged in WARS at over a billion dollars a day to ensure the ongoing availability of mid East OIL….as we do with gasoline. His thought pattern is severely limited.

Note to Kia: So, you’ve got a Sales Prevention Department now. Good luck with that.

There should be an editors comment that these emails were put out by a Kia ICE vehicle dealer, not by a dealer selling the EV Soul. They were trying to steer a prospective EV buyer towards an ICE to make a sale. This makes a huge difference to the spin of the article – many readers would miss this not reading the emails closely. Lot of unnecessary Canadian bashing as a result.