Kia Copies Nissan & Others In Latest Soul EV Commercial – Video


This Gas Station Takeover Idea Is Not Unique To Kia

This Gas Station Takeover Idea Is Not Unique To Kia

When it comes to paying for fuel, we know it can be pricey. So imagine our driver’s reactions when we covertly took over a petrol station and only charged them £2.80 – the amount for a full charge of a Kia Soul EV.

Watch what happened when we charged ordinary drivers extraordinary prices for their fuel.

For just £2.80*, a full charge of the Kia Soul Electric Vehicle can take you a long way, up to 132* miles in fact. But what can your car do for the same cost?

Take the Kia Soul EV Challenge by clicking here.

That’s the description attached to this Kia Soul EV commercial, which sure has a familiar feel to it.

Remember when Nissan had its LEAF gas station takeover, complete with free fuel?

And wasn’t it a Vauxhall Ampera or Chevy Volt that starred in a similar commercial where drivers were charged a minimal amount for fuel in the UK?



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Meeting people where they are is a good tactic. It may not be unique, but it’s helping get the word out that EVs are here, and they are dirt cheap to run.

Sorry, being released Dec 1, 2014 the “Electric Takeover” commercial is not the latest.

This Jan 27, 2015 commercial is a bit newer …
features the Soul EV as the “Electric Cool Hero”

Great idea for a promotion. Sort of reminds me of the theme song of “The Magic Christian.”

Here is the Holden Volt ad from Australia:

Because I get to charge at work for free, I try to visit a gas station about once a month and pay for someones gas who needs it.

The clerks usually know who needs a pick-me-up.

A few times the clerk working has asked me why I’m doing it. I told them I drive a Volt and haven’t had to buy fuel since July, and I think the world would be a better place if everyone would pitch in a bit.

Just doing my part to try to combat the anti-EV movement, with kindness.

We need more people like you in the world. Bravo. 🙂

And thanks for doing your part for EV’s everywhere!

While that sounds like a thoughtful thing to do, I’d rather more people pitch in money like that to advance charging station infrastructure.

Excellent! Pay it Forward always cheers me up, Thanks!