Kia Announces Electric Soul for 2014


Kia Motors announced that its popular utility car-ute, the Soul, with be getting an all electric powertrain in the future.

The Next Generation Of Kia Soul Will Retain Some Of Its "Distinctive Look" From Behind

The standard (petrol) Kia Soul is now the oldest model in the Kia lineup. and will be undergoing a generational upgrade next year, and will likely debut at the Chicago or New York auto show in 2013.

Kia (and by extension) Hyundai has been slow to offer electric drive technology, but recently the company did introduce an Mondeo-class Optima HEV in Europe that has a 148bhp Atkinson engine and a 39bhp electric motor.

After the new gas Kia Soul debuts in 2013, the integrated electric drive  model will come to market in 2014 according to the company.  No other details or specifications were given.


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3 responses to "Kia Announces Electric Soul for 2014"
  1. Brian says:

    Yes! An electric Storm Trooper!

  2. vdiv says:

    Nothing like the Koreans to light up fire under everyone else’s behind and get them to seriously compete. Maybe this will wake up the Toyota/Honda folks.

    Hey Nissan, how does battery lifetime warranty sound to you?

    Oppa Gangnam Style! 🙂

  3. SPIKE says:

    But will they cover gradual capacity loss?