Kelley Blue Book Again Lists Chevrolet Spark EV Among Best Deals

AUG 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 27

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Kelley Blue Book recently released its list of the 10 best lease, financing and cash back deals for new cars available in August.

Chevrolet Spark EV maintains its strong place, ranked third with an extraordinary lease deal at $0 due at signing and $138 a month for 39 months.

That’s $5,382 for using a brand new car for over three years. And as Kelley Blue Book notes, Chevrolet Spark EV is using 100% less gas than the regular version, so the savings could be significant.

MSRP with destination charge is $25,995 ($18,495 after tax credit), although KBB states $23,598 as a fair purchase price.

Note: “The Kelley Blue Book® Fair Purchase Price (FPP) is updated weekly to show shoppers what others have been paying for this car recently.  FPP data in chart was sourced from on August 7, 2015. Tax, title, license extra.”

We don’t know what Chevrolet will do with all the leased Sparks after 39 months, but for consumers this is an attractive value proposition and probably only tight supplies of Spark EVs produced in Korea (and availability limited to select markets) prevent sales from reaching higher levels. In April, Spark EV sales peaked at 920.

There is currently almost no inventory of the Spark EVs; we have spoken to GM about the situation and the 2016s are coming, but as they have to make the long trek from South Korea they have been held up a bit with customs and shipping.   Look for the inventory depth (and sales) to rebound in September.

Chevrolet Spark EV sales in the US – July 2015

Chevrolet Spark EV sales in the US – July 2015

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My only gripe is it only has 3.3 kw charger.

Well, there is also the DCFC option.

CCS only. Very disappointing.

Not really, in a year or two CCS will be just as prevalent as Chademo.

I hope that includes Texas. We don’t have any CCS stations in Texas.

Here’s hoping!

We have a large west coast network of CHAdeMO chargers in Oregon and Washington.

For any of you that don’t live in a state where you can buy it and get it serviced. I’m told by a GM rep that the same diagnostic equipment that is used on the Volt (MDI) can be used on the spark EV.

So theoretically if your dealer can service a Volt he could also trouble shoot a Spark.

It is a great lease deal in theory but they have almost no cars in stock.

Compliance Appliance not available in non-CARB States… ON PURPOSE.

Gee, Thanks GM! ™.

Whatever … my point was different.

If KBB intended giving useful advice to a good chunk of its readers, it should perhaps recommend a car that many of them could buy, not something that is vastly understocked.

Such whining. Spark was clearly a test bed for technology used in nationally avqilable chevy Bolt-available next fall.

Thanks GM.

When it comes to Anon, anything GM does, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I agree. I read an article the other day that basically said as much. All the data from the Sparks are being sent back home to GM

As far as the DC charging, Here in Colorado, there is only one fast charging station. I could NOT get the option for the FAST charger when I bought mine, so this car can only use the 3.3kW charger. Not having fast charging stations ( yet ) is the bigger problem. A BOLT will take 14 hours to fully charge if they don’t put on a 6.6 kW charger on board, AND start rolling out DC charging stations.
While there are only 2 Spark EVs in Colorado, we are starting to see a LOT of non Nissan EVs here.

BTW: I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.

“We don’t know what Chevrolet will do with all the leased Sparks after 39 months”

I hope they do like Honda did with the Fit EV, and allow people to either continue their lease, or others to lease it used.

Of course, unlike Honda,mChevrolet is also willing to sell these, so that helps too as another option. 🙂

I bought my 2014 spark ev w/qc for $21,000 plus tax /lic in june

That’s a real good deal! I paid $27K + tax+ lic for this. How did yo get such good deal? Where do you live?

I like the spark EV. It’s 100 mile range let me make a few 90 mile round trips with 9-10 miles to spare. Perfect car for going to work. But not so much if you frequently carry passengers. Upto 20k miles now, no issues yet. But 4% range decrease, I think. Used to see 107 miles range last year. Now, most I see is 100 miles, same time of year.

And now, we know who you really are.

Thank you.

How so? Why would a pathological liar not lie about that?

For all I know that’s just a smokescreen to throw the moderators of the scent of the forum disruption operation he seems to be running.

The Spark EV is a neat little car. I test drove one when I visited California. Having bought a 2011 Volt new when I lived in CA, driving the Spark EV last year felt like a mini-Volt, and would make an excellent second car, if I wasn’t now living in Texas.

I was in my local GM dealership up in BC Canada the other day and while waiting for the parts department i asked a salesman when they were getting the Spark Ev’s. He didn’t even know Chevy made a Spark EV, let alone that Canada was suppose to be getting them this fall. pretty sad. Then i asked when they were getting the 2016 Volt and he didn’t know there was a new model coming! seriously?!?

Arguably its not his job.

Educational material comes from OEM, usually only to sales force that will actually sale something.

Maybe they did not received materials yet, or maybe they wont sell that model at all.

Kelley Blue Book is being hypocritical considering the Spark EV is only offered for sale by a limited number of dealers in only: CA, OR, & MD in limited quantities.

ie: not available in 43/48 states!

Since the Spark is made in So. Korea, why is Hawaii not on the list of states that receive them? No charging ports, maybe?

Got mine in April right as the lease deal came out. Best money I’ve ever spent. Chevrolet was giving them away thanks to the people’s republic. Either way, it’s one of the best cars you can own if you live in CA. Swore I would never get another Chevy, but here I am. It’s a great car and I would recommend to anyone who does city/suburban driving. Haven’t paid for gas in months!

Sure, it’s a great deal, but it’s only available in 3 states.

The question came up of what they are going to do with all the returned leases- maybe try selling them to the other 47 states…

Right now, there are used Sparks getting put up for auction, and quickly being snapped up for sale out of state. I would not be surprised to see GM just sell them at Auction. Then again, based on their last pure EV, I also would not be surprised to see them crush them and send them to Arizona. I bought mine new in Oregon.. I plan on keeping it a while.